Yemi had numerous experiences with women. He didn’t need an Ifa Priest to tell him what went through Cassie’s mind. He was only stunned by the discovery.
So she was sexually attracted to him?
‘I guess you can’t.’ He grabbed the knife away from her and yanked her out of the chair.
Cassie gasped, knowing he had caught her at a point of weakness. She felt ashamed. She had to cover it up before he discovered the mistake she had made. How on earth could she fantasize this beast making love to her?

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Yemi ignored her mild struggling and took his lips closer to her small earlobes.
‘I’ll have you in my bed one of these days, wife.’ He released her immediately and stormed out of the dining hall, leaving Cassie deeply confused.
A fire had just started and she was well aware. She only prayed that it wouldn’t burn her.
‘If I didn’t know you well, I would’ve sworn you wanted my brother to kiss you right here.’ Tayo smirked at Cassie’s pretence.
Cassie quickly grabbed the plate that harbored the well baked turkey and marched to her room, ignoring Tayo’s laughter and mean jabs.
Tonight, she would let her mind roam freely. She wouldn’t restrict her thoughts for she was already a prisoner in the physical.
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Two months had passed since Sam made a deal to stay away from the vermillion that had been discovered in Lokoja. He was more focused in his new relationship with Eno, which he hoped would lead to something great.
‘We can’t just pretend that Yemi isn’t behind this. We have to come up with another plan to save my sister.’ Elvis paced the study furiously. After learning about Cassie’s kidnap on Christmas day, he had been very restless.
Sam remembered clearly what had gone down between himself and Eno that night. They had made passionate love and slept in each other’s arms that night, while Cassie had abandoned dinner to be in the shop.
At first, when she didn’t return home, neither of them was scared. Eno had made it clear to him that Cassandra was very passionate about her fashion designing career and could spend hours creating new designs.
Then a day passed, and a day after that without Cassie returning to the house, that was how Sam knew that something had happened to Eno’s younger sister.
‘Why do you think the King kidnapped her? We reported this matter to the police and they haven’t given us any positive impact. A lot of bad people have overrun this town, why drag the King into this?’ Sam rubbed his chin while thinking of this possibility.
Elvis was baffled, how could Sam sound so ignorant and naïve?
‘Why do you think my mother suddenly travelled out of the country? She went to visit my aunt, Agatha who lives in Jamaica. She knows something about Cassie’s disappearance. And we both know that she had sold Eno off to the king, just that it didn’t work out like she has planned.’ Elvis could swear before any deity that the king had taken Cassie in place of Eno.
Sam’s left brow arose, ‘How do you even know so much about your family without being close to them?’ Sam mocked. He knew Elvis hadn’t set a foot in the Benjamin Mansion for more than a decade, but he seem to be in perfect knowledge of all that was going on.
Elvis shrugged, his younger sister had fed him with all necessary information. Elena was really on his neck about Cassie’s disappearance. She wanted her brother to anything he could to find their sister.
‘Elena eh? That blogging job really suits her.’ Sam found his answer. He visited Eno almost every day, while consoling her about Cassie’s mysterious disappearance. He was very careful with the way he interacted with Elena, because she was highly inquisitive and he still had a reputation to protect.
He was still the Mask, and no one could ever come to that knowledge.
Elvis nodded, ‘That girl is going to bug me to death. We have to find Cassie before it is too late.’
Sam held his breath, knowing he didn’t want to involve himself in this.
‘You don’t expect me to appear in Yemi’s palace with a gun and a mask again? I made a pact never to trouble the King and I have to respect that. If I don’t, he could expose me. Besides, don’t you think your little sister would begin to add things up?
First, I rescued Eno. Somehow, I still find a way to rescue Cassie. She will carry out a research and realize that I am the Mask. I cannot allow that to happen.’
In a lot of ways, loving Eno and being close to her family had changed him. He was no longer that impulsive and revengeful man. Eno’s love had captured his soul, it had re-created him and he would never do anything to lose her.
Elvis wasn’t comfortable with Sam’s response, ‘But Cassie is the sister of the girl you are dating, who by the way is also my sister.’ He couldn’t understand why Sam was trying to run away from saving Cassie.
‘Elvis, you won’t understand. Do you think Eno would still love me if she found out that I am the Mask? Have you ever considered that?’ Sam asked. He wasn’t going to involve himself with whatever had happened to Cassie. The best he could was to give Elvis his blessings, but for a very long time he had thought of leaving the Militant group that he had created for a normal life with Eno.
Elvis was disappointed by his friend’s response. He decided he would find a way to save Cassie on his own. He just needed to find out who kidnapped his sister. One he got hold of that information, he would know how to act from there.
‘Excuse me, that looks important.’ Sam quickly grabbed the TV remote on the wooden table and increased the volume. The television had been switched on for a long time, but the men had been neck deep in their conversation to notice it.
It was Elvis that first caught the sight of the Princess, the woman whom he found it difficult to push out of his thoughts.
‘Isn’t that the King’s younger sister?’ Sam’s eyes grew wide as he watched her smiling face.
She was shaking hands with some Federal Government representatives, and he quickly recognized the last man she shook hands with.
‘Professor Ahmad Jamal,’ Sam called his name. The bald man was the minister of Mineral resources.
Elvis quickly understood what was going on as Sam had been a little bit distracted, wondering why Princess Tayo would meet with such top government officials.
‘The devil!’ Elvis quickly slammed his hands on the table.
‘No, she cannot…’Sam quickly turned off the television and grabbed his head between his hands.

‘Yes she did, I warned you. I told you not to trust those people, now they have played us. We have lost out!’ Elvis yelled at the top of his voice.
One of the terms of agreement for the release of Eno, was the King’s unlimited access to the vermillion in the rock fields in Lokoja. But there had been a condition, Sam had warned them not to tell the Federal Government about the mineral; he had plans of taking some and making money out of it.
Once the Government, which was a conglomeration of greedy thieves got wind of any mineral resource and one as scarce as vermillion, they would take everything for themselves without taking the indigenous community in consideration.
‘Fuck!’ Sam fingered his hair.
The Princess had outsmarted him.
‘The King and his sister must have tapped enough vermillion for their saves. Instead of telling us they were done mining, they told the Federal Government about it. That way, they have broken free from our hold and we have nothing against them.’ Sam complained.
They couldn’t go back to the rocks to mine, because the Federal Government had taken hold of the lands and going there would mean asking for trouble.

To be continued…

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