Two naked bodies entwined like twin serpents rolled across the bed, yearning and seeking each other out, this was their own special time of meeting with the desire that they felt for each other.

He was her boss, and she his secretary, and they had been lovers for a year now.

Dean Legacy was the sole owner of the mega establishment, “Flames” which was a perfume company, with an age long trademark and a unique fragrance, one with a mix of roses.

His face darkened with passion, his dark and seductive eyeballs lit with fire as his lips nestled on her breasts…Dean Legacy was a billionaire and a beast in bed and Toke Melaye, his marketing strategist was the woman on the bed.

‘Make love to me baby, this torture is too much.’ Toke groaned, her hands found the crown of his head, she ran her fingers through his thick mane of dark and curly hair.

The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 1

‘I will…but first, I must explore…’ he lifted his lips from the middle of her creamy boobs, staring deeply into her eyes.

‘What?’ Toke glared back at him.

‘Nothing, you’re just beautiful.’ Dean replied with a boyish grin.

She could tell that he was up to something, she did not like the look of mischief on his face, and she was right, his hands travelled from her belly where they were placed down to her thighs…slowly.

‘Ah, bab…y’ Toke stuttered, she was lost in his arms tonight. She was immersed deeply in the fire of his loving, there was no escaping for her tonight, and she liked it very much.

Slowly, his hands caressed her tender laps, rubbing the tiny hairs of her creamy laps. She was his joy, he had loved her for a very long time and tonight would mark his confession.

His fingers found their way into her red panties, they met with a river of wetness that was already flowing for him.

‘Please…just do it.’ Toke could not hold back anymore, only him knew how to bring her satisfaction.

‘Are you ready?’ Dean paused, he bent over her and looked deeply into her fine pebble eyes. they glowed at night like they had been made with fire.

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Everything about Toke was fire, and maybe that was the reason he loved her very much. His love had grown over the years they’d been together, he was sure she felt that way and that was the reason he was ready to tell her what was on his mind.

‘Yes.’ She nodded quickly, her legs giving way to his fingers.

He dug one in, she gasped as pleasure rippled through her.

He loved it when she reacted that way, he liked the fact that he knew her body so well, it was going to be a long night.

Dean Legacy was a one-woman kind of man. He was not the typical rich guy whose duty was to break women’s hearts. No, Dean was far from that, he was no devil, he believed in treating a woman right and showering her with love.

He’d dated only two women in his thirty-three years on earth, they were all in his past now. Currently, he was in a liaison with his marketing strategist, Toke Melaye, the woman that was behind the successful sales and delivery of Flames products.

He’d just fired his old marketing strategist when she showed up in search of a job. He’d scanned through her Curriculum Vitae briefly, impressed by her qualifications and work experience, he had no other option but to hire her and she turned out to be perfect for the job.

You are Reading: The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 1

As the weeks passed, they realized they were both attracted to each other, so why waste time? Toke was a twenty-first-century hardcore feminist and she did not waste time in telling her boss about the attraction she felt.

That was how their love affair began. The rules were simple: they never discussed business during pleasure hours and they were very discreet about their affair.

‘What’s wrong baby? Your head seems to be in the cloud?’ Toke bit his ear as she found her release.

He groaned and fell beside her on the bed, he had been hurt in the past by women and that had caused him to create a huge wall around his heart. He was clear now about his feelings, Toke was the kind of woman he admired and he was ready to take whatever they had to another level.

‘Do you remember the first time you walked into my office and told me you were attracted to me?’ Dean turned and faced her.

She was so beautiful, even the night could not hide it. The chandelier dropped its rays on her oval face, her eyes dazzled and her pink lips were swollen from too much kissing.

A smile evaded her lips as she stared at him, she remembered it quite well.

‘I was too forward, I did not even consider the consequences. What if I’d gotten fired?’ Toke laughed.

She was not a believer in love or attraction to the male species, but she’d fought so hard to contain the attraction she felt for Dean, all to no avail.

“I think I am attracted to you, what do you think?” those were her words on that fateful day.

‘I think you were brave…’ Dean dropped a kiss on her face.

‘Or stupid.’ Toke winked and they burst out laughing.

Silence crawled into the room when they quieted down, she sensed Dean was troubled, but she could not ask him any questions about work, that was one of the rules.

‘Are you sure you are okay,  Dean?’ She asked once again.

You are Reading: The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 1

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Dean ran his hands through his hair; he was confused and unsure of himself.

‘There’s something that has me  troubled about our relationship.’ He paused, waiting to see the reaction on her face. Did she want him? Or she just wanted his body?

‘Really?’ Toke held her breath as she stared into his face, she tried to stare calm as possible. She did not want him to read her thoughts, she did not want him to see through her.

‘I think I love you Toke.’ He blurted out, not able to hold it anymore.

That did it! Colour drained from her face, morbid fear trapper her mind, a wave of coldness overshadowed her as she realized he was not bluffing, he was being truthful, and this terrified her more than anything.

‘Say something Toke…’ Dean licked his lips, nervously holding his heart out for her answer.

Toke was stunned, she did not know how to react or what to say in return. She had not expected this, she had not envisaged this.

‘You can’t blame me for falling for you Toke…you’re such an amazing personality. You are hardworking, independent and serious-minded and those qualities make me love you even more. I think all men should be with women like you.’ Dean smiled while watching her face the whole time.

She liked that he was being honest, she loved the way he painted her beautifully with words, but she could not say what was on mind. Because if she did, she was going to break his heart.

Her lips moved, they parted a little, but no words came out as the door to Dean’s bedroom flew open and had the two lovers jumping out of bed.

‘Geez! Grandma you never told me you were coming.’ Dean hurriedly slipped on his jeans.

Toke worked with her fingers quickly, she slipped on her yellow dress and rushed out of his bedroom without looking back, this was the escape route she’d been searching for.

Dean was left alone now, furious that his grandmother showed up without announcing her arrival.

‘You don’t just show up at people’s houses, even if you do, have the decency to knock.’ Dean complained, feeling embarrassed that she had seen him unclothed.

…to be continued

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