The Island Of Carida…
The sons of the Phoenix had all gathered in the great Temple of Blood for a symposium on the best way to take down the man, Gavin Adediran, who had rained curses upon them last year after the massacre of some Government officials in Dania Republic.
‘One house!’ Master Paul, who represented the Grand Patron of the Phoenix, yelled at the top of his voice, as he tried to get the attention of his brothers.

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‘We cannot fold our hands and watch Gavin Adediran tear down everything that we have built all these years. You are all taking this lightly because you were not in his church when he made negative declarations about us.’ Gregory complained bitterly, he was appalled by the gentility his brothers applied in treating this matter.

‘What would you have us do Greg? This organization has tried to take that fool down, but to no avail. We have sent different assassins to take the life out of him, but they always ended up dead or came back as failures. I think there is more to this man that meets the eye.’ Another brother, Richard, replied.
Master Paul knew why the men were agitated. Though Gavin had not mentioned the name of their organization, he was raining curses on the assassins and their sponsors who had killed some people in Dania, who else were the assassins and sponsors than the members of the Phoenix?
Paul had confidence in Julia. She sounded so confident that her poison would work on the man of God. He trusted her and knew she could take anyone down, but again, he had to remind himself that Gavin had escaped the deadliest of traps.
‘Brothers…I sent Julia to Dania so she could work closely with him. She informed me that she had successfully poisoned Gavin yesterday, so in a few days, he will be a dead man.’ He paused, a little bit confused by the strange silence that engulfed the atmosphere.
This was supposed to be good news, but why were his brothers not excited?
‘This is not the first time an assassin has gotten this close to Gavin, how sure are you that this would work?’ Brother Gregory sneered.
Paul understood their doubts, he held them too, but he wouldn’t let his doubts get the better of him.
‘Julia is not just any assassin. She is the best that we’ve got. She slipped the most deadly poison in the world into his coffee. A man may escape many things, but like Samson, his weakness would be found one day.’ Paul replied.
Brother Richard scoffed, ‘And you think that day is today?’
Paul was irritated by their lack of faith, ‘Well, I have a plan B, this is the reason I came up with a business idea that would bring Gavin closer to us.’
The Phoenix was a well known baby product brand, but only a few knew about the darkness that hid underneath the stainless brand. Only few understood the true meaning of the phoenix symbol on the baby products.
Behind that ageless bird and the pictures of babies, was an ancient organization that derived power in assassinating those who were against her interests.
He explained his business idea to his brothers who thought him very wise and smart.
‘That way, Gavin will not be able to escape us. If he fails to die by Julia’s hands, he shall fall by mine.’ Paul was sure of this.
When he was done speaking, the members of the Phoenix rose to their feet and clapped him. The meeting of their hands rumbled like an angry strike of thunder.
They all couldn’t wait for the downfall of Gavin Adediran.
‘Before we dismiss, I have a little gift for you all!’ Paul snapped his fingers, and the latest addition to the Phoenix ring of assassins was brought forward so his brothers could see her and have a taste of her.
Ego’s body and feet trembled as she was led into the hall. Her body was weak and suffered dehydration, from days of being tortured and starved, in the name of training.
She felt so sick and lone. Nobody loved her, nobody cared about her. She knew she was an adopted child, so her parents wouldn’t bother looking for her.
She knew the men would take turns in raping her, before cutting out her tongue which marked the end of her training.
‘Welcome Bella.’ Paul licked his lips as he stared at her naked form.
Her eyes burned with hatred for this man and all the men who ogled her from their seats. She felt trapped here, she wanted freedom but there was no way out.
‘Come on now darling, don’t be scared. To become strong, you must first taste of pain…’ Paul grinned as the naked girl was pushed towards him. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of her young body.
‘Jesus save me.’ Her lips quivered. But it seems her pleas had fallen on deaf ears when she was propelled to her knees by Master Paul and her bottom was spread apart.
Her screams filled the air.
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He saw the men in suits, though their faces weren’t clear. They were in a maze like structure, with masks on their faces. They were clapping and cheering, but suddenly stopped as a huge black bird appeared in their midst.
Without warning, the men fell on their faces and began to worship this bird. Blessing it for protecting them and offering them immense wealth and blessings.
The vision faded from his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
Gavin dropped the mug that contained coffee and moved his head backwards; his sister Lily had been the one that had tapped him.

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