At first Pelumi had wanted to deny talking about the princess, but she pushed all her fears away. Now that she was working secretly with the king, it meant that she was in his good books. She had no reason to fear getting kicked out of the palace.

Without her, the king wouldn’t get more information about the woman that he loved.

‘We were talking about Princess Cassie. She showed us her fashion design book and everything in it looked perfect,’ Pelumi replied. She also went on to add that Cassie was a professional designer and she had a lot of clients that patronized her.

Tayo chuckled, ‘Princess Cassie?’ This was new to her. Well, she wasn’t aware of many changes that had taken place in the palace. And she wasn’t close to any of the domestic staff too, so she wasn’t aware that Cassie had also become a princess.

‘We were told to address her that way on the King’s command,’ Pelumi replied.

‘That’s laughable,’ Tayo grinned. The Benjamin sisters were not fit for the royal house, but she didn’t hate Cassie the way she hated Eno. Cassie seemed like a girl she would like to be friends with on a normal day.

Only one thing interested her in this conversation with servants: Cassie’s designs. The princess was known for many things apart from her arrogance and ruthlessness in taking decisions. In the circle of nobility, she was known for her fashion sense and she was an addict when styles were involved.

‘How good is this Princess Cassie?’ Tayo mocked.

Pelumi had seen enough designs to convince her that the next sentence wouldn’t lead her to jail.

‘She is better than your current designer. You should try her.’ Pelumi spoke swiftly. Tayo found the confidence of her relative odd. If Pelumi could say that about Cassie, then she was really good.

Tayo sighed with relief, the anger that had grown inside her was gone and the hunger she had felt earlier had returned.

‘What is the king having for breakfast?’ Tayo licked her lips.

‘Fried plantain and grilled fish; he would take pap or a warm glass of milk alongside.’ Pelumi briefly explained.

Already, the aroma of baked fish, onions and garlic spiraled in the air. It matched the delightful smell of fried plantain. Tayo knew she would lose control and act like a commoner if she didn’t leave the kitchen fast.

‘Hurry, I am famished.’ She scanned the faces of the girls once more, before strolling out of the kitchen. When the Princess was finally gone, they all fell on their knees and thanked the heavens they hadn’t been gossiping about her.

‘That was close,’ Esther whispered and pressed a shaky hand on her belly.

‘Yes it was. We have to hurry with breakfast.’ Pelumi quickly slipped on her baking gloves and rushed towards the kitchen.

Tayo heard a beeping sound on her phone as she sauntered back to the dining hall. It seemed like someone had credited her bank account with some money. At first, she had wanted to ignore it, but she decided to check it out right there.

The Mask is no longer a member of our knighthood. You’ll be dealing directly with me. I will accept your offer if you can answer just one question. My name is Elvis Benjamin. I am the new Mask.

The android almost popped out of her shaky hands as she realized that the Mask and his team had responded to her messages. The name, “Elvis,” struck a chord and she remembered his sexy face easily. He was the only man she had been sexually attracted to for a very long time.

‘Shit,’ Tayo bit her lip and leaned on the wall for support. She had to reply his message as soon as she could. This was the only opportunity to fix things, and she couldn’t miss it.

Princess Tayo: Hello, good morning. Please what is your question? I am willing to answer. Just take the offer.

Elvis: I have two actually.

Princess: What are they?
Elvis: Does the king have a certain Cassandra Benjamin in his palace? If you lie to me and I discover you did. I would reject your offer and come for what is ours.

Princess: ( doesn’t know what to type.)

Elvis: Are you there?

Princess: What is your second question? I need to weigh the risks.

Elvis: LOL. I thought you had your brother eating from your palms. Are you scared of him now?

Princess: Keep my brother out of this. What is your second question?

Elvis: Answer the first. I give you two seconds. Your time starts now.

Princess: Cassie is safe, that’s all you need to know.

Elvis: She better be. Why do you want one man from our team? You broke the contract you had with Sam. You are not in a position to make demands.

Princess: (She wished this was Whatsapp where she could stare at his handsome face again.) I need a certain man from your team.

Elvis: Who?

Princess: Elvis Benjamin.

Tayo was about typing more when the King walked towards the dining hall with a bright smile on his face. He was about stepping into the dining hall when he noticed his eyes met with hers. Tayo’s features had all contorted as she tried to adjust to the shock of chatting with Elvis Benjamin. She knew it was too late for her to compose herself as her brother moved closer to her.

She couldn’t tell him about the latest development yet. She had to cook up some lie and make him believe that she was alright.

‘Good morning your majesty,’ Tayo pulled herself from the wall and quickly dipped the phone in her pocket.

Yemi’s smile faded. His sister had a little fear in her eyes, and that seemed odd for a fiery personality like Tayo. She looked pale and distressed. He had a feeling that something was wrong with her.

‘Are you alright? You look like you have just seen a ghost.’ He searched her face.

Tayo quickly parted her lips for a smile, ‘Maybe I have. You always dress in white,’ she winked. When the king immediately began to laugh, she knew that her trick had worked.

‘For a second I thought a guy broke your heart,’ the King replied.

Tayo snorted, ‘It would take a god to do that. You know me better than anyone. I don’t believe in love.’

Yemi shrugged as they strolled towards the dining hall. His sister had always made that statement and she was able to abide by it. But he was a believer in love, and it had found him.

‘I guess you wouldn’t feel comfortable in the palace because I’ll be throwing a valentine party in honor of a very special someone.’ Yemi replied.

Tayo laughed. She had always known the Benjamin girls had cast a spell on her brother. When he had taken interest in Eno, she had fought with all of her strength to stop their union. But she wouldn’t repeat that mistake.

Obviously the King was in love with Cassie. Bestowing the title of “Princess,” upon her was significant. He hoped to make her his queen someday.

‘Has she finally agreed to be your wife?’ Tayo pulled a chair and settled next to her brother. She had no business with his personal life, but she had noticed how stiffly Cassie related with the king.

Yemi almost laughed as he remembered how she moaned his name at night. But he was able to stifle the giggle. He had come up with a beautiful plan and he would bring Cassie to her knees.

‘No, but she will.’ He quickly poured himself a glass of water and gulped while imagining what Cassie’s reaction would be when she awoke to find herself in the King’s chambers.

To be continued…

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