As she stepped into the field, Ralia realized that she had not been paying attention to herself. Living in servitude had robbed her of that privilege. A little selfishness wasn’t a sin. In the year to come, she would be sixteen and if she didn’t decide what she wanted for her life now, Aisha would sell her off to the highest bidder.
“Iman is right. I must think of a way to save myself and my siblings.” She whispered and purposed in her heart. There had to be a way to pull Aisha and her brother down. All she needed was the proper tool to carry out her heart desires. A mischievous glint glowed in her eyes as she trekked back to the bar. For the first time in a long while, Ralia felt she had gotten the justice that she deserved. Betraying someone as wicked as Aisha felt wonderful. She knew she had to be careful until her plans were fully hatched.
On her return, Tanko sighted her and called out.
“Ralia! Where is Aisha?”
“She went home.” She quickly responded before bowing her head.
“Follow me, I must ask you some questions.”
Ralia held her breath as she fell behind her other cousin. Tanko wasn’t as mean as Aisha. In fact, he wasn’t mean at all, but he had taken over her father’s properties. He had turned her younger brothers into beggars at their hometown. This fight of freedom wasn’t just for her at all. It was for everyone.

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Tanko settled in the chair and quickly shielded the scrolls from Ralia’s view. Not that he thought her dangerous; it was the rule of the brotherhood to keep such things hidden from the view of those who didn’t belong. He wasn’t fast enough. From what Ralia observed, Tanko was definitely hiding something. She had a strong feeling that it was the documents concerning her father’s business. She did a mental note to search for the scrolls and have a good look at them. Ralia could read and write. She planned to read what was written there and copy them into another scroll. The battle line had just been drawn.
“Where did you two go earlier?” Tanko knew this was the best time to spy on Aisha.
Ralia had a feeling that he didn’t mean well.
“I am sorry cousin, but I cannot tell you that. My mistress warned me not to disclose her whereabouts to anyone.”
Tanko was surprised that the girl could still be loyal to Aisha even after the nasty treatment given to her.
“This will be our secret. I know that you are in need of money and other material things. If you tell me everything you know about Aisha’s recent whereabouts, I will offer you anything that you ask.”
Ralia looked into his eyes to see if he was genuine with his promise.
“What do you want to know?”
He drummed his fingers on the table.
“Where did Aisha take you? What secret does she have?”
Again, Ralia decided to betray Aisha. She was risking her life but she didn’t care anymore. The time was ripe for her to arise and fight for her family.
“Please give me your word that you will not expose me…”
“I promise,” Tanko voiced out.
“My mistress has fallen in love with Umar, but she has made a very grave mistake that could cost her this love. We were trying to fix it this morning.”
Tanko’s brows thickened in wonder.
“What mistake could that be?”
Ralia stuttered at first, but she found confidence as she imagined destroying Tanko and taking over the cattle song bar.
“She had an affair with the herb collector’s brother, Abdul.”
Davina Diaries Fiction: Jewel of Israr Part 2 Ep 1
With each gallop of the horse, Abdul’s heart raced as he rode way from the ranch towards his lover’s house. After Rahib revealed the disturbing news of the ghoul’s behavior, he was a bit troubled. What could the old man be hiding? What did he know about the killings and who was he protecting? Abdul had a lot of things plaguing him, but even in that mind-storm, one sweet name kept ringing in his heart. He couldn’t wait to see her again. He couldn’t wait to be with the woman that would calm all of his fears.
Once he was done with his visit, he would head to the ghoul’s house. The man needed to be kept at close watch. Abdul was determined to find out everything about those that were behind the murder.
Aisha lived with her brother. Tanko had given to her a special room. Though the house was fenced with tall lemon trees, it was still possible for the insider to see who was coming. Aisha had been busy calculating what was left of her divorce settlements when she heard the neighing of a horse. At once, she dropped the pouch that contained her gold coins and rose to her feet. She was expecting Ralia. At least the fool would know her way back home. Aisha kept the money in a safe place, which was inside her pillow made of feathers. She adjusted her veil and leaned her face against the window. Her eyes became clouded with shock as she noticed that it was Abdul that had come. He had tied his horse to one of the trees, he was heading towards the house now.
“This has to stop!” Aisha gathered her skirts and hurried towards the door. What madness had come over him? Why would he take such a risk to see her knowing that it was her brother’s house?
