These few days there had shared a strong intent to know themselves better. They spent hours chatting and talking over the phone. And that was how he got to know one of her phobias which he found very amusing. Enobong hated balloons, they terrified her.
He knew her favorite color was purple, and it suited her because he was a queen, his Queen. She loved to listen to Soul and cool Rocks. He also learned about the little girl that she had lost in India, Jahnvi and how she had dreamt of him asking her to get over it.
‘I know you do, it is obvious,’ Elvis winked.
At first, he had kicked against this relationship, but he couldn’t stop Sam from being happy. They just needed to be discreet and stick to the shadows.
‘But you cannot tell her that you are the Mask, at least not now that you two are just starting to know each other. But if you want to tell her, that’s fine. Do what your heart tells you, but while you are at it, remember you have a reputation to protect.’
Sam was pleased to know hear this, Elvis was offering his full support and he would take it.
‘I won’t reveal my identity just yet, but I will have to tell her the truth someday.’ Sam wondered what the outcome of that revelation would be. Would she flee? Would her love increase?
‘Good and you must never let her know that we are friends.’ Elvis quickly added.
‘Sure,’ Sam agreed.
‘Why don’t you pay your family a visit sometime? They could really use a man around.’ Sam winked; he still wouldn’t ask Elvis his real reason for running away from him. Sam knew Elvis would open up to him one day.
Elvis had noticed a change in Sam’s attitude since he met with Eno. He laughed more. He wasn’t stiff around the other militants. He mingled with the men and spent more time with them.
‘Are we celebrating Christmas this year?’ Elvis asked. Since the death of his fiancé, Sam wasn’t too thrilled about the Yuletide season or any other festivity for that matter.
A throaty laughter pricked the once steady silence that roamed the dining hall.
‘Of course we are celebrating! I am no Scrooge Ebenezer. As a matter of fact, I have a dinner date with your family on Christmas Eve, so I won’t be here to celebrate with the boys, but you can do that on my behalf.’ Sam winked.
Elvis was happy to see Sam back in his old shell.
‘You said you had other plans for King Yemi, can you share?’ Elvis switched the topic. He had been awake thinking about all that vermillion they were about to lose to the Royals.
Sam scoffed, he hadn’t expected that question.
‘I don’t have any plan Elvis. I traded the vermillion for Eno. She is worth more than diamonds to me. Would you have preferred we lose her to a man she doesn’t love?’
Elvis scratched his chin, ‘I also noticed that all the blogs had taken down their posts which indicted you in the Ughelli explosion. How did that happen?’ Elvis wondered.
‘Princess Tayo had been the one behind the fake news. I told her to take it down, if we must enter a partnership.’ Sam explained how the Princess had completely emasculated her brother, even before him.
Elvis felt butterflies in his tummy as he remembered the piercing brown eyes of Tayo and her smooth black skin. She was a very attractive woman and he wondered laconically, what it would be like to have her share his bed.
‘I can’t believe she would control Yemi.’ Elvis scoffed.
‘Same here, I must go for my walk now.’ Sam grabbed his phone and strolled towards the door. He couldn’t wait to talk to Eno when morning came.
‘Alright,’ Elvis nodded and turned his attention to his laptop screen. His fingers typed in a name into the search engine. Elvis knew he was being stupid, and if Sam would discover that he had a crush on the Princess, that would mean betrayal.
But he didn’t care. For some nights, he had dreamt of making love to the Princess and he could no longer contain his sexual desire for her.
‘Princess Tayo Lasisi…’ he murmured her name as he began to search for an authentic profile.
           You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep24

Eno had been dreaming about the man she loved. They had gone for a picnic and somehow they couldn’t take their hands off each other. They were about to kiss when Cassie burst into the room screaming, ‘Wake up sleepy head!’
‘Oh no…’Eno drawled and covered her ears with a pillow, but Cassie’s screams only grew louder. Cassie ignored her sister’s refusal to wake, she hopped into the bed and began to tickle, until Eno couldn’t bear it anymore.
‘Come on Cassandra, why do you have to be this mischievous?’ Eno laughed and jumped out of bed. She missed this. She missed having family around her.
Cassie shrugged and kept a puppy face, ‘I’d love you to follow me to my shop. I have new designs that would fit perfectly with your body.’ Cassie was a fashion designer, and lately, she had an influx of customers.
Eno loved the passion that Cassie had for her job.
‘When I have the time, for now I have to talk to my man.’ Eno winked and quickly reached the dressing table for her phone. Her eyes always itched to read messages from Sam.
They were so glued to each other, and it was becoming an addiction. They were acting like teenagers in new found love.
‘Are you trying to get me jealous?’ Cassie snorted. Eno was deeply in love with this Sam guy, and she wasn’t even being modest about it. Sam’s name popped up a million times in all the conversations they had, including with their mother.
‘Maybe, you need a man too.’ Eno tongued her sister and proceeded to check for messages.
Cassie rolled her eyes, ‘Sorry, I am not ready. I have been saving up for fashion school in Milan. I want to go there next year.’
Eno returned her phone on the dresser on hearing this, ‘That is sweet. I am proud of you.’ Eno loved to see her siblings progressing. Cassie and Elena were both working so hard to make a name. She had a strong feeling that they would succeed.
‘Thanks,’ Cassie folded her arms across her chest, still watching her sister.
Eno had recounted the horror of being locked in a dark room by Yemi and his monstrous sister. Cassie was so happy that her sister was free to love whomever she wanted, and she had chosen Sam.
‘You two fit…’
‘What?’ Eno’s brows were raised.
‘I saw the way Sam was looking at you when he brought you home. I want a man that would look at me that way. Just hold him tightly; he seems like a good guy.’ Cassie advised.
Eno was pleased that her family welcomed Samuel Ojonugwa; it gave her confidence to love him even more.
‘I want to make love to him; do you think I am rushing things?’ Eno waited for Cassie’s response.
Unlike Eno, Cassie had been in ten different relationships that had ended up not working, so she had resolved to live her life without the need for love.
‘There are no rules to this thing. You can have sex with a guy the first time and it works out. You can wait for months and it still works out. Just go with love’s flow and don’t ever look back, because there’s nothing behind. What is important is your love for each other.’
Cassie moved closer to her sister and gave her a reassuring hug.
‘If Sam asks you to stay back in Nigeria with him, would you?’ Cassie asked.
‘Yes, I love him.’ Eno murmured.
Even before her sister asked, she had considered the possibility of relocating to her home country.
‘Then it is sealed, Sam is the man for you. And you will be miserable without him.’ Cassie kissed her sister on the forehead before releasing her. She waved Eno goodbye one last time, before leaving for work.
‘Yes, I will be miserable without him.’ Elena quickly grabbed her phone and decided she would call and tell Sam that she was ready to do anything that he wanted.
She was about dialing his number, when she a messaged from Whatsapp popped.
‘Let’s see…’ she clicked on it.
Lo and behold, it was a voice message from Sam. He was asking her to be his girlfriend.

‘I am taking a walk down a road I know nothing about but with you right beside me, we could make it happen. The stars are aware. The moon bears witness of my love. Dawn is my companion on this journey for happiness. Please be my girlfriend Eno Benjamin…if you accept, call me and scream “I love you,” but if you don’t, I’ll keep chasing after you, until you surrender to destiny.’

To be continued…

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