Tears rushed from her eyes as she replayed the voice note over again. In that moment, she had found the man that she loved and who loved her back.
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Christmas Dinner….
The candles had been lit, and the atmosphere properly decorated to suit the occasion. It wasn’t going to be a family dinner like her mother had planned, a lot of things had taken place in the past week.
‘There…’ Eno smacked her hands proudly as she glanced around the dimly lit room. It was a romantic setting, and she couldn’t wait to spend time alone with her boyfriend.
Tamar and Elena had travelled to Uyo urgently for the wedding of a distant relative and they wouldn’t return till the Twenty eight day of December. Cassie had too many designs to work on, and she hadn’t even gone half way through them.
Her numerous clients were on her neck, this was the reason Cassie couldn’t make it for the dinner.
The house was unusually calm. All domestic workers had taken a day off to celebrate Christmas with their families, so she had ended up doing all the cooking and decoration alone.
Eno realized that she was a bit nervous. Her palms were sweaty and her breathing was uneven. She was tensed up because this would be the first time she would be spending a night with Sam alone.
She quickly ran up the stairs to give her dress and make-up one last glance before settling on a sofa downstairs awaiting his arrival.
Her eyes danced as she watched her reflection. She wore a long red dress which cascaded to the marble floor. She had recently applied relaxer to her hair, this made it longer and softer.
Her make-up had been very light, just a touch of red which seemed to match with her dress. The silvery tear drop earrings she’d worn enhanced the oval accentuation of her face, which gave her a sexy look.
‘He has come…’ she gasped and touched her chest lightly as she peered out the window, into the driveway.
From what she observed, Sam was dressed in black. He held a bouquet of gillyflower as he stepped out from the car. Somehow, he had a feeling that someone was looking at him. Just in time, he found her beautiful eyes glaring down at him.
A soft whimper escaped her lips as their eyes locked together. Eno had a feeling that something would go down tonight. There was a strange fire in Sam’s eyes, it had to be desire and she was willing to surrender totally tonight.
She gave a deep sigh and peeled herself from the widow.
She looked very attractive. He increased his pace as he rushed towards the door. Sam had been looking forward to this Christmas dinner with her family, and he had prepared himself for all the questions they would throw his way.
He only had one wish, one desire. If only she would give him another opportunity to kiss her, he would take her to a world where all lovers fought to be.
There wasn’t any need to ring the doorbell, because she had already seen him. He arranged the pink flowers he had gotten at a horticulture store and waited for her to welcome him.
‘You came!’ Eno pulled the door open at once. Her heart had started another wild dance to a mysterious rhythm.
He took in her beautiful shape in the red dress. Her boobs were perky and smooth on the surface. Her hips were lean, just the way he liked it. And her hair, there were so many things he could do with that hair.
‘You look lovely tonight.’ Sam pushed out the lusty thoughts that almost ripped his composure.
She could tell he was thinking about making passionate love to her.
‘Just so you know, we are having this dinner alone.’ She beckoned him into the living room.
A deep frown settled in between his brows as he sauntered into the house, ‘I don’t understand…’ he scanned the décor of the room, which reminded him of a lovers’ night out.
Eno quickly explained why her mother and her sisters couldn’t make it for dinner. She relayed Tamar’s apologies to Sam, hoping he would understand how important the wedding was to her mother.
Sam found it odd, that he was excited about this new development. They were alone! Maybe Christmas night was meant for him. He swore underneath his breath to kiss the moonlight out of her.
‘I brought you flowers…carnation.’ He offered her the pinky bunch.
Eno grabbed it gently and sniffed, ‘Hmm, lovely and sweet, just the way I like it.’ She winked and dropped the bouquet on the table.
He had a feeling she wasn’t talking about the flowers any longer.
‘Can I show my girlfriend how much I missed her?’ He was taking a risk with this plan of his’, what if she got peeved and rejected his advances?
A ball clogged her throat as Sam drew closer to her. Her insides were screaming for his touch and his kiss, and she hoped he had come to offer her that.
‘Yes?’ She swallowed.
‘I don’t know how this may sound, but I think I am in love with you. You’re perfect for me darling.’ He cupped her face between his palms and caressed her cheeks.
She licked her lips in waiting, ‘It sounds normal. I am proud to be your Christmas girlfriend.’ She smiled.
‘Merry Christmas darling,’ he murmured, as his lips found their way to her ear lobe. Sam could no longer contain the fire that burned in him. He was going to make love to her like never before.
He swept her into his arms at once, ‘You’re my Christmas gift from God.’
‘Take me upstairs, my room is the third on the left wing.’ She held tightly to his neck. All she could think of was ripping his shirt off and running her fingers through the hairs on his chest.

