“It’s a small world Mrs Bernard, I’m watching you.” Obed said and left with Mansa.

Mrs Bernard was very scared, those words from Obed unnerved her.

He was her new worry and she was determined to find out who he really was.

Obed took Mansa to his place.

It was a huge mansion and to Mansa’s surprise, no one lived with Obed in that house, not even a househelp.

Mansa felt safe with Obed from the moment they met but now she was all alone with the man in his house… She was a little worried.

But Obed allayed her fears. He was the perfect gentleman. He fed her breakfast in bed every morning, took care of her, bought anything that she wanted before she even asked.

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Mansa was living a good life.

She also didn’t keep anything from him. She was completely transparent with him. She told him about her encounter with Chris and his story about Derek being the rapist.

Obed advised her not to make any conclusions just yet. He promised to help her find who the culprit really was.

Something Mansa found strange about Obed was that he didn’t have a cell phone. And when she asked, he also did not have an email address or anything that you could use to contact him.

He never had friends over to visit. Since Mansa moved in with him, no one ever come by the house.

The most awkward thing was that Mansa didn’t know the room Obed slept in.  Even though it was a mansion, it was only a 6 bedroom house.

Asides Mansa’s room, all the other rooms were permanently locked.

She tried several times to wait till Obed fell asleep before she did. That way, she could monitor him and eventually get to know where he slept.

But that plan didn’t work. She always slept before Obed.

Every morning, they’d wake up and meet in the living room to pray together.

Something happened on one of those occasions.

After one morning devotion, Mansa somehow found herself on Obed’s lap as they watched television together.

She starred at him for a long time and strangely, she felt like kissing him. Mansa realised that she was gradually falling in love with Obed.

He has shown so much kindness to her and for the first time she was feeling something real. Something she had never felt before.

She took her head off his lap and slowly took his hand… Now, she had his attention. When he turned to look at her, she looked straight into his eyes.

“Obed,  why are you doing this? Why are you going these lengths to help me?” Mansa asked him

He smiled and said “I believe that sometimes in life, everybody needs a helper.  I just followed my instincts. Who knows what God is also doing for me because of what I’m doing for you. Miracles do happen you know.

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But we just don’t see it because as humans, we are too dependent on others – pastors,  friends and whoever we feel we can trust. I’m not the one you should be asking this question, my dear. God himself will give you an answer.”

His words were pleasing to her ears. She had never known anyone this perfect. She had never known love so genuine and selfless.

Mansa kept looking into eyes. She felt like kissing him. She soon gave in to the passion she was feeling… She whispered his name and drew her face closer to his.

Obed knew what her intention was. They could virtually feel each other’s breath. He quickly withdrew and stood up from where Mansa was sitting.

That made Mansa come back to her senses and she immediately regretted her actions.

She apologized to Obed and quickly ran into her room.

Derek, on the other hand, was trying to make contact with Mansa. He had called her several times but couldn’t reach her.  He decided to come back home when his mother told him about Mansa and Obed.

Derek was furious, for whatever reason.

Soon as he arrived, he barged into the house and went straight to his mother’s room. He found her in bed, very sick.

All his life, he had known his mother to be a very strong woman. It was the first time he was seeing her this incapacitated.

To Mrs Bernard’s surprise, however, he was not really bothered about her sickness.

What he wanted to know more urgently were Mansa’s whereabouts.

“Mum, where is Mansa?!” Derek asked his mother in a very angry tone.

“Derek, why are you so obsessed with that girl? Your mother is seriously sick in bed and you’re not bothered?” Mrs Bernard asked.

“Mum, just tell me where she is, that’s all I need,” Derek asked again.

“Derek, Mansa is with her baby’s daddy and soon they are going to get married so stop bothering your head. ” Mrs Bernard said.

“Baby daddy my foot! That Man is a liar, Mansa is carrying my child” Derek revealed.

His anger made him spill his secret. His mother froze in shock.

That was when Derek realized he had said too much.

To be continued…


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  1. Thank God is Derek not the Infected Christ, Hmmmm, but main looking at Obed, I think hes the Recanation of Rev Benard or what did u think?

  2. So Derek is actually the one,still prefer him to Chris anyways. I suspect Obed is a reincarnation of Rev Bernard. Thanks DD.


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