‘My love, I’m so happy you’re here, let’s be quick about this’ she began to undress and tug at his belt.

‘Where are Funsho and Princess?’ Demola asked as he unhooked her bra hurriedly.

‘Funsho isn’t around, probably at work and he wouldn’t come back soon. Little Princess is asleep’ Cookie replied hurriedly.

‘I love you baby and I am back for real, I am back to stay’ Demola tilted her chin upwards and gave her a slow and long kiss before fastening his mouth on her tits.

‘I love the way you make me feel baby, please don’t break my heart a second time’ she whispered weakly.

‘I won’t trust me’ Demola lifted her up and pinned his body on hers as they both fell on the bed.



Davina Diaries Fiction: Second Chances - Episode Two

Second Chances – Episode Two


‘Faster, please don’t stop’ she moaned as her lover rocked her.

‘Anything for you baby’ he grunted and rode her like a wild horse, till they climbed the apex of pleasure’s pyramid and fell apart.


‘You’re still so good at it, I love you baby’ Cookie snuggled against him.

‘I love you my Cookie, I wish you never married him’ Demola kissed her again.

‘I didn’t have a choice, you bailed out on me for years. If only I knew… Forgive me baby’ Cookie kissed him.

‘Let’s do it one more time, I need to appear at the office, it’s a big day at Cookies’ Demola rose to his feet.

‘A big day? What’s going on?’ Cookie asked. She knew her husband Funsho loved her very much, that was why he’d named his own company after her but she didn’t feel the same for him, her heart beat for Demola.

‘New recruits, interviews and lot of meetings, why do you care? You don’t like working’ Demola shrugged.

‘Work? Nah, Funsho provides all my needs, all I need do is snap my fingers’ she smiled and regretted her words as Demola’s face changed.

‘I am sorry’ she said quietly.

‘It’s okay, let’s just do it’ he fell on top her and was about plunging into her when they both heard a car honk.


‘Funsho! That’s his horn, oh my God, what are we going to do?’ Cookie rose to her feet.

‘Shit, and I never told him I had returned to Nigeria’ Demola cursed.

‘Hide’ Cookie ordered silently.

‘Hide? No, I can’t run from my own brother. I can face Funsho, I know he’ll forgive me for abandoning his company’ Demola breathed in confidently.

‘I pray he doesn’t get suspicious’ Cookie’s eyes brimmed with tears, she couldn’t risk her marriage over Demola, she inhaled deeply and decided to go see her husband.


Second Chances – Episode Two


He stepped down from the car dejectedly. He was listed as one of the youngest African billionaires but he wasn’t a happy man. He owned one of the largest noodles producing companies in Africa but he still wasn’t satisfied. Although he was married and had a child, there was a vacuum in his life.

He knew the love of his life had abandoned him but he didn’t seem to understand her reasons. Cookie had changed completely after their marriage but he loved her too much to let her go, he’d never loved any woman that way.

‘Good morning sir’ Cheta, one of his aides fetched his briefcase.

‘Morning Cheta, get the Prado ready’ Funsho acknowledged him with a nod of his head.

‘Okay sir, Demola is back’ Cheta informed his boss.

‘Demola? You can’t be serious’ Funsho scoffed, he knew the bastard of his brother wouldn’t dare return to Nigeria after what he’d done to him.


‘Well, well, who do we have here? the boss himself’ said Demola as he sauntered towards his brother.

‘What do you think you’re doing here’? Funsho gazed at him with contempt.

‘I am sorry brother but I swear, I am a changed man. I promise you, I have proof. I have what it takes to carry Cookies to its next level’ Demola knew it would be hard convincing Funsho he had repented but he had to try.

I have what it takes to carry Cookies to its next level’ Demola knew it would be hard convincing Funsho he had repented but he had to try.

‘Listen, I don’t have time for this, just get your things and return to the states, I don’t want you around. The bill is on me’ Funsho hissed angrily and moved forward.

‘Please big bro, please don’t turn your back on me’ he begged.

