The Island of Carida…
‘Where are you off to baby?’ Delilah wrapped her slender arms round her lover, Julia.
Julia had been acting really strange since their fight at the beach. She was reserved and dull. She was always on her computer doing god knows what.
‘Somewhere,’ Julia’s reply was flat and unwelcoming.
‘Look, I am tired of you shutting me out. What’s your problem? Since that weird phone call at the beach, you have been acting weird. Are you cheating on me?’ Delilah released her immediately and watched her.

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Julia kissed her teeth. Why couldn’t Delilah give her some space? She needed all the focus to succeed in this operation which was the easiest she would do and yet seemed the toughest.
‘I have to travel Delilah, it’s really important. I am not cheating on you. If I were, I’d let you know.’ Julia closed the box and moved towards the bed.
She had done some research on her target. He was a simple man, good looking too, it was a shame that he would die in her arms. She had been given two weeks ultimatum for the job, which was time enough. The longest she had been given by The Phoenix.
‘You’re leaving me for someone else?’ Delilah’s voice was broken.
‘Hell no, can you just stop?’ Julia took out a cigarette from her pocket and lit it.
Her heart was beating fast, like that of a drum on a bonfire night. She couldn’t believe she would set foot on Dania republic after all these years. She thought of the beautiful water birds; the bright face of the sun whenever it was summer; the scent of nutmeg bread which was her favourite in the mornings.
‘Sister…’ she murmured, was she still alive?
‘Take me with you.’ Delilah cried.
Julia’s mind was made up; she would slaughter Gavin Adediran just like the rest of her victims.
She drew out the cigarette from her tiny lips, rings of smoke danced out of her mouth.
‘Take…’ she offered Delilah the cigarette.
‘What for?’ Delilah asked.
‘Whenever you think of me, light one. As the smoke flows out, think of me. I am always there with you Dee. I love you.’ She dropped a light kiss on her lover’s forehead.
Those were her last words to Delilah, before she stormed out of their little house, determined to bring justice to the Phoenix.

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REPUBLIC of Dania…
‘How are you today Ore?’ Gavin asked.
‘I am fine sir.’ She replied with a beating heart. She couldn’t believe he’d actually call. Gavin Adediran had called her!
He chuckled, ‘Can you just stop with the formality, call me Gavin and I’ll call you Ore.’
She rolled her eyes, ‘And if I don’t?’
‘I’ll call you darling.’ His voice was low and incredibly deep.
Blood tweaked her cheeks, she felt shy, ‘So how are you doing today?’
‘Oh I’m great, just in the office.’ Gavin replied.
They’d been speaking to each other for some days. Discussing random topics, but nothing personal. She wished they could go deeper, she really enjoyed his company but she was scared to go there, what if he just wanted to keep her at arm’s length. She didn’t want to seem clingy or desperate.
‘Are you free tonight?’ Gavin asked, he’d missed her so much and he couldn’t wait to set eyes on her again.
‘Yes. Yes. Why?’ She stuttered.
‘Let’s have dinner tonight, I’ll text you details.’
‘Alright, that would be cool.’
‘Have a nice day Ore, and remember that Jesus is with you no matter what you’re going through.’
‘Thanks Si…Gavin.’
She peeled the phone from the side of her face and dropped it on the desk before her.
‘Wow.’ She closed her eyes, talking to Gavin always made her feel better.
She was so excited about dinner later that night. It meant so much that a man of his standing would want to go out with her, a teacher!
‘Breathe Ore, breathe, you can handle this.’ She inhaled deeply.
‘It’s time for your class Madam.’
Immediately her eyes cracked open, she had lost herself in an early morning reverie of Gavin and herself being something more than friends.
That was very silly of you, she thought. She realized that she had a crush on Gavin. Well who wouldn’t? He was very handsome and God fearing. Now, that was the kind of man most ladies wanted.
‘Thank you Tigris.’ She smiled at the class representative.
She carried her textbook and a marker then marched towards the blackboard. Ore enjoyed teaching her students; she loved sharing the little knowledge that God had given to her.
‘Good morning class.’ She smiled as she scanned their little faces.
“Good morning Madam.” They chorused.
‘Today, we’ll be considering Hormones.’ She scribbled swiftly on the board. Her ears fluttered as the students began to giggle. She ignored them at first, reminding herself that they were teenagers and needed to be treated with patience and a high level of tolerance.
But when the giggle protruded into full blown laughter, she swirled round.
‘Ego, are you alright?’
She was surprised to see the girl looking so dirty and unkempt. Her dress was torn in many places and her hair was obviously not combed for some days.
‘Talk to me, what’s wrong?’ She walked towards her.
Ego’s eyes were bloodshot, her lips were cracked and she was shivering all over.
‘Stay away from me ! I hate all of you!’ she yelled angrily, before Ore could react, the girl scurried out of the class like a scared rabbit.
The pupils laughed loudly and jeered as she ran.
‘Silence! Silence all of you.’ Ore cautioned them.
There was something wrong with Ego, something off about her behaviour today.
She closed her eyes, hoping to gain focus but she found herself trapped in a trance.
She was in another world, one of eeriness and darkness; a path that was murky, one that led nowhere. Wild shrubs grew by the side, the cries of crows made the atmosphere thick.
‘Where am I?’ She wondered.
But there was no answer, for she was alone.
She tried to move fast, but it seemed her foot was being dragged by something. Suddenly she felt a cold hand by her shoulder, when she opened her eyes, she found her ex standing right before her with a crooked smile.
‘Hello darling, how are you?’
‘Jesus!’ Ore gasped and opened her eyes. What did this mean?

To be continued………………..


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