‘No, I hurt myself while working on the farm, I really have to sleep now’ Ekpo yawned and left for his hut.


Queen of Queens – Episode 5

The Princess was well taken care of; her maids had prepared a warm bath and the palace healer had been invited to treat her wound.

‘That man that saved your life should be adequately rewarded’ the old healer said and straightened.

‘My daughter is yet to tell us everything that happened back there’ the King stared at his daughter carefully.

‘The arrow with which she was shot was poisoned, it was meant to kill her’ the healer continued her analysis.

‘Abasi! How could you be so careless Obot? Why did you leave the forest without the company of your guards or maidens? What if those men succeeded in doing something to you; and your marriage to the Prince has finally drawn closer than we thought. You have to be more careful next time’ her mother warned.

‘I am sorry mother, I was just curious about the forest, I have never been there before; immediately I and Afiama arrived, five huge men jumped out from the bushes and asked us to take off our clothes and then my leg was pierced but the gods wouldn’t abandon us, they sent that man to rescue us and he killed their leader. The rest of them fled’ she narrated all that had taken place in the forest to her parents.

The Queen was shocked and terrified by her daughter’s story.

‘Who would dare to defile my daughter’s body? Who would dare to attack the Princess of the land? You must do something about this’ the Queen turned to the King.

‘This is the work of our enemies, I suspect the king of Eboho land planned this; whoever was behind this attack, clearly does not want my daughter to marry Prince Iboro, they do not want an alliance between I and Edidem Okopisong’ the king replied thoughtfully.

He was greatly infuriated at the thought that someone would want to harm his daughter.

‘I must take my leave now, the potions would make her drowsy; I would be back in the morning to finalize the dose. Long live your highness’ the healer bowed before the King and Queen.

‘Thank you for treating our daughter’ the Queen showed her gratitude.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Queen of Queens – Episode 5

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‘I would get to the root of this matter, but I must first reward the man that saved your life. Tell us the name of this man, my warriors shall find him’ the King beckoned to his daughter.

The scene of how he had rescued her replayed in her head, he had been so gentle, he treated her like an egg and this pleased her very much. She imagined him by her bedside, kneading her skin with his hands, caressing her hair and whispering sweet words to her.

‘I do not know his name, he wouldn’t tell me and he says he doesn’t want any reward’ Obot replied the king.

‘Nonsense! He must be rewarded for his good deeds, let him be an example to others; give me a vivid description of the man and my warriors would find him’ The King called to his chief warrior.

‘His eyes are dark and kind…’ she paused as a warm feeling filled her heart.

She was about to continue when a loud singing and wailing filled the palace.

‘What is going on’? The Queen wondered.

‘That is why I came here’ the Chief warrior bowed his head.

‘A young maiden has been accused of theft, there is strong evidence against her’ he reported.

As both men were still speaking, their voices and that of the people slowly faded, everything happening was whisked away and she was propelled into another world, a world of dreams. A world where she found her savior right where she first met him.

‘Make love to me, I cannot wait to feel you inside of me’ she moaned and clung to his naked arm.

‘I miss your touch my darling, what took you so long’? He caressed her face and stared deeply into her eyes.

‘Kiss me first, we’ll talk later’ she caressed his face; her eyes were filled with longing, with yearning. She wanted this man; she couldn’t get enough of him.

The sun had set the clouds had deceived the land of Obodom, they had threatened to flog the people with rain, but no rain came.

The moon had fought with the sun and conquered; slowly, darkness covered the land but the brightness of the moon and stars wouldn’t let darkness triumph over her.

Close to the bank of the river that separated the two kingdoms, lay two naked bodies entwined and wrapped up in the wet sand underneath the watchful gaze of the moonlight.

Iboro took her soft lips slowly, he kissed her like his whole life depended on it; he let his hands roam all over her body especially to her large and succulent breasts.

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She moaned and pressed his hand firmly to the tip of her breast; only he could unleash all her desires; only he could quench her fire.

He dipped his tongue into the soft layers of her mouth; her tongue met his and together, they kissed deeper; tasting each other.

He stopped the kiss abruptly, an action she did not like; she was about to protest when she realized what he was about to do; he was about taking her to another world of pleasure.

He found the knot that held her wrapper piece together and loosened it in a hurry; he was hungry for her, hungry for her flesh, for everything.

Her naked breasts fell free and his eyes were awed at the sight of them.

‘As beautiful as ever’ Iboro nibbled her ears and gave her nipples a gentle squeeze.

He trailed his tongue from her slender neck to the middle of her breasts, teasing her, luring her to what was to come.

‘I can’t wait any longer, you’re burning me with desire’ she moaned and parted her legs, she could feel her wetness, she could feel her insides screaming for the first and only man she had fallen in love with.

‘I love you, my prince’ she whispered as his lips covered her breasts.

Maybe he was too engrossed in the act or maybe he was yet to feel the same way, but Iboro said nothing. His lips clung to the dark circles of her breasts till he was satisfied, only then, did he stop.

He took off his royal robe and laid it on the wet sand; she was awed by the length and size of him.

‘You’re a well-made man’ her eyes twinkled; she couldn’t wait to have a taste of him.

With no words spoken, no resistance, he bent over her and prodded her legs apart with his’ and before he started the ancient dance of lovers on her, he kissed her slowly and for a long time.

Her moans warmed the surface of the river as he rode into her, driving her mad with pleasure.

‘Careful, we don’t want to get caught’ Iboro laughed and quickly covered her mouth to prevent her from moaning.

He increased his pace as he sensed her satisfaction.

Her hands cupped his firm and hard buttocks and urged him on; she had fallen in love with the prince, she loved him more because of his expertise in lovemaking.

‘My prince…’ she moaned his name as they both landed on the bright side of pleasure.

‘So tell me, how is my Princess’? He sighed and rolled over to her side.

To be continued….

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