‘Good afternoon gentlemen, I am here to get my sister’ Obinna wore a frown.

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty one

Ife had successfully tied Ekene to a chair and scrutinized his phone while he was still unconscious. He had found just one copy of the voice note in Ekene’s mailbox; he had deleted it immediately.

‘Where am I?’ Ekene groaned and scanned the environment.

‘We are at your house’ Ife replied coolly.

‘Or should I say “My house”, considering the fact that I gave you all these. You didn’t deserve a thing but I gave you anyway. The house, the car, the job’ Ife gestured with his hands.

‘Are you going to kill me?’ Ekene’s dull irises shot up.

‘No. I am not a murderer Ekene. I am nothing like you’ Ife replied.

‘So what do you want?’ He asked.

‘I need all the copies of the voice note I sent to you. I have just deleted one from your phone, where are the others?’ He rose to his feet with the club.

‘That’s the only one I had, I swear’ Ekene begged. He never thought Ife was capable of something like this. Was he a killer?

‘I trusted you, yet you thought me a fool. Why would you call Narissa a “Cheap lay?” Why would you even tell her about the bet? How could you?’ Ife rolled his eyes.

‘Please do not hurt me. I promise to mind my business going forward. I swear, that’s all I had on my phone. I promised’ Ekene begged.

‘Really?’ Ife stared at him intently. He needed to be sure he wasn’t lying.

‘Good. You are no longer welcomed at Methocorp. Once I release you, pack your things and get the hell out of this house; drop the car keys too. If you try anything funny, if you attempt to harm me in any way, I would spill your guts, chop your body into fine little pieces and eat them’ Ife said the words so slowly, it raised the hairs on Ekene’s nape.

‘Please don’t do this to me; if you take it all from me, I’ll have nothing. I will be useless’ Ekene begged. If Ife carried out his threats, his life would be over. He would have to return to Obinna for help and that was the last thing he wished for.

‘You’re such an ingrate. I cannot pardon somebody like you’ Ife moved towards him and undid the ropes that bound him to the chair.

‘Ife, please, you don’t have to do this’ he fell on his knees.

’You don’t tell me what to do, now get out of my house before I change my mind and use this club on your brain’ Ife lifted the heavy object.

‘Please, I’ll be left with nothing. Have mercy, I beg of you’ tears welled up in his eyes.

‘Left with nothing? Nigga you are nothing. Now, be on your way!’ Ife pushed him hard.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty one

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty one

The police men exchanged glares as the young man moved towards to them. Then the eldest whispered into the ears of the younger officer.

‘He seems like a well-to-do man. That stupid girl shouldn’t have invited us in the first place’.

‘I am still waiting’ Obinna repeated himself.

‘We are very sorry sir for the inconvenience; please have a seat while we go bring her’

‘I am sorry Obinna, this is all my fault’ Iman kept apologizing.

‘Honey, I have told you to stop’ he scooped her hand and squeezed it.

Minutes later, Asa was brought to him. Her face still glowed, then a wide smile spilt her face as she saw her brother.

‘Obinna’ she rushed and hugged him.

‘My love, how are you?’ he smoothened her hair.

‘Fine. I am happy you both came, that place stinks like hell’ she rolled her eyes.

‘Sir, please, you’ll have to sign here’ the police officer called his attention.

‘Let’s go wait for him in the car’ Iman pulled Asa towards her and they both left.

‘We are very sorry sir’ the policemen apologized after he was done with the documentation’

‘It’s okay, have this’ he dipped a hand into his pocket, fetched some naira notes and handed it over.

Their faces were bright with joy.

‘Sir, we are loyal’ they cheered him.

‘Thank you’ Obinna made for the door but was stopped by a familiar scent. Although he had gotten over her, he’d still recognized the scent of her perfume anytime, anywhere.

He swirled around and faced the woman that he once loved, the woman that had trampled his love with eyes wide opened.

Their eyes fastened together but neither spoke any word.

He trotted past her towards his car and joined Iman and Asa.

‘I hope you have not released that girl, she attacked me for heaven’s sake!’ Nkoli hissed angrily. What was that loser doing here anyway?

‘You better leave this place if you know what is good for you’ the officers warned.

‘What kind of stupid talk is that? I paid you good money to arrest that girl’ Nkoli was infuriated.

‘You call your chicken change, money? You can have it back’ the older officer launched the five hundred naira note at her.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ Nkoli hissed angrily, ’what did that loser do to both of you?’

‘Loser? Mr Obinna is a well-to-do man. What he gave us is nothing compared to your chicken change’ they both laughed.

‘Mr Obinna?’ She raised her brow and wondered what was actually happening.

‘If you are done, you can leave now or we take you into custody.’

‘Stupid officers’ she cursed underneath her breath and left. Her heart leapt as she saw him drive away in a sleek black car.

‘What is really happening?’ Her heart raced. Had Obinna finally made it in life?

‘No, impossible’ she reassured herself. She needed to get more information about him.

Obinna returned to the car wearing a gloomy look; Asa was the first to notice it as they drove away from the police station.

‘Are you okay?’ Iman observed the tightness of his features.

‘I am fine love’ he forced a smile. Seeing Nkoli at the station had resurrected memories of how she had treated him when he had nothing.

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Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty one

‘So Asa, tell me what really happened, who attacked you?’ He pushed the disturbing thoughts out of his mind.

‘Who else than that crazy girl Nkoli?’ Asa hissed angrily.

‘Nkoli attacked you? Why?’ Obinna almost lost his focus on the steering.

‘I was just doing a video with Iman’s phone when she pushed me from behind, telling me she promised to deal with me while at Ekene’s place’ Asa narrated in detail what had taken place.

‘Who is Nkoli?’ Iman was a bit lost.

The car suddenly turned into a graveyard as no one was willing to provide any answer; she noticed Asa peered out of the window pretending she had not heard the question.

‘My ex’ Obinna said quietly.

‘Oh, sorry I asked. I was just curious’ Iman suddenly felt embarrassed and self-conscious as his eyes penetrated hers.

‘No need. She is stale wine. You never asked me about work’ he needed to lift his spirits and theirs.

‘Okay, tell me about work’ Iman’s lips gave way to a weak smile as she stared right back at him.

‘You guys never asked about this car, I was given the car and a house; we are moving there today’ he announced.

‘Oh my God! I am so happy for you’ Asa cheered.

‘Congratulations, you deserve it’ Iman smiled.

‘The Alhaji has a good sense of humor you know, he asked me some questions’ Obinna smiled as he remembered the time he spent with his boss.

‘I know brother Usman and his mind bugging questions. I am happy you could answer them to his satisfaction’ Iman felt proud of him.

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty one

To Be Continued….

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  1. Please keep ur emotions in check obinna, don’t let nkoli rule ur thoughts. I guess things would get better now with iman.
    I do not think ekene would back out so easily.

  2. Pls Obinna pack fast fast before Ekene will come with his bad mind. I wonder the type of person he is for stabbing Ife that cleaned him up at the back. Good for him because he is nothin


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