His words were very comforting and assuring. They were enough to make Mansa smile involuntarily as if everything was alright.

” Do I know you?  I’m not sure what exactly it is but something about you looks familiar” Mansa asked.

“I don’t think so, dear. Come, let’s sit down and talk” Obed said.

They went and sat on the nearest pew they could find.

“Mansa, why do you worry so much when ideally, you should leave everything in God’s hands,” Obed asked.

“Look, I know your foster mother very well. It’s unfortunate she does not know me like I do her. I know she tends to exaggerate a little but you need to pray very hard for God to take control. I used to work for your dad. As a matter of fact, I am his lawyer. You are the only one I’m telling  this because he never even trusted his own wife.” He continued.

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Tears of A Bleeding Heart - Episode 1

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“Really? Hmmmn. I miss him so much. But Obed, you won’t  understand what I’m really  going through.” Mansa said.

It was obvious that she was hiding something. Obed noticed it instantly.

“I think you are hiding something from me… What is it?” Obed assured her.

“Obed,  can I trust you? Mansa asked

“Mansa, why ask the question. I saw it in your eyes before you asked that you already trust me. But to answer you, Yes you can trust me, my dear” Obed said.

He was right. As soon as Mansa saw him,  she felt comfortable and safe around him. He had already won her trust with his words of encouragement.

“So you have the gifts of reading minds now?  Mansa ironically asked.

“That’s for you to tell me.”Obed answered.

Mansa felt very at ease with him, so she began opening  up.

“Obed, I am pregnant, I found out this morning. I didn’t know what to tell mum,  that’s why I ran here” Mansa said.

“I see, have you already  gotten the father involved?” He asked.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know the father.” Mansa said.

Obed’s facial expression changed as Mansa gave that answer. He, however, knew better than to jump into conclusion until he had heard everything Mansa had to say.

“How? I don’t understand… Obed asked looking very confused.

“Obed,  I was raped” Mansa revealed.

Obed was the very first person that Mansa had told this to.

“What! By who?  Obed asked.

“That’s what I don’t know.  He was wearing a mask. He took my pride away,  Obed. I don’t know him or where he came from and even till now, I’m haunted by the memory everyday” Mansa said and began sobbing.

Obed saw in her eyes that she was telling truth. He believed her right away.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Derek had returned to meet Chris and his mother in the living room.

It wasn’t out of place to find those two like that; it was, in fact, a normal thing with them. Derek greeted both of them and without asking any questions, went straight  into Mansa’s room. She wasn’t there.

Derek looked around  the house but she was still nowhere where to be found.

He had a little present for her. Derek and his mother were not really getting along, with Mansa being the bone of contention.

He had no option but to return to the living room to ask her whereabouts.”Chris, where is Mansa?  Derek asked Chris.

Chris was quiet as he didn’t know the answer to give him. He just shrugged, got up and left the room. Mrs Bernard then replied:

“My son, nobody knows where your so-called sister has gone to. Do you know that the Mansa you keep standing up for, is pregnant?” Mrs Bernard said.

“Oh no! but how? Derek looked surprised.

“How did this happen?” He continued.

Derek looked more concerned about the matter than anyone else.  The news of the pregnancy shocked him.

He went straight  to his room and locked himself up.

After about 20 minutes, Derek came out of his room with a hand luggage.

When he came through the living room, Mrs Bernard took one look at his luggage and she wondered where he was going.

“And where are you going to with that bag? She Bernard asked.

” Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I am traveling to the central region,  I will be back in a week time” Derek said.

“Just like that? What business do you have at the central region ” She asked

“Mum, don’t you think I’m old enough to go about with my own business? I will call you. I must be on my way now” Derek said and walked out on her.

Mrs Bernard called out to him several times but he ignored her and went away.

“What has come over this boy?” Mrs Bernard asked herself.

She was getting up to go to her room when all of a sudden, the door leading to the living room opened.

It was Mansa accompanied by Obed.

“So you have returned” Mrs Bernard  asked.

“And young man,  I guess you are here to plead on her behalf” She continued.

Obed smiled at her and said.

“No, that’s not what I’m here for” he said.

“I suppose you are looking for the father of the pregnancy? Well, you are looking  at him” Obed said.

To be continued…

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