Nkosi grabbed both men by their hands and pushed them outside, he couldn’t let Indigo know the type of jobs that he did.
‘What the fuck are you two doing here? Why didn’t you call me?’ Nkosi barked at his men.
‘Boss, we tried your line but we couldn’t reach you. After shocking the girl for about two hours, she finally opened up about her friend whom she addressed as Indigo Hassan.
According to her, Indigo had been in need of some money and Usman was willing to offer a hundred thousand. Indigo had refused to sleep with Usman, and instead had almost destroyed his eyes.

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We got the girl boss, we should take her now before she leaves. Remember, that this is the last chance we have to redeem our image before Usman Hajjo.’ The short thug explained, hoping the boss would see reasons with him.
Anger welled inside of him as he realized these fools would have hurt his daughter without knowing it.
So, Usman had wanted to ravage his Indigo. Nkosi was disgusted by this, knowing the perverted mindset and ungodly fetishes that Usman Hajjo had.
He felt bad that Indigo would be put in such a dangerous situation all because she needed money.
‘Release Annabel immediately and if you touch that girl or harm her in any way, I will kill you both and feed your heads to wolves.’ Nkosi snapped angrily.
The thugs saw that their boss wasn’t pleased with their work, and they wondered why. They had spent days looking for this girl in question, why was he protecting her now?
‘I hope you both heard me! Release Annabel and go into hiding. I will handle Usman myself.’
Those were Nkosi’s words before he strolled back to the house to explain everything to Indigo and her grandfather.
Indigo had suddenly lost her appetite as she peeped through the window. Who were those rough looking men and what business did they have with Nkosi?
Swiftly, she peeled herself from the window as he neared the house. She had a feeling that her father had not gone home. Her heart raced as she wondered if he slept in the neighborhood.
Somehow she felt guilty, imagining him out in the cold. Shivering and fighting for warmth without a blanket or a sweater.
‘I am sorry for ruining your breakfast.’ Nkosi’s lips were filled with apologies as he stepped into the house.
Papa wasn’t a fool. He quickly demanded an explanation at such an unsolicited visit by Nkosi’s thugs.
‘What did those men want with my granddaughter and how did they get to know about her former friend, Annabel?’ Papa’s voice was very stern.
He hoped he had not made a mistake by allowing Nkosi back into their lives.
‘I can explain everything…’ Nkosi felt ashamed, knowing after this, Indigo would never want to have anything to do with him.
But he wasn’t upset with her. He was glad that he had set eyes on his daughter after many years, even if she failed to receive him back to her life, he wouldn’t hold it against her because he had hurt her first.
‘I came back to Nigeria with a purpose. I have very big dreams for Indigo, but I don’t have the money for it.
I bumped into an old friend who promised to give me some money, if I track down a certain girl whose name he didn’t know, but was introduced to him by her friend Annabel or Ummi.
According to this friend of mine, the girl he was looking for had tried to kill him. That was the reason my thugs came in here.
We were able to track Annabel, but she refused to give us anything about you until the torture was too much.’ Nkosi explained.
Indigo didn’t know how to respond to this. She knew exactly whom the man in question was, Annabel’s Sugar daddy who had tried to rape her.
‘Is she okay?’ She asked after her friend.
‘Yes, nothing untoward was done to her. I have asked the men to release her at once.’ Nkosi hoped this would please Indigo.
Papa felt disgusted that Nkosi had not changed.
‘Why did you lie to me Nkosi? You came to be with false humility. From what I see, you are still the same person. You only grew older.’
Nkosi couldn’t trade words with the old man. He knew he was wrong.
‘I am sorry Papa, I just wanted the best for my daughter.’
‘The best for Indigo is you leaving. We cannot be equally yoked with a criminal like you. God knows how many crimes you have committed already.’ Papa snorted in disgust.
He hated himself for allowing Nkosi into Indigo’s life, now this would complicate everything.
Indigo was too stunned to say anything. First, she had just discovered her father was alive.
Now, she had found out he was nothing but a thug. Of what use was such a man to her?
Her mind told her to reflect on what had just taken place. From the look of things, Nkosi really loved and adored her, he just didn’t have the means to express that love and she understood.

          You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Indigo part 3 Episode19
Indigo hadn’t realized Usman Hajjo was a vindictive man. Her encounter with him had been many weeks back, yet he still harbored hatred and acrimony towards her.
God had sent her father to save her, because if Usman had employed the services of other thugs, they would have found a way to hurt her. So she had him to thank.
‘I want you to leave this house and never come back!’ Papa slammed his fists on the table. He was done with Nkosi’s drama; he was over with being deceived.
Nkosi pulled in a deep breath and stared at Indigo in the eye. He was a fulfilled man now; he just wished he could kiss her goodbye.
‘No, wait.’ Indigo stammered.
Yes, this man had abandoned her for many years and denied her the love of a father, but right here, in this moment he had gained all of it back by defending and protecting him from that pervert.
‘Indigo?’ Papa rushed to stop her from going close to the criminal.
‘I am sorry for disobeying you this once Papa, but I think I want to give him a chance.’ She walked towards her father.
Nkosi was full of strength and vigor, but he found it difficult to hold his emotions down as his daughter walked closer and closer to him.
Papa could see that there was nothing he could do to stop Indigo from accepting Nkosi into her life.
‘I am so sorry Angel. I promise to desist from all my bad ways from now henceforth.’ Nkosi opened his arms and welcomed her.
He was ready to turn a new leaf because of Indigo. She was that important to him.
She accepted his welcoming arms and buried her head in his broad chest, this was the place she found safety.
‘I love you so much Indi.’ Nkosi kissed her hair and pressed her tightly against his body.
Papa realized the bond of a father and a daughter was stronger than that of a child with a grandparent. His only prayer was for Indigo’s safety and eternal happiness.
Whatever choice she had made, he would stand by her. It was a new dawn for them all.

To be continued……..

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