‘Naughty boy’ she pulled him in and planted a soft kiss on his lips. The result was a sweet inferno that enveloped them both.

 Revenge Card S1- Final Episode

So many thoughts ran through her mind as she drove into Ife’s compound. She didn’t want to lose him; she even planned to get him to a hospital.

She rushed out of the car, almost fell but steadied herself as she hurried towards the house. She noticed the house was unusually calm.

 She rang the doorbell twice but there was no answer. She released a deep breath, pushed the door and stepped into the house.

‘Ife?’ She saw him by the cellar. Why would he be drinking wine when he was ill?

‘Welcome darling’ he smiled and sauntered towards her. His movement seemed purposeful.

‘How are you feeling now? Why are you drinking?’ Questions rushed out of her mouth.

‘I’ll explain later’ he reached for her hands.

‘What is it, something is bothering you, I can tell’ she noticed he was gloomy. Was he going to break her heart the second time?

‘I am sorry I ever broke your heart’ he started.

He was broken and deeply sorry for what he had done to hurt her in the past ‘I am sorry about the recording. I was so stupid’ tears sprang up in his eyes.

‘Ife, I have forgiven you, I swear by my late mother’s grave. I love you regardless’ her jaws clenched, he seemed to be hurting.

‘After I lost you the first time, I realized how stupid I had been. I had lost a good woman. I did unspeakable things just to gain your attention’ he smiled as he recalled acting up to get her jealous.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Revenge Card S1- Final Episode

Revenge Card S1- Final Episode


‘Yes, you tried to get me jealous. I remember your “Fiancee” and your wedding card’ she laughed. Before now, she had felt hurt but she easily laughed about it now.

‘Yes, I was desperate for you. You changed me Narissa. I was selfish, irresponsible and arrogant but you changed me. You made me a better person and I love you so much. You are simply amazing. You are the most beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman I have ever met. You have everything all wrapped together…’ he stuttered. He had forgotten the last paragraph of his speech.

‘Are you okay?’ She noticed the confusion that crossed his features.

‘Just get the long sermon over with and give my daughter the ring’ her father stepped out from behind the cellar.

‘Dad?’ Her eyes widened, then Edna followed and finally, Ife’s dad.

‘Will you marry me Narissa? Please be my bride, be the mother of my children. Be my queen’ he went on his knees and fetched a gold ring from his pocket.

‘Oh my God’ tears glistened in her eyes.

She had yearned for his love all along. He had hurt her but she still wanted him. Ife was all she needed in a man and she loved him more than anything. In him, she saw her future, past and present. He had shown her great love by coming to save her from Ekene.

‘I am sorry…’ she exhaled.

His heart raced at the mention of the three letter word, was she going to reject him?

‘Honey don’t say “no”, you look perfect together. I have already planned a big wedding’ Edna held her breath.

She scanned her face, her father’s and then Ife’s dad.

A smile split her beautiful face as she accepted the ring ‘I will marry you Ife Martins.’

‘I love you’ he pressed himself into her. Excitement burnt in him as he held her.

‘I love you too darling’ she replied.

He released her and pressed a kiss on her lips; they kissed each other slowly and gently. It was a long and passionate kiss.

‘I think you both should save it for your wedding night’ Edna cleared her throat.

‘I think she is right’ their fathers chorused.

The lovers were too engrossed in their kiss to hear them. They sealed their love and happiness with a vow that lay in their kiss.

His heart had found her. Her heart had found him. They were ingrained together, soul mates and so would they remain till the end of time.

And so Love conquered revenge and gave birth to new lovebirds.


End of Revenge Card S1 Sequel to Lost Card.


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  1. There’s nothing like true love,Ife and Narissa,Obinna and Iman, I wish u both a happy togetherness forever!!!!!!.And I thankGod I read it to d end even though I’m late to it due to no chance at all for me,I stopped at epi 5 but now,I’ve finished all the episodes and I’m ready to read the remaining stories so when u cee my comments don’t say I’m outdated. Keep it up dd,u ar d best!!!!.


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