Master Paul was calling her and she needed to put herself together before taking the call.
Julia placed the buzzing phone in the trouser of her jean and rushed towards the tub, where she turned on the tap and splashed some cold water on her face.
‘I hope that works.’ She murmured, before taking the call.
‘Master…Good evening.’
‘Julia, how do you do? ‘
‘Fine sir.’

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‘If you had heard the news concerning last night’s murder, you’d see that we were able to handle everything. With our connections at the top, the Police now have a new story concerning the boy’s murder. So the air is clear, focus on your job with Gavin.’
Julia’s heart pumped with pride; little did her Master know what she had planned for him.
‘Not to worry, I already poisoned his drink; he will be dead in two days.’ She bragged.
The Master was quiet as no one had ever tried this fit, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’
‘No. I swear it, I poisoned him today.’
‘That’s strange, when I called him earlier, he sounded fine.’ Master Paul observed.
Her heart skipped, why had the Master contacted Gavin without telling her? Was there something he was hiding from her?
‘Sir…you called Gavin?’
‘That’s none of your business, now get back to work and pray that poison works because that bastard deserves to die.’
‘Okay sir…thank you.’
When the call ended, she had a lot to think about. First, why had Master Paul contacted Gavin Adediran?
‘What are you looking at?’ Delilah had walked into Lily’s room without knocking. She noticed the way Lily’s eyes were glued to her laptop screen; Delilah guessed that she was working on something very important.
‘Is it work related?’ She asked Lily.
Lily closed her eyes and opened them again; she didn’t know the best answer to Delilah’s question. She had gotten Gavin’s phone for just one purpose: to go through his cal history and his messages. She knew that her brother was seeing someone, and she had just gotten a name.
‘No,’ Lily lied, not wanting to hurt Delilah’s feelings.
In these few weeks they had spent with each other, she had grown fond of Delilah, and she saw her as the sister she never had. Delilah was fun to be with. She was well informed about other countries, celebrities, foods, and fashion, she met Lily’s taste and this was the reason they were able to get along.
Delilah’s beauty was rare, she could beat a thousand girls hands down in a contest. This was the perfect woman for her brother and no one else, not even this Ore girl, whose name was all over his phone.
‘That’s a lie.’ Delilah observed Lily had avoided her eyes while answering her question.
She rose to her feet and moved to the table where the computer was being placed, ‘What is it Lily? What is bothering you?’ Delilah placed a hand on her shoulder.
Lily was confused, she was torn between the truth and lies. It was a good thing to tell the truth, but could Delilah handle it? What if she told Delilah that her brother was in love with another woman, wouldn’t that push her away?
‘Is something wrong with Gavin? Is this why I haven’t set eyes on him today?’ Delilah’s heart raced, blood pumped in her ears. She had lost a lover once, one who cared less about her, she couldn’t lose Gavin.
Lily jumped to her feet and grabbed Delilah by the hand, ‘It’s okay, my brother is fine. But there is something you should know.’ Lily swallowed the heavy lump that clogged her throat.

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Once she let Delilah into this path, there was no going back. Delilah could change her mind about being with Gavin, and her mother would blame her for this. On the other hand, they could come together and fight their common enemy, which was Ore.
‘Go on.’ Delilah relaxed, knowing that Gavin was alright.
‘I think Gavin has someone in his life. I just went through his phone and I saw a lot of things. But please, don’t let him go, love doesn’t come easy. My mother and I are on your side, we want you for Gavin, please…’
Delilah had seen this coming; she now knew for sure why Gavin had rejected her advances. Delilah was perfect, her beauty was mythical, yet he had turned her down. Gavin had been the first man that had resisted her charms.
‘I saw this coming…’ Delilah pulled her hands away from Lily and rushed to the bed, her eyes brimming with burning tears.
She loved Gavin. Yes, she didn’t know him well, but she knew he was hers right from the first day she set eyes on his picture in Carida.
‘Delilah please don’t change your mind about my brother. I could never forgive myself should you walk away…’ Lily joined her on the bed. She knew what loving a man who didn’t feel the same way was.
‘Who is she?’ Delilah held the tears in their place, this was no time to cry. This was the time to show strength, to prepare herself for the worst.
‘I don’t know her, but I know her name is Ore.’ Lily answered swiftly.
Delilah was determined to win Gavin’s love, they were destined for each other and nothing could tear them apart.
‘Please don’t leave Gavin, he is the perfect man for you, he just doesn’t see that.’ Lily begged.
Delilah’s mind was made up, she would be in Dania republic, until her wedding with Gavin was fixed, and there was no turning back now.
‘I wasn’t planning on leaving.’ She wiped her face with her palms. She had to come up with something; she had to think fast before it was too late.
She rose to her feet and moved towards the table where Gavin’s phone was placed. It wasn’t difficult to find the Phone number that belonged to the wretch who wanted to take her man away.
‘That wouldn’t work, I have been calling her repeatedly, but she isn’t taking her calls.’ Lily watched as Delilah fetched her own phone, and tried dialling Ore from her android.
That was tough, Delilah thought. She dropped Gavin’s phone and thought of a plan.
‘People you may know.’ She muttered.
Lily heard her, ‘What’s that?’
Delilah briefly explained: ‘Um, if someone is on Facebook and you have that person’s contact, there is a 90% chance that his or her profile would pop on the “People you may know” column.’
‘Sounds nice, so…’ Lily was still lost.
‘I will add Ore’s number to my contact list, then find her on Facebook. It’s as simple as that. Once we get her, we’ll know what next to do.’ Delilah’s fingers worked on her device, she couldn’t wait to see the face of the woman that had taken Gavin’s heart away from her.

To be continued……………

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