The Benjamin mansion felt a little bit silent to Elena, though her father was still around. Her sisters had found love and Cassie was getting married to the King in a month. She felt empty and alone. Elena wasn’t used to this sort of life. She began to miss her mischievous mother whom she had refused to call since learning of her involvement in Cassie’s kidnap.

Unlike her older sisters, Eno and Cassie, Elena had short hair. She’d taken her father’s gene. She wasn’t comfortable in wearing a low-cut, so she made use of silky weaves most of the time. And she could afford the expensive ones because of the little cash she’s started earning from her blog.

Elena sighed and stared outside the window. The street was swallowed up in serenity and darkness. The stars were scanty, such that she could even count them. The moon wore a frown, and refused to reveal her true beauty to the universe. Elena wasn’t pleased with the night, she usually penned down some things on her blog at midnight. But she had a splitting headache, and a haunting feeling that something bad was about to happen.

She decided to distract herself a bit by thinking about her sisters. Elena smiled as she thought about Eno, and her man, Sam who turned out to be the Mask. Sam had confessed to her sister on the night of Valentine. Eno had been terribly shocked. She had walked out on him and ran home to share the news with Elena; who advised her to love Sam the way he was.

 People who openly confess their sins without being persuaded or forced are truly repentant. Sam was an example. Elena had always known there was something more about him that met the eye. She told Eno about her suspicions of Sam, and it made her sister very surprised.

“Smart ass,” she earned a nickname from then. Eno had accepted Sam and his past. They’d both moved back to Iowa two weeks after Valentine. And from all the pictures they shared online, Elena had a strong feeling that her sister was happy.

Eno wasn’t the only one that found love; Cassie’s love story was the greatest. She had fallen deeply for King Yemi Lasisi; the youngest billionaire in Africa. He cherished her greatly and helped her get admission into a fashion school in Paris. Currently, they were vacating in the Islands of Montenegro. Cassie had found love and fulfillment.

‘Wedding bells,’ Elena smiled sadly and closed her window. She hadn’t heard from her brother, Elvis, for a long time. It seemed something had taken him off the radar. She couldn’t contact him, and she missed him greatly. Elena didn’t keep friends, so this new life without her sisters around was strange to her.

She returned to her bed and turned on her laptop immediately. She always had a ten articles target for a day. She decided to do only five before catching some sleep. Before now, Elena had occupied herself by carrying out a research on Aniekan Umo, a famous techno billionaire who spent most of his time in America. The technocrat was famous for video games creation. He had made a lot of money from designing video games and websites for the same to be bought or freely downloaded.

One of his games, Luciferon, was downloaded by a million people five hours after release. It was this game that Elena had written a piece on. The video game was a battle of all ages and realms. It was a fight between demons, humans and all sorts of magical creatures.

Elena had noticed a similarity in character and theme song of Luciferon to another video game which was designed by Kayla Hales, another famous technocrat. The American woman had released Slay Lords, three years before Luciferon. How come Luciferon had the same theme song and shared some characters with Slay Lords?

Aniekan Umo had to be a fraud and a thief. In her job as a blogger, she had struggled with plagiarists who would steal her ideas without proper acknowledgement. After a week of research, she had noticed that no one had ever written a piece about the Nigerian Techno billionaire. Elena had a feeling that calling him out would propel her blogging career to the next level.

She dropped the notepad she carried, and quickly clicked on the message box in her computer. Elena’s roundish eyes almost jumped out of their sockets when she realized she had one thousand notifications on her blog. The highest she had ever gotten was two hundred.

‘Something is wrong,’ she licked her lips and clicked the messages. It didn’t take long before Elena realized that her piece on Aniekan Umo’s insincerity to the game world had gone viral. Numerous news outlets were contacting her for more information.

Her heart was thudding heavily. This was too much for her to handle alone. Gaining this kind of attention was all she could ever dream off and getting it through publishing the right information made her success legitimate.

She didn’t need to think twice before hopping out of bed and rushing towards her father’s room.

‘Dad! I made it. My post went viral and I am going to be the next big thing that happened to blogging.’ She would be praised for her honesty and courage for exposing a fraud like Aniekan Umo. The video games expert thought he could just uplift someone’s idea without recompense; she couldn’t wait for his response.

It was just an hour past midnight and her father wasn’t a deep sleeper. This made her wonder why he was hesitant to respond to her call. She was almost close to his bedroom when she noticed that the lights in the parlor were still on.

‘Geez, what a waste,’ She quickly abandoned her announcement and proceeded to turn off the lights first. Owning a prepaid meter for electricity had them very careful about utilizing power. Elena descended the stairs in a rush.

She was on the last case when she noticed that the lights in the parlor were turned on for a purpose. Her heart skipped as she realized robbers had broken into the house and had tied her father to a chair. Elena quickly remembered the ominous feeling that hung in the air, while she had been staring out the window.

Her hands shivered as she stared at the three hefty looking men. They were all dressed in black, and their faces were hidden in masks. How had they broken into the house when everywhere was locked? Why hadn’t her father raised an alarm?

Elena was greatly shocked, she couldn’t even think of the next action to take. If she tried going upstairs for her phone, these men could shoot her or harm her father. She had to comply with them, and hope they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

To be continued…

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