‘Get your hands off me…’Indigo fought with the heavily bearded man who tried to molest her.
She was filled with anger and shock that her friend Annabelle could actually betray her in this manner. Annabel had preyed on her innocence and had lured her into the devil’s tent.
‘I love it when you fight, it turns me on.’ Usman’s mischievous laughter filled the air.
Indigo had never found herself in this kind of situation. She had read and heard stories of girls being mauled at midnight; she never believed she would be a victim.
She wept silently as she remembered her grandfather’s words to her. If only she had listened to the old man and cut ties with Annabel, she wouldn’t have found herself here.
The man had thrown her on the bed and had peeled off his shirt, revealing a protruding belly and flabby nipples. It was an eyesore.

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‘Come on baby, this wouldn’t hurt, I promise.’
She froze on the bed, glaring at the man, wondering what sort of monster dwelled in men that took joy in raping women. She was a virgin. Her grandfather had raised her well; she couldn’t lose what was most precious to her now.
‘Please sir…’ Her lips shook. She hoped her tears would soften the man and make him change his mind.
‘Baby…you don’t need to cry, I am not a monster.’ Usman moved towards the bed, he sat by the edge and caressed her beautiful feet.
Indigo blinked the tears away, she had a feeling in her heart that he was determined to have her.
Annabel had sold her pride and her honor for just a hundred thousand. She took a deep breath and thought about the next line of action. She couldn’t just let her virginity go without a fight. She had to play smart. It was better to die trying, than not make any effort at all.
Usman continued to caress her smooth and creamy legs, she had a very rare complexion. She was neither light not dark. She was brown, and flawless. Everything about her was perfect, and he couldn’t wait to have her again and again.
‘Can I use the rest room? I feel like urinating.’ She lied.
She had to find someplace of escape, she needed to think fast before it was too late.
As if reading her thoughts, ‘Don’t try anything funny pretty one, you know there is only one door into this room. It is locked.’ He grinned, and pulled out a bunch of keys from his pocket.
Her hopes were dashed. Her countenance fell as she realized the man knew her tricks and her plan to escape.
‘I just want to ease myself. I am really pressed.’ She ignored him.
‘Okay then, there is the bathroom. Take all the time you need baby. And you could even shower too, we have a long night ahead.’ His eyes twinkled with lust as he pointed a finger showing her where the bathroom was.
Indigo was appalled by his last sentence. She would kill herself if this vile thing laid a finger on her.
She murmured, ‘Thank you,’ and moved straight to the rest room.

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Her eyes went straight to the mirror, her face was swollen and sad. Her day had started out bad, but Phillip Hajjo had showed up and rescued her. She had gotten herself into this mess, this was her own mess and she needed to clean it by herself.
Her heart skipped as she thought of the handsome man that had helped her out with some money. She thought him an angel, and she wished he would come and save her from this monstrous man.
‘I am so sorry Papa.’ She licked her lips, her eyes still on her reflection.
All her problems began when she had started lying to her grandfather. She had kept so many secrets about her dealings with Ana from him. But who could blame her?
Annabel had tricked her into surrendering her trust. She portrayed herself as an Angel of light. She had bought her way into Indigo’s heart and now she was paying for letting down her guards.
She had failed her grandfather, she had not listened to all of his warnings and teachings.
She knew her Papa would never forgive her if she lost her virginity this night. He had thought her of the sacredness of virginity, not just for the woman, but for the man also.
He encouraged her to keep herself till she met the right man who would make her his’. He wanted her marriage bed to be built on purity, innocence and sincerity.
‘He would be so disappointed in me.’ She covered her face in shame.
‘Baby! You are taking too long, is it the big ones?’ Usman called to her from the room.
She released her face immediately she heard his voice.
‘Um, yes, it’s the big ones.’ She replied.
‘Okay, take your time, I’ll be waiting.’
‘Lord, help me out of this situation.’ She bowed her head in prayer. If she escaped this trap unhurt, she would never despise her grandfather’s words. She was ready to tell him all of her secrets.
The phone she carried was useless to her, there was no one she could call at this hour that could come to her rescue.
Indigo decided that there was only one way out of this madness. She would rather die than allow Usman have a piece of her flesh.
She licked her lips and scanned the rest room for something solid, a weapon that she would use to protect herself.
‘Yuck.’ She snorted as she stared at the toilet brush. There was no way she could use that.
Her eyes quickly moved to the array of cosmetic products on the edge of the bathtub, maybe there was something she could use. She went on her knees and picked the products one after the other, carefully reading their properties and side effects.
They were mostly liquid soaps, antiseptics and shaving cream. She almost gave up when she found a plastic bottle with green designs and the labeling, “Peppy, for bumps and cuts.”
She opened it and inhaled it, she flinched at the smell of the liquid which had a burning sensation on her nostrils.
Whatever it was would hurt Usman if she succeeded in pouring it into his eyes.
At this point, she didn’t care if she blinded him; she just wanted to escape with her virginity intact.
She pushed the bottle close to her and rose to her feet, she could do this. All she needed was to act swiftly.
Indigo pulled off her clothes, so she would be left in her bra and her pants. This would make it believable that she was actually using the rest room.
She threw herself on the cold tiles and began screaming, ‘Please I need you here! Come at once, I need you!’
It didn’t take Usman a second before he pushed open the bathroom door and rushed to see her sprawled on the floor.
‘What is wrong pretty one? What the hell is this?’ He knelt beside her.
‘I don’t know, I just felt a sharp pain on my knee, can you get me some heat rub?’
He was hesitant at first, but when she burst into tears, he knew she was not pretending.
‘Let me check my dressing table.’ He hurried out of the bathroom.
This was her chance, determinedly; Indigo rose to her feet and grabbed the bottle, ready to take action against her attacker.
Usman returned with the returned with a tube of heat rub, which he would apply on her knee. From the look of it, she was having a muscle pull.
‘I am back pretty one, I am back…’ he stuttered, a bit surprised that she could stand on her feet.
‘You are welcome!’ She moved closer to him, then started to spray the thick black liquid into his eyes.
‘Arh! No! What is that?’ Usman staggered and fell to the ground.
She didn’t release him; she continued to spray more of the liquid till he was completely exhausted and too tired to struggle with her.
‘Don’t blind me please!’ He begged.
‘I don’t plan to,’ She tossed the empty bottle on the floor, burrowed into her dress and rushed to his side to search for the keys.
Usman had never felt this sort of pain. His eyes hurt like they were being pricked by a very sharp object. Moisture gushed from them, even his vision had become blurred.
By Allah, this girl had been sent by Satan and she had come to blind him.
Joy filled her when she found the keys. They were all identical, so she guessed any of them could open the door.
‘You will not go scot free! Nobody humiliates Usman and remains the same.’ He rained curses on her.
Indigo smiled, she was now the victor.
‘I am happy you know how frustrating and sad humiliation can be. Fuck you idiot.’ She grabbed the toilet brush and ran it across his face.
‘Arh!!!’ Usman began to scream again.
‘Goodbye now.’ She gave his ass a kick before leaving the bathroom, but not before shutting the door tightly after her.
To be continued……..

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