The tale of the twist and turns in the life of our heroine, Mansa…

By the time they arrived, a white foamy substance was coming out of her mouth.

It appeared that Mansa had been poisoned.

Her condition was critical. Her pupils were dilated and she was gasping for breath. Her life was in God’s hand now.

The Doctor soon showed up. He had been updated on Mansa’s condition.

Obed’s instinct told him that something was wrong with Mansa. He quickly returned to the hospital but was prevented from seeing  Mansa until the Doctor had finished attending to her.

Obed sat down at the OPD and silently prayed. He wasn’t sure what it was but he knew there was something wrong.

Chris came to the hospital then to find Obed sitting there. He joined him and asked how Mansa was faring.

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“I really don’t know but I learnt the doctor is attending to her at the moment. Where is your mother ?” Obed asked.

“Off to see Derek”, he answered.

Obed felt it was the right moment to find out from Chris if he really reported his brother to the police so he came up with a trick.

“Chris, how could your brother do such a thing to Mansa?” Obed said.

” I really don’t know what came over him. I have always done my best as a brother to give him good counsel. I honestly don’t get why he went to that extreme,” Chris said.

“Well, true. Whoever reported the issue to the police really did well. Mansa will be so happy to hear that her rapist has been caught” Obed said.

Foolish Chris! He couldn’t resist the bait… He revealed that he was indeed the one who reported the case.

“Actually, I did the reporting. I can’t afford to keep watching Mansa go through all that pain on account of my brother. Justice cannot be tempered with mercy.” said Chris.

“So you actually placed your brother behind bars? I see. Same brother that stood up and defended you when you were involved in drug issues back in the states. He pleaded with your late dad to come to your aid even when your father didn’t want to. I must say, your freedom today is practically courtesy Derek’s effort. Yetthis is how you repay him” Obed said

Chris was frightened by Obed’s words.

“I see Derek has been talking to you a lot.” Chris told Obed.

“Not at all, Chris. I know everything that’s going on” Obed said.

The entire conversation was creepy. He was frightened as he kept talking.

Chris excused himself when he couldn’t take it anymore. He walked out of Obed’s presence.

As soon as he stepped out of the hospital, he got a call from Alice.

” I told you not call me anymore,” Chris snapped as soon as he answered.

” …and do you think i want to? I’m going to make sure you really suffer for what you have caused me, Chris. I have already struck. I’m sure you’ll get some bad news soon. This is, however, not the end,  you will crawl and beg for my mercy”, Alice threatened him.

He was somewhat scared and worried about her threats but he didn’t make it obvious for her to see.

“You can’t do anything to me Alice,  I have you at my fingertips. You obey and listen to me. You belong to me and I choose to do whatever I want with you.” Chris told her.

She laughed out loud and said, “we shall see”; and then she hung up on him.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 4


Chris needed to be vigilant and alert for whatever Alice was planning.

Mrs Bernard meanwhile had returned to the hospital. She was with Obed waiting for the doctor.

She had hardly spoken a word to Obed since after the confrontation with him.

She stole glances at him every now and then, sizing him up from head to toe from. She was consumed by anger and fear at the same time.

Finally, the Doctor came out looking downcast and worked up. It seemed something had gone wrong.

Obed rushed to him as the he approached Mrs Bernard.

“Doctor, any good news?” she asked

“It’s unfortunate, we tried all we could but Mansa………

To be continued…

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