She pulled open the door and stepped outside the house. She needed to make it very clear that what had happened at Umar’s castle could never take place again. Although it was pleasurable, it didn’t stop it from being a mistake. It was Umar that she had chosen and she would stand by his side.
“Your face is radiant with glorious beauty my love…” Abdul was pleased to see her.
Aisha bit her lip to prevent her from spewing the poisonous words that ate at her thoughts.
“What are you doing here Abdul?” She asked calmly. The calmness of her voice was like the streamside at done. It betrayed the violent emotions that ran through her. She was trying everything possible to be nice to Abdul but he was getting on her nerves.
Abdul failed to see that she wasn’t pleased with his visit. He mistook her question for teasing. In the past, they would fondle each other with sweet and annoying words.
“I came to kiss your lovely face.” He answered ignorantly.
Aisha sighed and crossed her arms against her chest.
“You cannot kiss my face or any part of my body ever again,” she continued in that silent and unpredictable tone.
Again, he missed it. Abdul pulled in a deep breath, delighted by the supposed invitation to touch her. He leaned forward and dropped a kiss on her cheek.
“I know you miss me. I do not know what offence I have committed, but you must not be angry with me. I had matters of the land to attend to.”
At first, his touch had appealed to her that night. But now that she felt his rough lips on her face, Aisha felt irritated. How could he not respect her? Soon she would be Umar’s wife. Is this how it would be?
“I mean it. You must never touch me again. You must never come here again.”
Abdul quickly stepped back. He sensed the angst in her voice and it baffled him. He was slightly troubled. He was certain that he had not done anything to upset his queen. Why then would she be angry with him?
“What is it? Have I wronged you?” He asked.
Aisha parted the door and invited him in. She would have the last conversation with him. She would warn him to stay away from her.
“You may enter.”
Abdul was hesitant to walk into the home of an angry woman. It was like a trap because he didn’t know what awaited him. The younger version of Aisha had been mostly sweet but whenever she was upset, it could last for many days. It was this ugly side that he had never understood. He feared she was in such a black mood which would make matters worse for him because he had come to share his troubles on her breast.
“I know that you once loved me,” she began slowly.
“I still do love you!” He cut in huskily.
“I don’t know about that but your brother is very special to me. Umar has feelings for me and I care about him. I am his only chance at true happiness and I will not let your desire for me ruin that. I have a bride for you, a young girl that would meet all of your needs. Just stay away from me, please. I shall be your sister by law soon.”
Abdul scoffed as he listened to her instructions. He found it believe that Aisha could be this myopic.
“Are you really serious about Umar?” He laughed.
His laughter annoyed her further.
“Did it sound like a joke?” She bit her lip and shot him an angry look.
Abdul wasn’t ready to let her go that easily. He was convinced that they were destined for each other. How could one explain their inability to reconnect all these years? And then they later found each other?
“I don’t know what you are thinking, but I cannot let you go. I love you too much to allow you marry my brother. You will never be a happy woman.”
“You are not the determinant of happiness. Umar is what my heart needs,” she fired back.
Abdul sighed, “Fatima will always have his heart. I am disappointed that you know so little of men. There are some people that will always come first with us, and they are our first loves. Umar may think himself in love, but his love is fickle. It cannot be compared to what I have you. My love is concrete and will stand the test of time. So, I cannot let you go. I will not walk away so easily.”
His response infuriated her. Who did Abdul think he was exactly? A god?
“We must never see again. My decision is final and you must respect it.”
From the hardness of her jaw, he realized that Aisha meant every word that she had spoken. She wasn’t joking.
“Do you think I am a fool Aisha? You broke my heart the first time and now you want to leave me again? Just so you know, Fatima threatened to expose us, but I cajoled her to stop it. What do you think Umar would do if he realizes that we shared a night in his castle? Do you think he will believe and old whore over me?”
As he poured out the venomous words, he advanced towards her. Every man had a beast sitting patiently to be drawn out. Aisha had touched a nerve. Her rejection was humiliating and she saw nothing wrong with what she had done. How could she choose Umar over him? Umar was just a boy but he was a man!
Aisha swallowed and stayed calm.

To be continued…

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