‘Would you like some milk?’ Dean asked, he was making his grandmother a cup of tea.

‘Nah, give an old woman some milk, she needs her all night beauty sleep’ the woman replied, provoking a laugh from her grandson who’d won a taut face all through the night.

‘I am happy you’re laughing Dean. I am sorry for walking in on you and your lover, I was just too impatient, I miss you grandson.’

Dean could not stay mad with the woman forever, he knew how much she loved him and he loved her the same way. Grandmother May had taken him in right from the time his parents had both died in an auto crash on his eight birthday. From that time on, he’d spent most of his life with this woman and her philosophy had tilted his life towards the right direction.

‘I forgive you, I know that’s what you want to hear.’ Dean winked.

He moved towards the fridge, then took out two round limes and slit them apart, he pressed the fruit with his fingers directly over the mug.

‘Tell me about her…’ the old woman inquired.

‘Her name is Toke Melaye, she is thirty years old. I love her, I think I have found the one.’ Dean replied, with a smile on his face.

‘Really?’ The woman’s silver brows knotted together.

‘What’s her profession?’ Grandmother May inquired.

‘Marketing Strategist, she works in Flames.’ Dean did not see the need of hiding this fact from his grandmother.

‘You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, I do not approve.’ The old woman shook her head in distaste.

Dean could see that his grandmother was not happy with the choice he had made.

‘I am sorry Ma, but I assure you that our working relationship has not been affected by this.’

‘I don’t care about your working relationship Dean; I don’t like that woman for you. I had my own plans for you and she does not fit into that big ball of a plan.’ She returned.

Dean was very unhappy about this, he was a grown man and he could do as he pleased.

‘You don’t even know her, Toke is a very nice person, you both would get along easily, and you share a lot of things in common.’

‘Like?’ Grandmother May arched a brow.

‘She is independent, confident and very hardworking.’

‘You think showering me with undeserved praise would cause me to change my mind about her?’ The woman laughed.

‘Okay, let’s do dinner, just the three of us.’ Dean made a suggestion, he knew how stubborn his grandmother was, he had to break her.

His thoughts were filled with her, why had she bailed out on him that way? His heart beat faster as he imagined seeing her again; he just could not wait to tell her those words again.

“I love you,Toke Melaye.”

‘You think that would change my mind eh?’ The woman asked.

‘Not really, but it will make you know her better.’ Dean replied.

‘Let’s see her try.’ The woman decided to let this one go, she could not wait for dinner.

You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob Ep3


The night had faded slowly; morning had showed her bright and beautiful face with the crown of a yellow sun to the earth. Streaks of sunlight poured into the room where she slept with her younger sister.

Toke had not rested well, all her thoughts had been on the man that her heart truly craved for, her fears tormented her and chased sleep away. Emma was right, she was not Dean’s class of woman, what if he was just lying to her? What if a befitting woman of class and pedigree had been arranged for him.

‘Impossible.’ She shook her head as the thoughts kept spiralling within her mind.

She was before her dresser mirror, she probed her pale cheeks and her wide eyeballs. This was not the Toke that she knew, she lacked confidence in herself, she was afraid…afraid of losing Dean.

‘You look hot.’ Emma yawned and stretched out of bed.

‘Do I?’ Toke she asked nervously, she tried to contort her features in a  certain way that Emma wouldn’t know what she was thinking. Emma was really smart and her bluntness on some issues irked Toke. She was not prepared for an argument this morning, so she had to play her part and look happy.

‘Of course…any man that wouldn’t look at you twice in that dress is a certified loser.’ Emma winked as she approached her sister.

Toke wore a hip hugging purple skirt which stopped at her knees; her slender legs were supported by a pair of orange wedge shoes; her torso was framed by a milky white blazer and a sequin like camisole that pushed her boobs forward, revealing a little creamy white flesh.

Her figure was too perfect, even for her own good.

‘Thank you.’ Toke forced a smile.

‘You got something big today?’ Emma’s eyes ran over her sister adoringly.

‘A meeting, with the executive board.’Toke replied curtly.

‘Oh.’ Emma’s eyes went to the file that lay on the dressing table; she picked it up immediately and scanned through the pages.

Toke caught her smiling at the corner of her eyes, ‘I have a presentation, a proposal for some changes in the marketing sector.’ She needed to explain so her sister could understand.

One of the reasons she had been awake through the night was this presentation, she was confident that her ideas would take the company to another level but she was also nervous of seeing him again. She had never felt this way before, she was losing control of herself and she did not’t know just how long this would last.

‘I see why you took extra effort in looking this good.’ Emma dropped the file and focused on her sister.

‘I always look good, I don’t need the “extra effort”, you know me.’ Toke shrugged, her slender fingers drew her makeup box next to her. She hated going late to work, she needed to hurry.

‘You lie, you are a poor liar sister, you have always been. It is written all over you, the mark of his love. You have gotten yourself entangled with the devil, I hope you do not get hurt.’ Emma folded her arms across her chest while watching her sister adorn her face.

Emma’s words were sharp and cruel, she rose to Dean’s defence immediately, ‘He is not a devil, you don’t know him.’

‘And I guess you do? Sleeping with a man for two years does not mean you know him well.’ Emma retorted.

‘Then what does he stand to gain by lying about his feelings? He has already slept with me, what else could he possibly want?’ Toke was getting sick and tired of Emma’s cynical attitude.

‘I don’t know, Time maybe.’ Emma pouted.

‘Time? What possibly for?’ Toke dropped the lipstick she held and stared directly into her sister’s eyes. Emma was a deep thinker and her predictions came to pass mostly.

‘I’ve been following the news sister, Flames was not at this level before you resumed working there. Believe it or not, your input in the marketing sector has generated public demand for Flames products. Dean knows this and that is the reason he came to you in the first place. He loves you for your work, there’s nothing more to it. He knows you are a valuable tool to the efficient running of  his empire, he does not want you to leave. You are his pillar, his saving grace.’

Toke scoffed and shook her head, ‘That’s where you got it wrong, I was the one who approached Dean for a liaison and not the other way round. If you’re insinuating that Dean would use and dump me, I think you are hallucinating.’

Toke was choking, she was starting to resent Emma herself, for her ludicrous talks.

‘Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I love being truthful about what I feel.’ Emma threw her hands into the air.

‘I don’t need to hear your opinion on Dean anymore, please. I will be pleased if you respect my wish.’ Toke’s face contorted into a frown.

The next few minutes she had to stay with her sister was occupied by deafening silence.

She quickly brushed her weave on, letting the edges touch her back; she took out the casing that contained her contacts and slid them hurriedly into her eyes. Only one thing was left, to make her adornment complete.

‘Use the red one, red would make the men bow to the content of your proposal.’

Toke who’d planned to beautify her lips with a purple shade, had no choice but to wear the red, she hoped Emma was right this time.

‘See you then, there’s coffee, chocolate, tea, whatever you want. I promise to cook once I am back…I will make Plantain pottage…’ Toke grabbed her car keys and hurried towards the door, stuttering all the way.

End of Davina Diaries Fiction: The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob Ep3. To be continued…

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