Annabelle wished she could find a way to warn Indigo. Usman was a deadly man and she had an idea of the despicable things he did to women. She was nauseous of the thought of herself and Indigo being trapped in the same place with that degenerate.
‘Like I said, I wouldn’t tell you a thing.’ She stood her ground.
‘Well then, I have myself a whore for the night.’ Nkosi snapped his fingers and ordered the men to bind her with the ropes they’d come with.
He would deliver her first to Usman, then find her friend without her help.
He moved to the reading table where she kept her phone. From the way her house was arranged and the things his eyes came across, he knew she was a student.
He hoped to find the other girl soon. He couldn’t wait to work with Usman again.

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She didn’t know what to expect after Miss Lucinda had left. She wanted to be excited and cast her hopes high, but she quickly reminded herself that human beings were not perfect and could fail.
‘What’s on your mind?’ Papa asked.
He was done having his dinner and he decided to read an old newspaper while watching Indi go through her books.
‘Nothing.’ Indigo looked up.
Though she was not placing her faith in Lucinda’s words, she still had to prepare herself should something come up.
‘You look troubled.’ Papa said.
She sighed and pushed away her books. A lot of things got into her and made her feel depressed.
‘Talk to me, I know you want to…’ Papa wanted to hear her thoughts. He hated to see her worried.
She licked her lips and fiddled with her fingers, maybe this was the right time to tell her grandfather the truth about Phillip Hajjo. She couldn’t get him out of her mind.
Even while she was staring at her books, his face flashed a thousand times in her mind and she felt like she was deceiving herself.
How could a stranger affect her so strongly? She guessed she was drawn to his kind heart and his looks. She reassured herself there was nothing more.

‘Um…I am just thinking of what Miss Lucinda said before she left. I am a bit worried Papa, even if I get the job, would the people hiring accept me?’ She ran her fingers through the mass of her black hair.
There were rules in Interior designing. What she loved doing was different from interior decorating. It was a combination of colors, fabrics, calculations, the use of computer to erect structures and lots more. She performed excellently in her academics, but she had little or no experience with the outside world.
Papa dropped the dusty paper and turned his full attention at her.

‘I see, you doubt yourself.’
‘Of course Papa, I do not have what people like her would need. I have never done this before, but I am willing to try.’ She replied.
‘So you’re nervous then?’ Papa asked.
‘No, I am afraid.’ She answered, ‘I don’t have a professional portfolio. Those I would be working for may want to see my previous works. It’s just like going to a doctor for treatment; you must have heard wonders about this doctor before putting your life in his hands.’
She imagined a situation where she was given the job, and she ruined it. No one would be happy with an unappealing interior.
‘My job is to make places more aesthetic. I want to add color, spice and everything nice. I want this to be an opening for other contracts.’ Her eyes were dreamy as she pulled up an imaginary office in her mind that had a messy interior which she was able to design.
Papa wanted to tell her how amazing she was. He knew that she had the gift to work on people’s buildings and this was the reason he gave her his full support when she opted for Architecture.

‘I don’t even have a good phone, maybe I could have downloaded one of those applications or made use of virtual design applications.’ She complained.
‘Indigo…’ Papa called her, then struggled to his feet and walked to the old cupboard where he kept some important things.
‘What are you doing?’ It had been a long time since they watched family pictures together, she guessed Papa was about fetching the family album.
He didn’t answer. Instead, he pulled out an old drawing book, smiled to himself and approached her with it.
‘Have you forgotten this?’ He dropped before her.
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The light blue book looked really familiar; she held her breath and opened it.
The first building she had ever drawn and colored was that of the house they lived in. It captured the beauty of the Estate; the Hibiscus tree; children playing in the neighborhood; the roofs and the balusters.
‘Papa…’ her voice cracked as she found another page, portraying another building. This time it was a Catholic Church, presented in its full glory and beauty.
‘Yes, you did this. With your tiny hands and innocent eyes, you were able to capture the world. You shouldn’t doubt yourself. I know my financial situation has limited you in many ways, but you can make do of what you have…; he paused.
Tears was falling from her eyes now, her grandfather’s faith in her was more than she could ask for.
‘You have a keen eye Indi. You have hands to choose what is best for houses. Have you forgotten how upset I was one day after work? But that anger fled the moment I came home to a “new” sitting room? You had changed a lot of things, you gave them better positions. I want you to believe in yourself the way I do, because if you fail to believe in your abilities, then you are a failure.’ He wiped a strand of tear that rolled down her cheeks.
She couldn’t stop herself from crying, he was right. She had totally forgotten the beauty of history. What mattered most in architecture was the eye, if you couldn’t see things the way your client wanted you to see them, then you were as good as useless.
‘I believe in myself now grandpa, I promise never to fail you.’ She grabbed his hand and put her lips to it.
‘I know you wouldn’t. Your name is Indigo, thought the clouds may gather, your radiance would always brighten the world.’ He lowered his lips and dropped it on her forehead.

To be continued……..

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