In no time, Mrs Bernard got back home. She opened the door to the living room and froze.

There was Derek with Mansa and the lady who claimed she was Derek’s biological mother.

“What are you doing here woman?  Mrs Bernard who was in a state of shock and frustration asked the lady.

“Looks like you already know each other. Makes things a lot easier.” Derek said. He was very mad at Mrs Bernard for hiding the truth from him all these years. He actually was beginning to feel strong resentment towards her.

“Derek, whatever she told you is a lie,” Mrs Bernard said.

“It’s a lie? How do you know she already told me something, unless of course, there’s something you’re hiding from me?  Perhaps you’re not really my mother?” Derek asked.

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Mrs Bernard realized that she had already dug a pit for herself and that she couldn’t hide anything anymore.

“Look, before you begin yelling at me, you owe me plenty gratitude. She may be your mother but I raised you. I deserve appreciation rather than you talking to me like this” Mrs Bernard said with indignation.

“You really don’t know how it feels, do you?  Of course, I am grateful to you for being there for me but the fact that I have lived a lie all these years is what I can’t deal with” Derek said.

Mrs Bernard heard the rage in his voice and she lost her cool.

“Yes, she is your mother for Christsakes! Are you ok now?!” Mrs Bernard yelled and walked out on them.

Mansa came to Derek and held his shoulder, giving him a gentle massage.

“It’s alright Derek,  it’s alright,” Mansa said.

Derek’s mother immediately went on her knees. All through the confrontation with Mrs Bernard, she had remained quiet. Now, she begged for forgiveness from Derek.

He helped her up, looked into her eyes for a long time and without saying anything, embraced her.

It was an emotional moment… Both of them held on tightly as they held each other and cried.  After a while, Derek loosened his grip and said to her “Mum, let’s go to my room, we need to talk more.”

Turning to Mansa, he said, “You should  join us…”

“No, you and your mother need this time alone. Plenty of catching up to do. I will be there when you need me” Mansa said.

Derek nodded and thanked her. He then took his newly-discovered biological mother by the hand and led her to his room.

You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 14

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The church board was meeting at this time. Elder Haastrup, the church’s financial secretary, was giving an account of the Church’s finances for the last six months.

After he had gone through the report, it was clear to everyone that the Church’s money was being embezzled. Almost all withdrawals were made by Mrs. Bernard without any requisite receipt.

The board decided to summon her for an immediate meeting.

Derek, on the other hand, was getting along with his mother in his room. He was beginning to understand her and the choices she made those many years ago.  She just didn’t have the money or means to take care of him.

Derek even got the opportunity to see his biological father’s picture which his mother had brought along. Indeed, he looked very much like his father.

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They got interrupted when Derek’s phone rang. The call was from an unknown number.

“Meet me at ‘Eddys’ in 45 minutes,” the caller said and hung up.

Derek had no idea who it was but he was curious enough to go find out.

“Mum, would you like to spend the night here? Derek asked

“No,  I won’t be safe here” She said.

“Oh, why not? Derek asked. “No one is capable of harming you”

“You really don’t know my son. I will go and come back tomorrow so we can talk more” She said.

“Let’s go together then, I’m also on my way out.” Derek said and they both left.

He dropped her off at her house. The house looked old and dilapidated. His mother apparently still lived in poverty.

Derek vowed to change that. Henceforth, he was going to take care of her as a son should.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 14

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After dropping her off,  he went straight to Eddy’s and to his surprise, there was Rita sitting alone at a table for two.

She beckoned to him soon as he stepped in. She was the one who had called.

Walking towards her, Derek noticed that Rita looked disturbed and worried. Derek wondered what she really wanted to tell him.

He went and sat beside her. Without wasting any time, Rita began talking. She didn’t even bother welcoming him.

“Derek,  My name is Rita Demien, a professional nurse and I am responsible for the death of your father” she said.

To be continued…

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