She couldn’t wait to tell her sisters all about King Yemi and his arrogant sister, Tayo, who had him wrapped round her tiny fingers.
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A week had passed since his last meeting with Eno. They had been communicating mostly through Whatsapp messages and calls. He missed her, and he didn’t hide the fact that he went to bed with her as the last thing on his mind.
‘No!’ He jolted from sleep and straightened on his bed. He had been sleeping, but the nightmare he just had, terrified him.
His eyes flew straight to the clock on the wall, it was 3a.m. Sam wiped the sweat that had gathered on his bushy brows and pulled in a deep breath. His heart was still running as the scenes from the nightmare replayed.
He and Eno had been strolling towards the beach. Their hands were locked together as they marched closer to the beach, when a black jeep pulled over and before he could make sense of whatever was happening, three men jumped down from the car and dragged her away from him.
He had been greatly overpowered and there was nothing he could do to save her.
‘Thank God,’ he wiped perspiration from the bridge of his nose, feeling relieved that he had only been dreaming.
His dark brown skin caressed the surface of the bedcover as he crawled out of bed and towards his wardrobe. He had slept naked. He needed to put on some clothes and take a stroll. Whenever he had a nightmare or was bothered about something, Sam always took a stroll especially at dawn to clear his head.
He cast a look at the drawer which supported the bedside lamp. There was a picture of Anne, his late fiancée beside it. Her eyes were still alive. They were sharp and bright, boring holes into him as he stared back at her.
Her smile was contagious, as Sam found himself smiling while looking at her beautiful face.
At first, he struggled the first few days with an intense feeling of guilt when he poured out his heart to Eno. Sam felt like he was cheating on Anne, but it wasn’t so.
His rod swayed from side to side as he moved towards the drawer. He had to move on with his life. He had grieved her for a long time. He had paid his respects, and the time had come for him to open up himself to another woman…
‘You’re always going to be in my heart.’ He muttered underneath his breath as he grabbed the picture frame tightly.
A tear dropped as he kissed the image on the frame. He missed her greatly, but her absence would be history. The void which her departure had left would be filled with someone else.
‘I know you would’ve wanted the best for me. I’ll always carry you in my thoughts.’ Determined not to go back on his promises towards Eno, he pulled open the first layer of the drawer and dropped the frame gently into it.
Sam was done with Anne. One after the other, the ropes that bound him to his past, were being loosened. Soon, he would surrender himself to Eno in all honesty and transparency.
He pulled open the wardrobe and grabbed a pair of black jeans and a black T-Shirt to go with it. Black was one of his favorite colors, he used it when his mind was clouded. Black made him feel in control of his life.
After dressing, he grabbed his phone and decided to get a drink before the stroll. He would send Eno something special to wake her up later.
As Sam stepped out of the room, he looked into the hallway that led to the wine- keep. At first, he thought he was hallucinating. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him, but a closer look revealed that Elvis was treating himself to a drink.
Apparently, he wasn’t the only one that was having sleeping problems.
‘You should be sleeping bro,’ Elvis had heard Sam scream, so he guessed the footsteps that approached the wine-keep belonged to him.
‘I guess your footsteps reading skill is still intact.’ Sam chuckled and pulled a chair. He had a feeling Elvis was troubled. Maybe they could help each other out tonight.
The strong aroma of brandy and apples spiraled into Sam’s nostrils. His eyes went straight to the glass before Elvis. No one knew how to do cocktail like Elvis. His friend was just a ball of many talents waiting to explode.
‘What are you drinking?’
‘I did a mix-brandy and many fruits. Would you like to have a taste?’ Elvis pulled a bottle that contained the mix closer.
‘Nah, I’ll settle for plain martini.’ Sam reached out for another bottle. After pouring a glass, he noticed Elvis’ eyes were glued to the laptop before him.
Sam was curious, ‘What are you working on?’
‘Nothing, I am just going through family pictures of Facebook. I miss them.’ Elvis confessed. Elena had told him about Eno’s release, but he had to deny that he had nothing to do with it, so as not to raise suspicions concerning Sam whom their mother had liked from day one.
Sam gulped the fiery liquid down at once, ‘I never told you about my visit to your home. I am sorry about that. I know you didn’t approve of my relationship with Eno, because it puts your family at risk, but I really do care about her.’ He hoped Elvis would understand.
Elvis chuckled, ‘I know you were at my family house and I knew my youngest sister made you uncomfortable. Elena could be very curious at times. I just lied to her that I had nothing to do Eno’s release, before she figures out your identity.’
Sam’s brows were knotted in surprise, ‘I thought she’d let that go.’ It was Elena’s question that had thrown him off guard, and made him realize that he would make a fool of himself if he hadn’t left.
‘She is a blogger, what do you expect? If I don’t distract her now, she could keep on digging, until she finds out that you are the Mask. I also learned that my mother was drooling over you…’ Elvis winked. It was rare before Tamar welcomed anyone to her house, for her to treat Sam which such care, meant the woman approved of his relationship with Eno.
Sam found this more hilarious, ‘Seriously? Elena is a super blogger then. She tells stories the way they really happened.’
‘True, there are no grays with that girl. It is either black or white.’ Elvis smiled as he thought about his younger sister. He missed playing with her silky hair and warning her about boys.
From the pictures, she was all grown up and very beautiful too. He missed Cassandra and Eno. He missed their father whom their mother had divorced. His heart ached as he thought about the old man, and how he fared in a lonely house.
‘I like your sister; she made me feel things I thought weren’t possible.’ Sam was crazy about Eno.

To be continued…

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