The Island of Carida
Delilah was a very attractive young woman. Her most striking feature was her sleepy brown eyes; they reminded Mrs. Adediran of walnuts. She had a beautiful figure, her firm hips rested on a pair of slender legs. She had a smooth skin and flawless complexion, as if she had never stepped into the face of the sun.
‘You have a very pretty daughter.’ She turned to her friend, Mrs. Badkins, whom she hoped would become her in-law soon enough.

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‘A well bred one too. My daughter is among the few young women who are ardent followers of Christ on this Island.’ Mrs. Badkins confessed, praising her child in the process as well.
‘I am very pleased to meet with you Delilah.’ Mrs. Adediran offered her a chair next to her.
Delilah was all smiles as she took a seat next to the woman.
She was yet to know who the woman really was but she knew she would find out soon enough. She sensed her parents were up to something. Whenever her mother served her best dishes and added an extra polish to her behaviour just to impress someone, something fishy always happened after.
Her mother poured a bottle of grape wine into her glass and served her some honey cakes and raisins.
Delilah was not really hungry, all she could think of was Julia and the reason she had not returned any of her calls. Julia was hiding something from her, she could feel it strongly. Why couldn’t she give her detailed information about her trip to Dania republic? What was so special about her trip that needed to be confidential?
‘So tell me a little about yourself.’ Mrs. Adediran inquired.
‘Um…’ Delilah began nervously.She didn’t know how to begin and she wondered why the woman was so eager to know about her.
‘I don’t have much to tell.’ She started.
‘Come off it darling, don’t be modest or do you want me to help out?’ Her mother cut in.
‘Honey, I think we should leave them both, they need this time together so they can bond.’ Her father took her mother’s hands, and led them both away from the table.
Things were happening quite fast, and confusing. Why would they leave her on the table to dine with a total stranger?
‘I was born and bred here. I studied accounting in the Federal University of Carida. I work with my father’s company but I am on a four month leave now.’ Delilah said.
Mrs. Adediran was pleased with her profile. She was not only from a wealthy background, but she was ambitious and serious minded, just like her son, Gavin.
‘So you have lived all your life in Carida Island?’ Mrs. Adediran was curious.
Delilah laughed, ‘Not at all, I go on vacations when I am free. I have travelled to five different countries in Africa- South Africa being the first, Zambia, Senegal, Mauritania and Angola. These places have a rich cultural heritage. Then internationally, I’ve been to the United States a couple of times, I’ve been to London thrice and I have set foot in Asia once.’
‘What took you to Asia?’ Mrs. Adediran was already satisfied with her choice for Gavin.
‘Dubai. I went shopping for someone.’ Delilah blushed as she remembered that particular trip. She had gone to Dubai on a Christmas Holiday with her lover Julia and they had spent all their nights making out and drinking wine.
Mrs. Adediran spotted the glitter in her eyes as she spoke of Dubai.
‘Can I ask you a rather personal question?’
‘Yes Madam, go ahead.’
‘Are you in a relationship with someone currently?’ The woman inquired.
Delilah dropped the fork she held, her heart was beating fast. She knew she was a terrible liar and she didn’t want to mess things up with her parents who knew she was not seeing anyone at the moment.

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‘We just broke up.’ She lied.
‘Perfect.’ A smile warmed Mrs. Adediran’s face.
‘Huh?’ Delilah was confused.
Mrs. Adediran warmed her shoulder with a touch, ‘You see Delilah, I have been on a little search for a suitable wife for my son, Gavin Adediran. You come from a powerful home, a Christian family, a perfect match for my own family. I have already discussed with your parents and they like the idea of you and Gavin being together.’ she released Delilah’s shoulder and pulled out Gavin’s picture from her hand bag.
‘Here…that is Gavin.’
Delilah’s heart dropped at the sight of his dark eyes.
‘Your parents have agreed. Everything rests on you now.’ Mrs. Adediran smiled, she could see a flame of admiration glowing in Delilah’s eyes.
The man was very attractive. He looked tame yet powerful. He looked kind yet commanding and autocratic. There were many things about this man, many sides to him. He was different from the other men she had seen, his looks were rather too wild to be tamed with a word as ‘Handsome’. Gavin Adediran was not handsome, he surpassed it.
She thought of Julia and how much she loved her. But what if Julia had gone to Carida to see another woman? Or man? What if she was cheating?
Delilah closed her eyes, she was confused! She knew very well that she could never come out as a bi, her parents would disown her, and she would become an outcast in her family and community.
She planned to get married one day, but not this soon, everything depended on Julia.
‘I’ll think about it Madam.’ Delilah smiled.
‘Perfect, please call me when you have made a decision. I cannot wait to see you in Dania republic.’ Madam Adediran bustled with joy, Delilah was smitten with Gavin’s look it was that obvious.
Her phone buzzed five minutes later, it was Julia.
‘Excuse me Ma; I need to take this call.’ Delilah left the dining room immediately.
‘Julia, where the hell have you been and why have you been ignoring my calls?’ She fired at her lover.
‘Can you just stop raising your voice bitch?’ Julia snapped at her.
‘What? What did you just call me?’ Delilah fumed.
‘I called to tell you something important, but your bitchy attitude won’t let me. Goodbye.’ Julia ended the call abruptly.
Delilah took the phone from her ears and stared at it.
‘Okay, that didn’t just happen.’
Tears stung her eyes as she went back on their conversation. Julia was with someone else, she felt it.
‘There’s no need of wasting my time on you.’ She wiped her face with the back of her hands, straightened her skirt and walked back to the dining.
‘I think I am ready.’ She announced.
‘For what dear?’ Mrs. Adediran asked.
‘To meet with your son, Gavin.’

To continued……………….

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