‘I have plans for me and Sam. I plan to take him to a Turkish restaurant and treat him to a fine dinner. I’ll get him some gifts too and I’ll need your assistance on that one.’ Eno’s eyes twinkled in a dreamy fashion as she thought about her man.

‘Like condoms?’ Elena snorted, and quickly moved away from the sofa.

‘Get over here you dirty girl!’ Eno chuckled and chased after her sister with the little pillows that warmed the sides of the chair.

She tossed the first one at Elena whose wild screams tormented the once silent house.

‘Wait…’Elena giggled.

‘Where did you learn to be so sweet and evil?’ Eno grabbed another pillow and made ready for a launch.

She was about throwing the pillow at her sister when the doorbell was rung. The sisters exchanged glares for some seconds, wondering who could be at the door.

‘Could it be Cassie?’ The pillow cascaded from Eno’s hands. Her heart raced as she gingerly marched towards the door. All these while, she hadn’t given up on finding her sister.

Elena felt slightly guilty, at the mention of Cassie. She was supposed to find out if King Yemi was behind her sister’s attack, but she had been too busy researching about the Knights of Robin Hood.

‘Wait here, let me get the door.’ Eno raised a palm and Elena obeyed.

‘Who’s there?’ She whispered in a fearful voice on reaching the door, but nobody answered.

She closed her eyes and opened them in a flash, had someone come to kidnap her and Elena? What was happening?

‘Who’s there?’ Her voice was louder and bolder this time around.

A croaky voice returned, ‘Open the door Eno. It is I, your sister asked me to come stay with you for a while.’

Without wasting time, Eno pulled the door open to welcome her father whom she hadn’t seen in a long while.

‘Dad?’ Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at the scrawny looking figure that was once full of energy and life. He had aged badly, and his eyes had wrinkles beneath them.

‘Is it daddy?’ Elena rushed in excitement towards the door, but her countenance fell when she noticed how unkempt their father was.


The Royal family had dinner very early, quite unlike her house. They had their meals once it was 7.p.m and a bell would be rung to notify all those that were to share the king’s table.

An impish thrill tickled her sides as she stared out of the window, in the ill-fitting gown that she had made out of the flannel material; from the curtains that guarded her window.

Cassie stared at the ambience of the universe. The clouds were a mixture of purple and reddish colours. The moon was a bit shy and refused to show up early. It was twilight, and dinner was for fifteen minutes.

She had deliberately ignored all the clothes the King had bought for her. She wouldn’t wear any of the designer clothes. She was ready to spite him and make him angry tonight.

‘This is the only way…’ she ran her fingers over the smooth material. She was attracted to the King, but she couldn’t let him know that. Acting indifferent and stubborn was the only way to hide her feelings.

She moved away from the window back to the mirror. The figure in the mirror resembled a milk maid on a ranch or better, a woman who was heavily pregnant in a maternity gown.

The dress swallowed her slender figure. It seemed she was wearing a sac. Once the King saw her, all thoughts of fornication would flee from his mind and he would leave her alone.

‘I can’t wait!’ She laughed. Cassie could already imagine what Yemi’s face would be like when he was angry. His eyes would sink into their sockets, and possess a darkness that could even scare the night.

His voice would be like thunder. It would make the dining hall quiver. But she was no longer afraid of him. She would draw his bad side out, and make him regret kidnapping her in the first place.

Tired of adoring herself, Cassie moved towards the purse that had accompanied her to the palace.

‘Come here my sweet diary; let us see what you got.’ She unzipped the purse and pulled out the diary.

She was about scanning through the pages, when a knock sounded on her door, and she knew it was time for dinner.

‘Good evening Princess Cassie, your food is ready.’ A baritone bellowed from outside.

‘Thank you. I shall not keep the king waiting.’ Cassie dropped the diary at once and rushed towards the door. It was time for dinner, and she looked forward to what the maids would serve tonight.

While trudging towards the largish dining hall, Eno couldn’t help but admire the designs on the walls of the palace. Whoever carved the figures on the walls was skilled. A wave of sadness almost quenched her excitement as she thought about her own skill.

She had passion for fashion design, and she had always dreamt of getting schooled in one of the most prestigious fashion academies in the world. There was Milan, Venice and Paris. But she didn’t have the money to facilitate her dreams, which her mother had never supported.

Briefly, she thought about her mother, the selfish Tamar Benjamin who had driven their father out of the house. Like her dad, Cassie loved creating new designs and bringing them to live on paper. Her father had created a lot of designs for people, but they ended up hijacking it and making a fortune from what was stolen.

‘I cannot make that mistake.’ Cassie mumbled as she reached the door to the entrance of the hall. This was one of the reasons that she guarded her design book very carefully.

Only the maids had seen it so far in the palace, and they seemed perfectly harmless.

“Good evening Princess.” The six guards that kept watch bellowed at once, and she felt honored by their greetings.

‘Good evening, thank you.’ She flashed a polite smile and walked into the big hall.

Her heart sank when she noticed that the hall was empty. All kinds of food had been served. As she moved closer to the long table, she noticed six trays of baked turkey; a large pot filled with vegetable soup; a stack of freshly baked bread and a jar of jam beside it.

There were three bottles of red wine; a basket of green apples and another flash which contained Fufu rolls.

Cassie felt disappointed that none of the royals had showed up for dinner, and she was even a minute late.

‘Where are they?’ She wondered. She felt disappointed that the King wasn’t around to witness her grand entrance with her flannel gown. Cassie hoped she hadn’t destroyed the curtains in her room for nothing.

Slowly, she pulled a chair backward and settled. Her eyes feasted on the clock, and the more she waited for the arrival of the King or his sister, the more the feeling of loneliness intensified.

She felt like an ant in such a big room. She felt empty and sad. For once, she wished someone else joined her for dinner. At this point, she wouldn’t mind having dinner in the company of the arrogant Tayo.

Her appetite fled after thirty minutes of waiting and nobody showed up. How could she eat all these food alone?

Cassie leaned closer to the table and pushed a tray of baked turkey closer to where she sat. She would eat the delicious looking chicken and wash it down with a bottle of red wine; little did she know that the alcoholic content in the drink would knock her out.

‘Bon appétit,’ a smile caressed her sweet looking lips. She quickly pulled the cork out of the rose bottle and emptied the rouge content greedily into a conical glass.

The ginger-garlic taste of the turkey kissed her lips. She loved a well spiced meal. The turkey was incredibly nice and it reminded her of a particular Christmas she had spent at home. ‘To the King and my extra large garment,’ she lifted the wine glass into the air.

To be continued…

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