The tale of the twist and turns in the life of our heroine, Mansa…

What if I tell you I’m aware you were raped and I know the one who did it” Chris answered

Now, that got Mansa’s attention. She was shocked. How could he know about the rape? She had been alone in the house that night and she had only just told Obed about it.

“What are you insinuating, Chris?” Mansa asked apprehensively.

“I imagine you’re surprised right, Mansa? I know all that’s going on, just like I know the father of that child you are carrying” Chris said.

“Why do you think he ran away? Derek you know, is a coward. He couldn’t take responsibility for his actions, that’s why he ran when you needed him most. And that’s why I’m here now, ready to shower you with my love, not minding the baby in your womb. ” Chris continued.

Mansa couldn’t take it anymore. It was all too much for her.

“Stop it Chris! Just stop it! I don’t wanna listen anymore” Mansa said with tear-filled eyes.

Chris didn’t listen to her, he continued.

“Do you really want to know how it all happened? I can prove it to you, Mansa. Derek is not who you think he is” Chris said.


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Tears of A Bleeding Heart - Episode 1

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” I say stop it! Get out of my room now, just get out!” Mansa said.

Now, she was weeping bitterly.

She didn’t even know what to believe. If it was really true what Chris said, then why would Derek do such a thing to her?

Chris sounded very convincing… But he took it a step further. He brought out her phone, the one the rapist had taken.

“Fine, I will go. But take this, I believe it’s yours. I took it from Derek’s room” Chris said and handed over the phone to her.  He then left her to battle with her thoughts.

He knew someway, somehow, he had succeeded in convincing Mansa that Derek was the one who raped her. Chris has gotten Mansa in an uncomfortable position, the exact place he wanted her.  He knew that sooner than later, Mansa will come to him seeking for answers.

As to whether Chris was telling the truth, only time would tell.

Mansa was in complete shock and confused.

She began putting the pieces together. She asked herself so many questions.

Was Derek really capable of doing what Chris had described? She thought.

Meanwhile, Mrs Bernard and Obed were still battling out marriage issues.

Obed was not ready to marry Mansa but Mrs Bernard kept trying to persuade him, for her own personal gains.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Episode 14

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Mrs Bernard proceeded to issue an ultimatum. She told Obed that if he wouldn’t marry Mansa immediately, then she was on her own. There was no way she was living in the same house with her and her shameful pregnancy.

The only option for him was to take Mansa along.

That was a difficult decision for Obed. He hadn’t expected this outcome, however, he had everything under control.

Once they were both agreed, Mrs Bernard called Mansa back to the living room.

“I have spoken to your boyfriend, and we both agreed that you are not going to continue staying here. You’re moving in with him right away. I do not expect any questions from you. Just go into your room and start packing your belongings” Mrs Bernard said.

Mansa was surprised. But the look on Obed’s face gave her the assurance that she could trust him with whatever he was doing.

There was a part of her that wanted to stay in the house. At least then, she would be able to get more information from Chris.

However,  she needed to tell Obed about Chris’ revelation.

Without wasting any more time, Mansa quickly went to her room to pack her belongings.

Mrs Bernard and Obed waited for her in the living room. They were both silent as they ignored each other until Obed asked a rather strange question.

“Mrs Bernard, can I ask you a question? It’s a personal one but I would appreciate your answer nonetheless” Obed asked.

“Sure,  go ahead” Mrs Bernard said.

“Thank you very much. I’m sure you were aware of how much your husband loved you and even left his betrothed wife to be for you?” Obed started

Mrs Bernard was taken aback. No one in the family knew about what  Obed was saying, except for her and her late husband.

“How did you know that?  Mrs Bernard asked.

“I know more than you can imagine and I also know that you have spent almost the money in the joint account you and your husband created. But what I’m yet to figure out is why you are paying Rita those huge sums of money” Obed said.

Mrs. Bernard got really scared as Obed seemed to have the details of all her movements and actions.

Before she could ask any further questions, Mansa came out with her luggage.

Obed quickly stood up to help her with it as they walked out of the living room.

Mrs Bernard was still in shock over Obed’s revelation.  She barely even noticed Mansa.

What Obed told her before leaving with  Mansa disturbed her even more…

“Its a small world Mrs. Bernard, I am watching you.” Obed said and left with Mansa.

To be continued…

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