‘What? What fight?’ Iman rose to her feet as they both rushed to the scene.

 Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty

Ekene drank in silence not minding the fact that he had pissed off his friend; he wasn’t bothered. He would still pay Narissa back for the way she spoke to him by releasing the voice note online.

His phone buzzed as he was prepared to pour himself another glass; it was strange. Asa had not called him since he threw her out of his house.

‘Excuse me’ he rose to his feet and moved away from his friend.

‘Already excused’ Ife’s eyes darkened as he watched the betrayer that he called a friend.

He had hurt Narissa enough by saying those hurtful words to her; leaking the voice note would be more damaging to both their careers. His eyes strayed to a piece of art close to his cellar that resembled a club.

‘Hello Asamma, has Obinna abandoned you already? I guess you’re starving over there, should I send you some money?’ He taunted.

‘This is not the time to joke Ekene, I am in serious trouble’ she sounded very afraid.

‘What trouble and where is that thick skull called Obinna?’ He became serious.

‘The police…’ She was about to speak when the line went dead.

‘What the fuck!’ He rolled his eyes then swirled towards the cellar but his friend wasn’t there.

‘Where the hell are you? I am leaving, my sister is in trouble’ he called sharply but there was no answer.

‘Here I am’ Ife resurfaced and launched the club at his head. With a sharp cry, he collapsed to the floor.

‘Fool’ he towered above his body.

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Davina Diaries Fiction: Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty

‘Give me back my phone, you don’t know what happened’ Asa struggled with the security man that collected her phone. She had wanted to call Obinna but his number was switched off.

Heads turned in their direction but she wasn’t moved; she had given her brother’s ex the beating she deserved.

‘What happened?’ Iman and Narissa rushed to the scene.

‘She attacked me, I was out here making videos and someone launched me a slap from behind. What was I supposed to do? Let her go that easily?’ Asa explained to them both.

‘Excuse me sir, there’s a misunderstanding here, I am sure this does not require the police’ Iman stepped forward.

‘Too late for that, here is the girl that has been threatening my life’ Nkoli returned with two skinny men in uniform, they were accompanied by a black van.

‘You have to follow us to the station’ they stated their purpose.

‘Please sirs…’Iman tried to beg them but they wouldn’t listen.

‘It’s okay, tell Obinna to come pick me. I already called Ekene but my phone was seized before I could tell him what was happening. Here, have yours, please save my videos’ she winked at Iman and Narissa and followed the police.

‘Young lady, why are you doing this? You know very well Asa never attacked you. I can swear she doesn’t have any violent streak in her’ Iman turned sharply to the lady in question.

‘Fools’ Nkoli had recognized the celebrity but she wasn’t in any mood for niceties. She hissed angrily and walked away.

After Ekene had dumped her, she had vowed to pay him back. Seeing Asa there at Rosydew making videos of herself, looking so happy infuriated her greatly. No one in their family, especially Ekene, had the right to be happy after dumping her.

‘What do we do now?’ Narissa wondered.

‘I’ll have to call Obinna’ Iman replied coolly.

Narissa’s phone rang, it shook against her purse. She took it out to see the caller.

Her father.

‘Why won’t he stop calling?’ Narissa rolled her eyes. She had ignored her father’s call for a week now.

‘Why should he? He is your father Narissa. I cannot tell you what to do with him but maybe you should hear him out. Maybe you should listen to what he has to say; he may be sorry for trying to match make you with that bastard’ Iman advised.

‘So I should take the call’? Narissa raised a brow.

‘If you have really gotten over Ife, that won’t be a problem. In fact, do more than the call, go see your father, hear him out’ Iman advised.

‘Okay, let me head there now, see you later’ she pecked her friend lightly and left for her car.

‘Bye honey. Good luck with Edna too’ Iman winked.

‘I hear you! I totally get you’ Narissa laughed and slid into her car.

‘Now I have to call you’ Iman exhaled. She felt bad this happened on her watch, what if Obinna felt disappointed in her?

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Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty

Obinna had been shopping for a proper gift for Iman; he owed her so much and he needed to show her gratitude.

‘What would you like sir?’ A young girl trudged towards him as he stepped into the jewelry store.

‘A beautiful necklace or earring’ Obinna shrugged.

‘Eye colour is important for choosing things like this’ she returned with samples of golden necklaces and earrings.

‘Oh? Is that?’ Obinna wore a soft smile.

‘Her eyes are golden brown, can you give me something that would compliment that?’ Obinna asked.

‘Alright. I’ll be back’ the sales girl disappeared once again.

He noticed his phone vibrated in his pocket.

‘Iman’ he pulled it out and smiled, he couldn’t wait to tell her everything about his day.

She narrated the events that had taken place at Rosydew and how Asa had been arrested by the police.

‘What? I’ll be there in a minute, we’ll go there together’ he dropped the phone.

‘Here it is sir’ she showed him a fine gold necklace with a precious stone the color of Iman’s eyes.

‘Alright, hurry with it’ he waited impatiently for the necklace.

He wondered who Asa had fought with and why the person would involve the police.  He knew his sister very well, she wasn’t a troublesome person; she was loving, sweet, kind and outspoken.

‘Thanks’ he paid for the necklace and left for his car.

So many thoughts plagued him. He felt Ekene was behind this; Ekene could do many things just to get back at him.

He prayed silently in his heart for wisdom to handle the situation wisely.

‘There you are! I have been so worried’ Iman flung her arms around him.

‘Darling’ he whispered and hugged her tightly.

‘We have to leave now, the longer she stays in there, the worse this thing could get’ Iman pulled away from him.  She felt an odd tingling in her skin as he hugged her.

‘True’ Obinna led her to his car.

‘Wow, this is lovely. I wish we weren’t having a situation, we would drink to this’ Iman touched the black car admiringly.

‘We will still celebrate love. I will celebrate you’ he kissed her and pulled open the car door.

His words were so beautiful, he made her feel like a queen. She stole a glance at him as they arrived the police station, what if he was being so nice because she helped him with the job? Was Narissa right? Did Obinna have another woman?

‘I am sorry this happened on my watch, I am so sorry Obinna’ she apologized.

He simply stared at her and laughed ‘Sorry? You did nothing wrong, dear’. He took her hands in his and they both walked into the station.

‘Good afternoon gentlemen, I am here to get my sister’ Obinna wore a frown.

Lost Card S1- Eps Twenty

To Be Continued….

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