“What’s happening? This can’t be! The Doctor said in amazement.

“Doc, I’m feeling very well. It’s as if nothing happened to me” Mansa said.

Derek grabbed her and hugged her so tight she laughed out loud.

“Aww Derek, I miss you too,” Mansa said and chuckled.

“Mansa, please forgive me, forgive me please,” Derek said repeatedly.

“What are you saying, Derek? What have you done that needs forgiveness?” Mansa asked. She had completely dismissed Chris’ allegations after she discussed it with Obed and he told her not to believe Chris.

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Mrs. Bernard just stood there, dazed. She was completely lost for words.

“Doc,  kindly run some tests on her to be sure she’s really alright.” Mrs Bernard said.

“She looks fine to me but I will surely do that. It’s amazing though… Her spinal cord was totally damaged. This is really a miracle. Mansa kindly follow me, Let me run some tests on you” the doctor said and went into the ward with her.

Mrs Bernard was left with Derek at the OPD. She was still speechless and she didn’t look exactly happy.

Derek noticed his mum’s mood.

“Mum,  you don’t seem happy about Mansa’s condition… Why?” Derek asked her.

“Look,  there are a lot of things on my mind now so don’t start. In fact, don’t!” Mrs Bernard snapped.

“Oh yes,  I see that Mum. A  lot of things on your mind that you even forgot to visit your own son when he was arrested,” Derek answered her.

“How dare you talk to me like that! Didn’t I tell you I was getting ready to come here?” Mrs Bernard said angrily.

Meanwhile, Chris was on his way to see his girlfriend Alice.  He knew that if he didn’t do something about the situation with her, she could end up doing something that he may not be able to handle.

He got to her place, knocked the door severally until she finally opened.

She was surprised to see him there.

“So you finally decided to show up” Alice said.

“Can you please let me enter so we can talk” Chris pleaded with her.

“I see. I never knew you could be this sober. Come in” Alice said and left him by the door.

Chris followed up to her room and sat on the nearest sofa he could find.

It was his plan to manipulate Alice into siding with him, and then he could offer to pay her off.

“Yes, what brings you here? I don’t have much time on my side” Alice said.

Chris stood up from his chair, went to where she was sitting and knelt down before her.

Alice had never seen this side of Chris before. She was amused. Somehow his actions touched her but she was determined to remain difficult.

Anytime she thought about what Chris had done to her,  she was filled with hatred and anger.

“Alice, I’m really sorry about all that’s happened. I know what I have done to your health and life is irreparable but please give me the chance to take care of you” Chris begged her.

“Its amazing that you are here begging for my forgiveness. I suppose you are doing this because of Mansa’s condition” Alice said.

“What has Mansa got to do with this? Chris asked.

“Oh, so that girl still survived. I see” Alice said.

“Survived what? What are you talking about? Chris asked.

From the way Alice spoke, it was obvious that she had something to do with that food poisoning. Chris, however, didn’t push it.

“Anyway, how do you intend to care for me when you can’t erase the deadly disease you have given me?” Alice said.

“Just ask for anything and it will be granted.” Chris proposed.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 6


Meanwhile,  back at the hospital, Derek was with his mother waiting on the doctor.

Mrs Bernard had a phone call and excused herself from where Derek was sitting.

On Phone…..

Caller: “Mrs Bernard, I have been waiting for you for a while now and you are still not here.”

Mrs Bernard: “I’m at the hospital. Look, it seems Mansa is back on her feet. She was standing and looking very healthy when I got here”

Caller: “Are you sure about this?”

Mrs Bernard: “You can come and see for yourself.”

Caller: “Ok. But Mrs Bernard, that does not change anything. You still need to pay me for what I did.”

Mrs Bernard: “Look girl,  as far as I’m concerned, things have not gone as planned. You need to hold on with the payment.”

Caller: “No no,  that was not the agreement. I need my money now or I will talk.”

Mrs Bernard got very angry with the caller.

Mrs Bernard: “Are you threatening me?  You must be out of your mind! Don’t forget your place young lady.”

Caller: “Madam, I am not joking. Call it a threat or whatever, I need my money within the next 48hours.”

The caller said that and hanged up.

“I can’t believe this. Look at this one too, threatening me?!” Mrs Bernard muttered as she went back into the hospital.

Just as she got to the OPD, the doctor was returning from the ward with Mansa.

Mansa’s face was covered with smiles as she walked back with the doctor.

“Mrs Bernard, this is really a miracle. Nothing seems to be wrong with Mansa now apart from the miscarriage she had. However, some results are not yet in” the doctor said.

“Doc, can I please go home now” Mansa asked.

“No, you must stay till at least all the results are in” Mrs Bernard said.

“Well honestly, I don’t think there’s be a problem with her going home now. I don’t know why I should keep her. She is fine and free to go home” the doctor declared and left them to his office.

Mrs Bernard was so not happy about this development.

“Where is Obed? Mansa asked.

“I’m looking for him as well. Ever since he came to the police station to see to my bail, I have not set eyes on him” Derek said.

“Are you saying Obed was behind your release?” Mrs Bernard asked.

“What’s going on here?  Derek, were you arrested?  Mansa asked.

“Don’t worry, there is a lot to talk about when we get home.” Derek said.

“Alright, if you say so. But I think I know where to find him. He gave me an address this morning. I think he might be there. You guys should go ahead, I will go find him and return with him to the house” Mansa said

“Fair enough. Let Derek put you in a cab and then we can leave.”  Mrs Bernard said and left to wait for Derek in their car.


You are Reading: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II Episode 6


Mansa got in a cab and gave the address to the driver since she didn’t really know where she was going.

Thankfully, it was an address the driver was familiar with and soon she arrived the place. It was a huge building made up of various offices.

Mansa entered the building which seemed to be very busy. The place had all kinds of people walking up and down dressed in corporate outfits.

She walked up to the lady at the front desk and handed over the card Obed gave her. The lady looked at the card and made a phone call.

Receptionist: “Hello ma. Someone is here to you see you”

Unknown person: “Who is that?

The receptionist asked Mansa for her name and she answered.

Receptionist: “Her name is Mansa “

Unknown person: “Let her come in.”

The receptionist hung and directed Mansa to the office.

When she got to the office, she knocked and entered.  All along, Mansa thought she was coming to meet Obed.

To her surprise, it was an elderly yet elegant woman who was busy working on some documents.

“Good day madam” Mansa greeted.

“Yes,  how may I help you? ” the woman asked.

“My name is Mansa.  I’m actually looking for Obed. He gave me this address to come here,” Mansa said.

The woman immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at Mansa’s face carefully.

“Excuse me,  what did you say your name was? She asked again

“Mansa, Madam” Mansa answered.

“…and Obed gave you my address?” she asked.

“Yes Madam,” Mansa said.

The woman quickly stood up from her chair, walked up to Mansa and embraced her with tears in her eyes.

“Oh my God!!!”

To be continued…

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