‘Excuse me, Bilkisu is calling, let me take this’ Feyi fetched the phone from her bag and pressed it against her ears.

‘Feyi, something bad has happened’ her voice was broken.

‘What is it dear? Are you crying’? Feyi asked.

‘I arrived Barnie’s house not too long ago, I met your husband, Tom, and Maggie. Timi found a dead body stuffed in a trash bin’ Bilki cried.

‘Holy mother of God, this isn’t happening, she’s more dangerous than we thought’ Feyi replied.

‘Ifeoma is dead and I strongly believe Barnie must have killed her’ Bilki cried.

‘Hold on dear, I am coming’ Feyi cut the call and rushed towards her car, she’d forgotten Emeka her old friend had been waiting for her all along.

‘Feyi! Why the rush? You don’t look too good’ he ran towards her.

‘I am sorry Emeka, can I have your number? Now is not a good time, something bad just happens’ she requested.

‘What happened? Talk to me, maybe I could help’ he saw fear in her eyes.

‘It’s complicated, don’t bother. A lunatic is on the loose’ Feyi replied and forced her car door shut.

‘I am a detective, I came here for a reason since I have nothing doing let me go with you’ he pressed on.

‘Suit yourself’ she couldn’t argue with him any longer.

‘What about me sir’? Bridget yelled from where she stood.

‘Take the car back to Uyo, I’ll communicate with you guys via phone. Stay safe and be smart’ he waved at her before Feyi drove off.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: The Queens Of Tomato Island S2 -Eps One


The Queens Of Tomato Island S2 -Eps One


She had managed to bribe her way past all the police and military check points; Ekaette was safely tucked in her boot. She had no plan yet, this isn’t the way she had envisaged her sister’s revenge. She had planned to delete them off the earth’s surface all at the same time.

‘Barnie Ross’ she scoffed at the sound of the name she’d concocted just to convince the people of Tomato Island.

No matter how much they searched, they’d never find anyone like her, they didn’t have any pictures of her and she had been careful about that. All the documents of the house were in Barnie Ross’ name and signature and there was nobody like that.

She consoled herself that she had captured at least one of the girls, the others could relax for now, but Ekaette would taste the full dose of her wrath.

Her name was Rose Ross Etim, she’d dropped the last name and made use of her first two names, she preferred it that way.  It suited her like all the white names she’d seen and her colleagues used it to tease her.

‘Dr. Ross’ they’d laugh.

Her lips curled into a smile as she approached the hospital’s gate. Sunshine psychiatry was a private clinic solely for mental health related issues. She was a psychologist and had worked here for just two years.

Lagos was a very large city, not many people knew about Sunshine Psychiatry; it was meant for the La crème who wanted their mental illnesses to be kept a secret.

‘Good morning Doctor Ross, how was your trip’ the gateman was happy to see her after a period of one month.

‘I enjoyed my stay in the States, I’ll drop you a gift later this week’ Barnie smiled. She had taken a one month leave and as far as the management was concerned, she had gone to America for a vacation break.

‘All clear Madam’ he bowed and she drove into the hospital.

First, she needed to report to the management that she had returned, then, she’d leave her house.

It was fun going to the famous Tomato island, the only island city in Port Harcourt; she had not planned to leave suddenly, but she had no choice. If she had lingered, they would’ve uncovered her true identity and that would’ve been disastrous.

She had stalked them for a year after seeing Ekaette on fashion T.v. She had hired a private detective to find out more about Ekaette Anderson; soon after their deal was off a year ago, she had deleted his phone number, they had never met in person though.

‘Welcome, Doctor, how was your trip? You look swell’ her boss was surprised to see her.

‘Morning sir, I enjoyed my stay in America’ she smiled politely as she stepped into his office.

‘Good. Good. Which of the states did you stay’? he asked.

‘Hmmm, Lafayette’ she stammered, she had not expected his question.

Professor Adamu Martins was the Chief Psychiatrist of Sunshine Psychiatry, a short man who wore nerdy looking glasses; she had never liked the man. Like her colleagues would say, ‘he is a very difficult person’. Why would he even ask such a question?

‘Lafayette? Oh, you mean Louisiana’? he raised a brow, she seemed confused.

‘Yes, Louisiana’ she nodded and rose to her feet. It was time to leave.

‘I have to go now sir, I’ll resume officially next week’ she rose to her feet.

‘Okay, go ahead Dr. Ross’ he smiled.

‘Phew,’ she sighed. She decided to drive straight home, she would speak to her colleagues later, now she needed to take a bath, rest and think about what to do to Ekaette Anderson.

‘I heard you talking to someone’ another doctor stepped into Professor Martins’ office.

‘Yes, Rose’ the old man replied.

‘Dr. Ross? Is she back’? he asked.

‘Sure, she looks different though’ the man drummed his fingers on the table.

‘Why? You think you’re a mind reader huh’? the younger doctor scoffed.

‘Not really, she just looks different. There’s this strange energy emanating from her, her eyes are dancing and she couldn’t answer me correctly’ he said.

‘What did you ask’?

‘I asked her which of the American states she holidayed, she seemed unsure. Her voice was shaky and she stammered, then mumbled  ‘Lafayette’ the man replied.

‘Oh God, Lafayette? Surely someone as learned as Rose should know Lafayette is a city and not a state’? the young man sniggered.

‘I felt so too. Do you think she could be having mental health issues? Maybe she takes alcohol? I even smelt it on her’ the man replied.

‘Oh come on dad, just because we’re shrinks doesn’t mean we have to be crazy too. Stop being paranoid, I’ll pay her a visit later’ Nasiru laughed.


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The Queens Of Tomato Island S2 -Eps One


Bilkisu had been the one that had tiptoed into the house, she’d given Maggie the creeps, but she had done that deliberately. She had arrived Barnie’s house and met another car in the drive way.

Then she walked into the house, gingerly, like a cat, before she heard the loud screaming and she followed the direction and found Timi standing next to her lover’s corpse.

‘How could this happen? What did Ifeoma ever do to her’? she cried as she stared down at the corpse stuffed in a trash bin.

‘What do we do? Oh my God, do you think Barnie would do something like this?’ Maggie was terrified by the gruesome murder scene.

‘Of course, she did, if she didn’t, where the hell is she? You confirmed it, her car isn’t in the driveway. I have a bad feeling about this’ Tom snapped at her, this wasn’t the time to ask irrelevant questions, it was the time to act right.

‘I think we should call the police’ Timi said calmly.

‘I can’t believe she is gone, I loved her so much. I put her up to this and now she is gone’ Bilkisu cried; the trio turned and faced her.

‘What do you mean you put her up to this? Do you know any shady thing about Barnie’? Maggie asked.

 To be continued….

The Queens Of Tomato Island S2 -Eps One


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