‘Done.’ She logged into her Facebook account and waited for ten minutes.
She thought of all the nasty things she would tell this woman once she saw her face. She would warn her sternly to stay away from Gavin, but if she refused, she would make her life miserable.
‘I think Gavin is coming here.’ Lily rushed and grabbed his phone, as she heard some footsteps towards her room.

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All of a sudden, the door to her room was pushed open, and an angry looking Gavin strolled in.
He was surprised to meet Delilah in his sister’s room; he had come to discuss work related matters with her.
‘Um, I am sorry, bad timing.’ He made to leave, but Delilah welcomed him with a seductive smile.
He found it difficult to take his eyes of her clean set of white teeth and her dimples. She was dressed simply, in a green palazzo pants and a pink cashmere top. Her hair was let loose; the curls tumbled upon each other.
‘Hello Delilah, how are you today?’ He quelled the thoughts of her beauty once he remembered that his Ore was still missing.
‘I am fine darling, how about you?’ She sauntered towards him.
‘Fine, can I speak to you for ten minutes outside?’ He avoided her eyes and turned towards his sister who was busy admiring the prospective couple.
‘Sure, anything for you bro.’ Lily moved briskly to the door.
‘I am sorry that I hardly have time for you in Dania, I will take you to my office one of these days and show you round.’ He smiled at Delilah.
Gavin had encountered women like her before; women that were possessed by the spirit of seduction. By the special Grace of the Holy Spirit, he had overcome a lot of them who knew they had this evil nature and were ready to use it, to bring down ministers of the Gospel.
He sensed strongly that she had seductive powers, though she was unaware. He would tread carefully with her.
‘Wow…’ Delilah was all smiles when she heard this. Being with Gavin in his office meant a lot of things.
First, it meant that he was ready to be with her, why else would he take her to his office?
‘What if I come tomorrow?’ She asked sweetly.
He did a mental check on his activities on the next day, ‘I am having a meeting with a baby care company from your country, and it’s going to be hectic.’
‘I don’t mind, I can always tag along. I can offer you some ideas on how to run your business.’ She wanted him to see that she was intelligent and smart. She equally ran her family’s business; she had the experience to work with him.
‘Cool, tomorrow then, let me steal my sister for a while. She’ll be back in a jiffy.’ He winked and spun on his heel, leaving her ogling at his behind.
‘Sexy man.’ She licked her lips; she couldn’t wait to make Gavin her man.
She shut the lusty imaginations that welled up in her mind, and focused on her Facebook app which displayed a list of people that she knew.
‘There you are…’ Delilah’s eyes grew wide as she clicked on the profile of “Ore Martins.” There was something familiar about her smile, and the way her eyes glittered under the sunlight.
‘I’ve seen her before…’ Delilah looked puzzled.

               You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Springs of fire EP18
Ore noticed a sad look in Julia’s eyes after the phone call. The once arrogant and hardened criminal looked very sober and afraid.
‘Are you alright?’ Ore asked.
She couldn’t disobey the Spirit now. The Holy Spirit had given her a great responsibility, and she had to handle it well.
‘Yes.’ Julia tossed the phone on the bed and walked towards the bathroom for another dose of cocaine. The powder always made her to forget her problems; it made her feel in total control of her life.
She was a hundred percent sure that her poison would work on Gavin, this was the reason she decided to stay at home the next day, so she wouldn’t be there when the announcement of his death would be made.
‘That’s not going to help you.’ Ore stuttered. She felt a prickly sensation cover her whole body; she knew the Holy Spirit had come to her.
“Call her by her name…” The Spirit pealed in a name into her ears. He always came to her in a still small voice, but he was loud today.
She was afraid of getting Julia upset, but she had no choice, she had to do the bidding of the father.
Julia ignored her captive and continued strolling towards the bathroom. She was bothered by Master Paul’s last statement. What relationship did Master Paul have with Gavin? Why had he not told her that he would call Gavin?
She realized something about the organization that she worked for; they knew everything about her, but she didn’t know much about them.
‘Just mind your business.’ Julia hissed.
‘You are my business Julia!’ Ore’ yelled.
She froze when Julia paused, swirled and marched towards her with an angry face.
‘I told you, I told you I didn’t want to be a part of this…’ Ore whispered in her mind to the Holy Spirit, who had been the one to start the conversation.
“You did the right thing, calling her by one of her names, would draw her closer to you…” The Spirit whispered.
‘What if “Julia” is not her name, she would rip my head off!’ Ore squirmed in the chair where she was being tied.
Ore tried to get the Spirit to say something. She searched deep within her soul, but she couldn’t find him. He had gone silent on her again.
‘What did you call me?’ Julia was terrified of this woman. She had never told anyone in Dania republic her name, how then had Ore come by it?
Ore ran her tongue over lips. She was in a fix! And the Spirit was not there with her.
‘Julia. Your name is Julia. I know you are in much pain, I can help you.’ Ore couldn’t believe her ears, she had not planned to say those words, but they just flew out of her mouth.
Julia froze, was this some kind of magic?
‘Who the hell are you?’ She pulled out a gun from her pocket, nobody knew her name, and this was a mystery.
Usually, the sight of a gun would terrify Ore, but she felt more confident than ever before.
‘You are free to shoot. Yahweh is the resurrection and the life.’ Ore flashed her smile but her smile faded when she noticed Julia’s hands were shaking.
The Holy Spirit had been right; Julia was running away from something. She had to help her out of it.
‘This is good news brother; partnership with the baby product company is a good thing to do. What’s their name again?’ Lily asked.
‘The Phoenix, they produce pampers, napkins, baby wipes and other stuff. I have a meeting with their boss tomorrow, I’d like for you to be there with me.’ Gavin replied.
This made Lily very excited, ‘I love being part of new things.’
‘Delilah would be coming too; I guess she is tired of staying at home.’ He quickly added.
‘That is wonderful news; you too would make a wonderful couple.’ Lily winked.
‘One more thing Lily, you must be very careful when you come to the office tomorrow. Someone tried to poison me, but the Spirit is yet to reveal who it was.’ He warned.

To be continued………….

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