Tanko could not explain the emotions that ran through him at that point. He had failed the order; and they would find a way to kill him, once they realized that he was in the chief protector’s custody. What hope did he have?
“Please, kill me!” Tanko wailed, for he knew how the order loved to torture before the kill.
The widow had no empathy for him. She encouraged Abdul to punish him and fish out the orders. Abdul took her advice, he would do just that but he couldn’t understand the fear in Rahib’s voice.
“His sister is a member of the order…” Rahib said.
Abdul scoffed and gently took the scroll, “What sister? I don’t understand.”
The night had travelled deep at this point, and the shadow of dawn was slowly falling upon the earth. They had spent a lot of time at the brook. It was clear that the order had a shortage of assassins, as they had deliberately waited to see if more assassins would show up.
Every other thought was buried in his mind as he stared at the scroll. Abdul was speechless. It was clear that he knew nothing about Aisha; she had paraded herself as an angel, but she was a devil.
“I have a feeling that she ordered for the killing of Fatima,” he returned. Rahib couldn’t agree more.
“Is this true? Is your sister one of you? Did she call for the death of Fatima?” A new surge of anger, regret and pain filled Abdul. It would be difficult to torture the woman that he loved. He hated himself for treating her badly by ravaging her, but the course of justice had to take place.
Tanko nodded . His fear wouldn’t let him speak.
“How long have you two been in the order?” Abdul fired.
“I do not know how she joined or when she joined. But I have been a member of the order for some time now, even before the killings began.” He confessed.
Abdul was satisfied that he had someone that would tell him everything he needed to know about the order of Israar. Now he would go after their members unawares. He would assign that job to Rahib; but he needed to return to his castle as Fatima could be in danger. Aisha had fooled everybody, especially Umar.
An umbrella of guilt came over him as he remembered the passionate night that he had spent with Aisha. Fatima had been right to be upset with him, he had done a terrible thing against his brother, it was time for the truth to surface. All the desires he felt for Aisha were completely replaced with pity. He loved her but not enough to let her go for trying to kill Fatima, and in the cruelest way.
“I will take the widow with some men to my castle, watch over him and begin to search for all those on the list. We shall meet at noon.”
“As you wish master,” Rahib nodded.
While Abdul left the brook with a soldier, Rahib released his belt and bundled Tanko’s arms. He sent word to the other soldiers at the widow’s castle through the wounded soldier, to meet up at the Brook of Maris.
The course for justice had begun. No more would the innocents be slaughtered; as it was in the days of old, so it would be now. The order had made a grave mistake by going after Ali’s life, as the widow would’ve still exposed them, with or without Tanko’s appearance.
The road to the castle was far from the Brook of Maris, but Abdul persevered. He needed to warn his brother about Aisha.
Davina Diaries Fiction: Jewel Of Israar Part 3 Episode 13
The ranch sisters had found it difficult to sleep, so at the sight of the morning sun, and early dew that usually dropped on the grasses, they were both awake; each avoiding each. While Faiza couldn’t push back the uneasy feeling that followed her, Laila tried her best to keep away from her pregnant sister. She didn’t want Faiza to know about Fatima’s state. She hurried with the clothes she had come to pack, and Aisha’s belongings outside the ranch. Before Faiza rushed to meet her, Laila was already on a horse, heading for the chief protector’s castle.
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“How bright and beautiful is the morning!” Aisha yawned as she rolled off bed. Her face glowed with childlike satisfaction as she stared out the window. The disappointment and anger that she had gotten from the moor’s letter was gone, she was a brand new person. She knew deep in her heart that she had won the battle, as today would be the day of Fatima’s presence on earth.
Ralia who usually slept on the kitchen floor could hear Aisha singing and exclaiming excitedly. The little girl was deeply terrified, as she didn’t know what the poisoned apricots were meant for. Ralia hardly slept at night. She would wake up after a short episode of a nightmare, and these bad dreams came more than thrice. Her young head throbbed. Her ears ached. Her fingers itched. Every feeling and reaction increased as she stared at the basket of poisoned fruits.
“Are you awake, Ralia?” Aisha called out happily.
“Yes I am…” Ralia slowly peeled herself from the floor and rose to her feet.
Aisha rushed towards the kitchen, “Wash your mouth and face, there is no time. We have someplace to go.”
Ralia was tempted to ask Aisha where, but her throat burned and her lips felt parched.
Aisha had not wasted much time at the mirror; she wore a bright colored dress and hid her long hair under a deep blue scarf. When she was ready, she stepped outside the house with Ralia behind her. Both females mounted on the huge horse, with Ralia in front of Aisha.
“Once we get to Abdul’s castle, you will present this basket to Fatima. Make sure she eats from it, even it is a small bite. I will not forgive you, if you fail.” Aisha winked.
Again, she felt helpless and restless. If she failed to do what Aisha said, she would be in deep trouble. Why did she want Fatima dead so badly? As they rode towards the castle, Ralia’s anger began to build…
She couldn’t hide in Aisha’s shadow forever. If she allowed an innocent woman to eat of a poisoned apple, she would never forgive herself. There was no excuse to aid Aisha in her act of wickedness. Ralia knew that she had something within her; something that Aisha feared, and that was why she oppressed her and broke her mind. But she wouldn’t give up. She remembered working with Tanko; the man had noticed her strength and had chosen her. Ralia wouldn’t let Aisha win. She needed to find a way to set herself free.
On their way through a bush path, the horse grew slow.
“It needs some food. It is tired.” Aisha announced. Luckily for them, they were in an area filled with dry grass. She would feel her horse for a while before resuming her journey.

To be continued…

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