Mansa found the situation very strange but again, the gateman was smelling of alcohol so Mansa didn’t take him seriously. She just concluded that he was drunk.

“You know what, I’ll come back some other time. Take this and use it for something” Mansa said. She handed him some money and left.

Alice, on the other hand, was trying to reach Chris but to no avail.

She thought that Chris was trying to play smart and that got her mad. She had no idea he had been arrested.

She planned to expose Chris and hurt Mansa if she didn’t hear from him by the end of the day. She had tried to eliminate Mansa once before but she had survived.

Alice was responsible for poisoning Mansa at the hospital… She did it because she felt Chris was having an affair with her.

She had come to that conclusion the day she visited and met Mansa and Chris together in the living room. What she saw in her mind that day was Mansa placing her head comfortably on Chris’ lap.

It wasn’t her fault though… It was not uncommon for Chris to cheat on her so to her, this was no different.

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Meanwhile, Elder Haastrup, the church financial secretary had now noticed the tremendous withdrawals by Mrs Bernard from the church’s account.

He had called the attention of the Elder that visited  Mrs Bernard earlier and arranged a meeting with him.

Elder Haastrup had been waiting for long at his office and the other Elder had still not shown up.

It was about an hour past the scheduled time that he arrived.

“Sorry Elder Haastrup for my lateness” He apologized as soon he arrived.

Without wasting any more time, the discussion began.

“Elder, I called you because lately, I have noticed some huge withdrawals made by Mrs Bernard without my approval. It’s even obvious that the entire board is not aware of this. I think we should call for a board meeting immediately and bring it to their notice” said Elder Haastrup.

“Elder Haastrup, there is something you need to know. Mrs Bernard is up to something. I must admit that I know about the withdrawals. I went to her place the other time to make inquiries but the answer she gave was not satisfactory. We need to get to the bottom of this matter. ” The Elder said.

“Are you sure of what you’re telling me?” asked Elder Haastrup.

“Absolutely, Elder” He answered

“What do we do then?” Elder Haastrup asked.

“Let’s call for a meeting with the board members without her notice and then we can all decide” He suggested.

“That’s a good idea. I will do that as soon as possible” Elder Haastrup said.

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Mansa by this time had gotten home.  She met Derek alone at the house. He was in the living room when she came in. He stood up to hug her.

They had missed each other. Derek felt it was the right moment for him to tell Mansa what he had really done to her.

“Mansa there is something I need to tell you,  kindly sit down,” Derek said.

Just as Mansa sat down. Mrs Bernard came in.

Derek saw that his mother was very disturbed and worried.

She had been crying since she heard that Chris had been arrested.

“Mum, what is it? Are you ok?  he asked.

“I’m just coming from the police station. Your brother has been arrested.” Mrs Bernard said.

“What! For what? Derek asked

“He was caught in possession of illegal drugs,” She said.

“Not again!” Derek said, feeling sorry for Chris. He wanted to help even after all that Chris had done to him.

“I want to go to my room now, I’m not feeling well. Rita will be spending the night with us today, Derek, show her the guest room when she comes. I’ll be traveling with her tomorrow morning” Mrs Bernard said.

“Let me take you to your room.” Mansa said and helped Mrs Bernard up.

Derek didn’t like the idea of Rita spending the night there, but Chris’ issue worried him more.

He had no option but to wait for her in the living room.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 11

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It was getting late and Mansa had already gone to bed.

Rita finally arrived after 11 pm. She blamed it on traffic.

Her outfit was cut to fit, exposing her beautiful curvy body. She honestly looked stunning.

For the first time, Derek noticed how well endowed was. Indeed, it was very hard for any man to ignore such a nice figure.

Derek showed her to the guest room and then went into his room to sleep.

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Around 1:30 am, Rita sneaked into Derek’s room. She was in a silk nightie.

She went close to Derek who was fast asleep and kissed him on the lips, gently waking him up.

Derek got up and saw Rita. The scent of her beautiful perfume filled the room. Derek immediately knew what she was up to.

Her kiss was sensational.. and to be honest, Derek wanted more of it. Derek looked at her and asked ,”Rita, what are you doing here?”

“This is not right,” he said.

Rita shushed him, placing her finger on his lips. She followed up with another sensational kiss. Derek without thinking kissed her back

It was getting intense… they were feeling each other’s breath now.

To be continued…

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