‘Back off Demola, I already offered you the last chance, there’s no turning back’ Funsho replied and kept moving.


It was the sweet and tiny voice that softened him and he grinned as she stepped outside in her pink nightwear.

‘Daddy, good morning, I miss you’ Princess rushed and hugged him. He noticed Cookie was smiling, she rarely smiled. His heart raced as he watched her beautiful face, was she ready to love him back?

‘Morning sweetheart, I miss you too, you know that, right?’ He kissed her lips quickly.

‘Yes dad, look what Uncle Demola bought for me’ Princess showed her father the parcel.

‘Oh? Let’s see what’s in it’? Funsho eyed Demola suspiciously. He knew his brother was trying to manipulate him, knowing very well he had a soft spot for Princess his daughter.

‘No dad, I want you to open it at midnight’ she snatched the gift away from him.

‘Midnight? Why is that darling’? Funsho smiled.

‘Because at midnight my fairy godmother would cause my gift to multiply’ she was excited.

‘Who taught you that’? Funsho burst out laughing.

‘My aunt in school,’ she replied.

‘What a sharp girl! She’s so brilliant bro, she must have taken that from you’ Demola winked at him.

‘Don’t insult me Demola, I was very good at maths’ Cookie chipped in. The only thing that pleased her was that Funsho was an amazing father to Princess but she’d planned not to give birth to more children. She had to focus on her love life with Demola.

‘I was only joking’ he burst out laughing and they all stepped inside.


Second Chances – Episode Two


Of all the firms Uyai had gone job seeking, ‘Cookies’ was the biggest and it scared and discouraged her. What if they rejected her like they did at other places? She was going to be devastated, she was tired of being a housewife. She needed more kids, she didn’t plan on having Angel only, but she needed financial security before taking in, she’d sworn to work hard to give her kids a better life.

‘Here we go’ Uyai locked her car and adjusted the collar of her shirt before stepping into the noodles empire.

Cookies was so enormous that it threatened to swallow anything that stepped into it. The building was made of glass, a twenty-storey building with the company’s name finely carved in bronze: ‘COOKIES: Classy and Tasteful’.

She had never felt this nervous, it almost felt like the first time she went on a date with Ubong, she’d been so shy and unsettled but he’d calmed her fears. She smiled as she thought about her husband and father to her daughter, she decided to text him and ask him about his interview for the promotion.


‘Hello darling, how’s work going?’ she quickly typed and shoved the phone into her bag as she neared a security point.

‘Good morning’ she greeted the men in uniform.

‘Morning, can we see your Identity card?’ one of the men with an unfriendly look asked her.

‘Uhmmm, I don’t work here…’ she paused.

‘What do you mean? So what are you doing here? You need an Identity card or a pin to get in, please move back and let the next person come forward’ he dismissed her rudely and she felt embarrassed.

‘I actually came here for a job interview, please help me’ she begged.

‘Help you? Just wait somewhere over there’ he replied irritably.

‘Okay…’ her heart beat, this wasn’t a good sign, she’d never heard anything as absurd as that.


She stood there for thirty minutes till there was no one else at the security post, then she went back to meet the man, her phone buzzed irritably, it was her husband. She smiled as he called her, she couldn’t wait for them to celebrate his elevation.

‘Hello, darling, how was it? I am so proud of you’ Uyai was so excited.

‘Darling’? he called gently.

‘I love you, my King, we need to celebrate’ she continued.

‘Uyai!’ Ubong called her sternly and she settled to hear what he had to say.

‘I just received a sack letter’ he replied.

‘What? I don’t understand’ her hands shook.

‘I…I lost my job’ Ubong replied, she was about replying when a car horn almost tore her ears apart. As she turned, she realised she’d been standing in someone’s way.


end of Second Chances – Episode Two

to be continued.

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  1. i c funsho and uyai meeting…this mood is just gonna disrupt the interview…i’m sure she would get a chance on the job anyways. good work DD.quite interesting


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