Mr. Hajjo explained to his children that he had been very hurt and bitter after discovering Halima had been sleeping with his brother. He had not fully learned the act of forgiveness then.
‘So I broke into his house when he’d travelled overseas to study. I stole the deeds to the land that our father had given to him. Without waste of time, I erected the buildings that are now the Low Cost Buildings. I thought I would feel better by doing this, but the pain of your mother’s betrayal only hit me harder.’ He shook his head in angst, as he remembered everything that had happened that year.

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When Usman had learned of the buildings, he had threatened hailstones ad brimstones, but Mr. Hajjo had not been disturbed by his threats. He never explained to Usman his reason for stealing the documents and changing it to his name.
‘I see why Uncle Usman wanted you dead so badly. He wanted your land and your wife. If this is the only sin you committed a sin, then you haven’t done anything unforgivable.’ Phillip felt that his father was being too hard on himself.
He tried to imagine what would have happened, if he had married a cheating wife.
No, he wouldn’t have survived living with such a despicable person.
‘Dad, you’re beating up yourself. Usman deserved it for betraying you like that. Remember that he also tried to kill you?’ Chalya rolled her eyes.
She was also tempted to pour out her secrets, because this was the only opportunity that she had, and she needed to use it wisely.
The man laughed heartily, Phillip and Chalya were still growing and they didn’t understand that being old, gave you the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things.
‘Yes, he betrayed me by sleeping with the woman I loved. But if we are looking for whom to blame here, I should have blamed your mother. She was the one who cheated on me, Usman didn’t rape her.
But I chose to blame the weaker person, my brother. I had no right to take over Usman’s land. This has been the cause of bitter blood between us all these years, but I am willing to forgive him and hand over, what truly belongs to him.’
Phillip and Chalya couldn’t believe their ears, their eyeballs almost popped out of their eye sockets.
‘Dad, I hope you know that I have already ordered materials to work on the buildings? The land is now yours; it doesn’t belong to Usman anymore.’ Phillip couldn’t stand it.
For the first time, Chalya stood against her father.
‘Dad, I think Phillip is right. He has already hired people and allocated them several positions for this project. You have to suspend whatever you are planning. It’s not as if Uncle Usman is a saint. He deserves the dish you are serving him.’ Chalya hissed angrily.
Again, his kids missed the point. Maybe if he hadn’t taken the land forcefully, maybe Usman would have turned out a nice person. But the moment he realized his share of their father’s properties was gone, he became a very angry and hostile person.
‘The land has my name on it Phillip; I will do with it whatever I want. If your uncle agrees to renovate the place, then you can go ahead and work with him, but I will not be a part of that business.’ The man sighed.
Phillip couldn’t believe his ears. He had planned this renovation for months now. He was a bit frustrated, but he decided not to let it weigh him down. He was still the C.E.O of Phillip’s Engineering and they had a lot of contracts to complete.
‘I guess Mr. Barf would have to go back to Germany empty handed then.’ He sighed.
He no longer needed building materials, and he would relay this information as quickly as he could.
‘You are not arguing with dad, why is that?’ Chalya was surprised that Phillip wasn’t battling with his father to keep the land.
Phillip shrugged, ‘I think dad is right. Whatever doesn’t belong to you, can never be yours.’ He smiled.
He had profound respect for the older men, who had raised him up to be a man of integrity.
‘So what are you going to tell your darling lover lawyer?’ Chalya teased.
‘The truth, I no longer need her services.’ Phillip sighed.
Chalya decided it was time to tell her brother what she had been planning behind his back and how she had approached Indigo to join her.
‘I also lied about Indigo Hassan. I lied about how we met…’ she closed her eyes and opened them, hoping that Phillip wouldn’t be mad at her.
He wasn’t surprised, he had a feeling Chalya hadn’t been straight with him these past weeks.
‘Where did you meet her then?’ He asked.
She glanced sideways, wondering how Indigo would feel that she had revealed her address to Phillip.

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‘She is one Mallam Hassan’s granddaughter and she lives in one of the low-cost buildings. I went there under cover as Ms. Lucinda Paul.’
Chalya explained to her brother that she had not been pleased about the rent increment and she had prepared herself to fight him to the end.
Phillip and his father laughed throughout her explanation. There were many things they didn’t know about Chalya. She was just like an onion, each day; a layer was being peeled and appreciated.
‘I like your Spirit. You remind me of Gandhi, always standing up for injustice.’ Her father was happy that she had something planned for Phillip.
Chalya didn’t want to leave everything out.
‘I asked Indigo to join me, but she refused. I guessed it was because of the love she had for you. She is a very homely girl and I want you to be with her.’ Chalya concluded her confession, leaving everyone stunned.
Phillip was shaken to his bones. He would have gone ahead to renovate the building and increase the rent, which would have sent poor Indigo and her sick grandfather out of the house.
‘It all makes sense now.’ He rubbed his chin as he remembered the day he had asked his driver to spy on Chalya. She must have paid Indigo a visit instead.
‘What are you talking about?’ Chalya’s brows knotted.
‘Never mind, I feel so horrible. I should talk to her.’ He rose to his feet.
All along, he had wanted to reduce the rent, but Moremi kept insisting that he abide by the half million. Now the scales had fallen from his eyes, he hated her with a great passion because she almost ruined his life.
‘Not yet son, learn to give a woman the space that she needs.’ Mallam Hajjo pulled his son back, then dipped a hand into his pocket, producing a check of five hundred thousand Naira, which was meant for Indigo Hassan.
Phillip sank into his chair; he couldn’t disobey his father though he missed her a lot.
Mr. Hajjo pushed the check towards Chalya, ‘You’ll cash this out and pay her a visit. Tell her that your brother loves her and try to convince her to let go of what she had seen.’
Once he was done with Chalya, he turned to Phillip, ‘You and I will pay Usman a visit. It is time we all make up. We have to forgive each other and move on with our lives like nothing happened.’
Phillip wasn’t thinking about his biological father, Usman or Moremi at this point. His silent prayer was that Indigo should forgive him for wanting to destroy her home and for getting drunk.
‘I will always abide by your words father.’ He whispered.

To be continued…….

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