Sleep had eluded his eyes, only a heart made of iron would rest after such mind bugging revelations.
Phillip was the first to wake in the house; he was sipping some coffee and stroking the violin. He couldn’t believe how big of a fool he made himself all these years, hating on the man who truly loved and cared about him.

A woman that planned to elope with her lover was not worthy to be called his mother, and that was the reason he was going to the graveyard where she was buried later that day.
He felt sad and sorry for himself and for his father. He had been so cold and unloving towards the old man. He blamed the man for all the misfortunes that had befallen the Hajjo Estates; little did he know that Uncle Usman, the man who was actually his father had worked hand in hand with his late mother to crash the financial foundation of the Hajjo Estates.
‘Phillip, good morning.’ Chalya sauntered into the sitting room with a worried look on her face.
She had also found it difficult to sleep after the revelation about their mother’s affair with Uncle Usman. She had not known her mother quite well, but her father had never spoken ill of her until last night.
‘How are you holding up?’ She pulled a chair and sat next to him.
‘I don’t know, it’s still like a dream.’ He dropped the violin and picked the glass next to him, it was filled with liquor.
Chalya knew how hard it was for Phil to overcome grief. She knew he would start drinking and smoking, and making stupid decisions.
Ten years back when his best friend, Ugo had died in a ghastly motor accident. It took a lot of emotional support from her and her father to help him back on his feet. But now she was not going to offer him a shoulder to cry on, she had to give him some tough love as they had a lot of things to do.
‘Look Phillip, I know you are hurt about what mom did to dad, but you need to get over it.’ She crossed her arms against her chest, hoping this would work.

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He scoffed and stared at the contents of his plastic cup, ‘Get over it? You don’t understand how I feel Chalya. This is more than just hate and bitterness for mother and Uncle Usman. I hate myself too…’ he confessed.
‘Please don’t say that Phillip, whatever happened between them was not your fault. Dad understands this and he loves you. He wants the best for you.’ She knew it will come to this.
‘I hated him. I blamed him for that woman’s death, when in actuality, the bullet had been meant for dad. If he did not run, the assassin would have killed him, but instead, he killed mom. I wondered why he left us, I never understood. Do you know how hard it must have been for him to keep this from me? I feel like a devil.’
Phillip swallowed the drink and dropped the glass. He just couldn’t focus on anything else for now.
‘Son…’ Mr. Hajjo walked in with a tray of Samosas and chicken sauce. He knew Phillip would have a tough time absorbing the secrets of last night, but he was here to help him pull through.
‘Good morning…’ Phillip wanted to call him “Dad,” but he felt ashamed.
‘I am your father.’ The man dropped the tray on the centre table and walked nearer to where Phillip sat.
‘Dad…’ Phillip fell on his knees and grabbed his feet. ‘I am so sorry for everything I did to you. Now that I consider my arrogance and my pride, I feel so stupid and ungrateful. You chose to raise me as your own. You gave me a life and a destiny but I was not thankful. I blamed you for everything.’ He sobbed, his tears dropped on the marble floor.
Chalya quickly looked away, she couldn’t stand the sight of her brother crying. He was so broken and touched and this affected her in a way she had not expected.
‘Phillip, I will always love you as my son. I knew you were an innocent child and whatever transpired between your mother and my brother was never your fault. I knew if I gave you to Usman, that he would have ruined your life. You need to forgive yourself, because I have forgiven you, Usman and your late mother a long time ago.
Just get up and try your best to forget the past. I guess you still have to work on the buildings, you don’t have much time before the rains.’ He dropped a kiss on Phillip’s head.
He was touched that his father loved him so much. He knew it would be difficult to come in terms with such great love, but he was willing to try.

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He raised his head and looked his father in the eye, ‘Thank you. I promise to be a good son to you…’ he turned to Chalya who was eating some of the Samosas to make herself feel better, ‘and a good brother to Chalya.’
She smiled when she heard this, helping Phillip overcome his grief was easier than she had thought it would be.
‘I made you guys something, I know you would love it Phil, you always had a spicy mouth since you were little.’ He pointed at the tray filled with goodness.
A smile radiated in his eyes, ‘Yummy,’ he fetched one and bit into it.
‘So what is the latest on the renovation? I guess you will no longer be working with Usman.’ His father said.
‘Hell no. Do you think I should confront him?’ Phillip turned to his father.
‘You are a grown man son, whatever you choose to do, go ahead. I will always support you.’ His father patted him on the arm.
‘You should fire Moremi too, I saw both of them talking. I don’t like that woman.’ Chalya chipped in but as expected, Phillip insisted there was no Lawyer in the whole country as good as Moremi.
‘Whatever.’ Chalya rolled her eyes angrily. She had plans for the day, but she wouldn’t let her brother in on them yet. She hoped that Phillip would slash the rent for the tenants occupying their father’s buildings.
He was ready to work now. He would confront Uncle Usman and his mother’s dead body later. For now, he had to distract himself in a lot of work, this was one of his numerous healing mechanisms.
‘Hurry Chalya, get dressed, we are going to the office.’
She almost dropped a chunk of Samosa when she heard this, ‘Phil, I’ve got plans.’
‘What plans?’ He raised a brow.
The man watched his two children adoringly, he was happy to have them in his life and he wouldn’t have asked God for more or less.
‘I can’t talk about it. It is personal.’ She lied.
‘Then you don’t have plans. I need to investigate something.’ Phillip guessed it was time to tell his family about Mr. Barf’s attack.
‘Investigate what son?’ His father asked.
‘Mr. Barf didn’t show up at the meeting as expected, he later texted me with a different number. He was attacked by someone who doesn’t want us to work on the buildings.’
To be continued……..

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