After a round of mating, Sam laid his head on her tender laps so she could stroke him. Something deeply troubled him when he had made love to her. He had felt an odd sensation when he had slipped his rod into her.
‘You are quiet…’Eno ran her fingers through his black hair.
She was trying to adjust to the new sensations that her body had gone through while she had surrendered in his arms. There had been a slight pain at first, like something had cut deep through her flesh, but the pain had been immediately replaced with a powerful and burgeoning pleasure; which was sweeter than anything she had ever imagined.
‘Did you like it?’ Sam was hesitant to ask the other question.
‘Of course I did, did you?’ She lowered her lips and touched his scar. One day, she would inquire about the story behind the scar.
Sam raised his face so he could look directly into her eyes.
‘Was that your first time?’
Blood crept to her cheeks, ‘Yes. I know I should’ve told you but I didn’t want you to freak out.’ She had never been with any man, but with Sam, Eno felt like she was ready.
He straightened at once and pulled away from her, ‘I can’t believe this, why didn’t you tell me? I should’ve been gentler and considerate…’ Sam was shocked by this discovery.
But she quickly pulled him back to her arms, ‘You were very gentle and I enjoyed every bit of the lovemaking.’ She smiled shyly.
Sam’s love for her grew even more as he realized she had saved the best part of herself for him.
‘I love you darling,’ he wanted to make love to her all over again.
‘I love you too Uncle Sam.’ She winked, and they both laughed.
The night was still young, and they had all the time in the world to build memories upon memories, this Christmas night.

     You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire-Final Episode

Cassandra Benjamin had been working on a wedding dress, when she mistakenly pricked her thumb with a needle. Angrily, she discarded the beige dress and rose to her feet.
She had been working all day and it was starting to get to her. Cassie’s eyes fell to the street, and she realized that most shop owners had gone home. The place was empty and lonely, but she couldn’t leave just yet.
‘I have to complete that,’ she yawned and returned to her chair.
She’d thought of calling Eno and asking how the dinner went, but she refrained from doing so as a dirty thought flashed her mind.
‘They are both hitting it,’ Cassie’s throaty laughter rumbled through the shop. She was glad that her sister had found love. She couldn’t imagine what Enobong’s life would have been with King Yemi.
She shrugged and decided to finish the embroidery before taking her leave. Cassandra was about lifting the needle from its place when she spotted a stranger in front of her shop.
She hadn’t been expecting anyone, so the sight of the man dressed in black terrified her. Cassie threw the fabric on the floor and rose to her feet. Her eyes blazed with naked fear as she noticed a blue jeep pulling over before the man, whose back was to her.
‘Lord…’ Cassie tried to rush towards her phone which was situated at the other end of the room, but she was too late.
All of a sudden, the man in black pushed open the glass door and walked into the shop. There was something strangely familiar about the way he moved. His steps were light, swift, majestic. He was very tall. But his face was hidden in the black hood that covered his head.
‘Please…I am closed,’ her lips shivered. Cassie was confused and terribly afraid.
The man quickly pulled over the hood, granting Cassie the revelation that she’d desperately needed.
‘Merry Christmas Cassandra,’ He grinned wickedly before snapping his fingers, which ushered in five other men.
‘No!’ Tears welled up in Cassandra’s eyes as she came face to face with the King.

Watch out for the sequel to this thrilling tale…

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