‘I know brother Usman and his mind bugging questions. I am happy you could answer them to his satisfaction’ Iman felt proud of him.

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty Two

‘Everything I have I owe to you, Iman. You had faith in me when others fled; you believed in me when others didn’t’ his voice was husky with emotion as he poured out his heart.

‘I didn’t really do anything’ she shrugged. Waves of uncertainty flushed her face and she suddenly grew pale as she recalled Narissa’s words. What if Obinna had a woman somewhere?

‘I only did this out of the goodness of my heart’ she thought and swallowed hard.

‘Are you okay?’ He noticed her discomfort.

‘Yes, you can stop me here.Remember I left my car at Rosydew?’ She needed to get away from him.

‘Oh? Okay then’ he brought the car to a halt.

‘Bye guys’ she waved at both of them and hurried out of the car.

‘Weird, if you ask me’ Asa jumped to the front seat.

‘Weird?’ Obinna raised his brows.

‘Iman, she looks kinda sad’ Asa said.

‘Yes, I hope she is alright. Maybe something is going on with her, I need to find out’ Obinna suddenly realized he knew nothing much about her personal life. What if she was dating? But she wouldn’t have had sex with him if she was, would she?

‘You love her’ the words coiled out of her mouth smoothly.

‘Huh?’ He rolled his eyes. He liked Iman yes, she was a very nice person but Love? He was scared of ever giving his heart out.

‘I see the way you look at her Obinna, why are you denying the inevitable? Except, of course, you aren’t willing to pursue it’ Asa sighed.

‘Let’s talk about something else, when last did you hear from Ekene?’ Obinna suddenly asked about his younger brother.

‘I called him today when I couldn’t reach you. I guess he is alright. Why do you care about him though? He doesn’t give a hoot about you’ she reminded him.

‘Well, life has thought me not to pay evil with evil; forgiveness is divine’ Obinna meant every word, he held no grudge against his brother; Ekene was still his blood no matter what.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty Two

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty Two


She had taken Iman’s advice and paid her father a visit; she still owed them an explanation about the way she disappeared the other day.  She had spent four hours watching movies. Edna and her father weren’t home but they’d left a key with the gateman.

Tired and hungry, Narissa rose to her feet and trotted towards the kitchen to fix herself a quick snack.

She hummed a tune as she cut the bread up for toasting; a feeling of happiness slowly replaced the emptiness she had felt when Ife broke up with her.

‘Baby girl, no man can ever hurt you without your consent. I am so over him’ a bright smile appeared on her face as she applied margarine to her bread.

Taking a break from her job had been the best decision ever; she still had a lot to learn about relationships and she was prepared to share her life story once she was back on the air.

‘Narissa, is that you?’

‘Edna, dad? When did you guys come? You scared me’ she was surprised to see them.

‘We went on a date’ her father announced.

‘Oh, that’s sweet. You called me, that’s why I am here’ she returned, ignoring her step mother completely.

‘I was just worried about you, the way you and that young man left…I thought something bad must have happened’ he moved towards to her.

‘Nothing happened father. I do not like him as my husband; in fact, I am not ready to get married anytime soon. Can you please respect that?’ She placed the French toast neatly on a ceramic.

‘Anything you say, baby, as long as you are happy’ her father seemed excited to have her home.

‘Thanks, dad, can I go now?’ She chewed the bread hurriedly.

‘So soon? You just came’ the old man felt sad.

‘Stay the night Narissa, keep your father company’ Edna chipped in.

She was about to argue and call her stepmother names but she bit her lip and shrugged. She had nothing doing at home anyway, it would be boring for her.

‘If that’s what you want’ she left for her room.

‘Thank you, Edna’

‘For?’ The woman wondered.

‘Being nice to Narissa for once, you both never see eye to eye’ her husband replied.

‘I guess I am growing too old for squabbles; besides, I am not a devil. Your daughter is heartbroken, I can see that. Hurting people need as much kindness as they can get’ Edna led the older man to their bedroom.


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Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty Two


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She washed down the French toast with a glass of fresh cow milk she had found in the fridge.

‘Been long I ate something like that’ she belched and fetched her phone. She had not heard from her best friend; she decided to talk to her.

‘Okay let’s do this’ she slid into Whatsapp.

Narissa: hello sugar, wats up? Why arent you answering your phone?

Iman: Good evening. I was in the bathroom; just saw your calls.

Narissa: So hows the Asa girl? Has she been released?

Iman: Yes. Yes. Obinna showed.

Narissa: Are you okay? You arent sounding “yourself”

Iman: Lol, what is “yourself”?

Narissa: Bubbly, cheerful, funny. Talk to me.

Iman: I think I have made a very stupid mistake and its time to correct it.

Narissa: what mistake?

Iman: I think I have feelings for Obinna and it scares the hell out of me.

Narissa: Wow. Lols. That aint no mistake compared to the one I made with Ife. Obinna seems more sincere.

Iman: What if he doesnt like me?

Narissa: Youll never know unless you find out.

Iman: Hmmmm

Narissa: Its not a bad thing to fall in love; its a bad thing to do stupid things while at it. Just be careful Iman. Love you. I have to go now; my father is pounding my door like he is practicing boxing

Iman: Lol, now you are the funny one. Lets hang out tomorrow morning, Rosydew, 9 am. Bye.

Narissa: No p. Ciao.

‘Coming’ she dropped her phone and rushed towards the door.

‘Dad…’ she trailed off as Edna stood before her dressed in a burgundy night wear.

What did she want now?

‘Will you at least let me in?’ Edna rubbed her hands nervously.

‘Sure, come on in’ Narissa was surprised to see her.

‘How are you doing, Narissa?’ Edna asked.

‘Fine. What can I do for you, Edna? I hope you aren’t here to talk about another suitor’ she rolled her eyes.

‘Calm down child. I am here to talk to you, to advise you’ Edna replied coolly.

‘Wow, interesting. I am all ears’ Narissa shook her head in amazement.

‘I am sorry I haven’t been the best step mother in the world, I have been selfish and uncaring but all that will change now. I noticed the look on your face when you saw Ife Martins in the living room that day. It was a look of a woman in love but sadly, Ife did not have that same look on his face’ she paused.

‘And your point is?’ Narissa scoffed.

‘Did Ife break your heart? Have you guys dated before?’ Edna asked.

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty Two

To Be Continued….

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  3. Obiy and Iman Pls u both shld confess ur love for each other and stop pretending as if there is no feelings towards all u both are sharing,blood they said is thicker than water, after all that Ekene the bad egg has done to him,he still ask after him. God bless u Obiy, he will soon come back on his knees to ask for ur forgiveness now that he has nothing then we will know who is a failure.


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