She found it hard to compose herself even after his leaving, her heart was pounding really fast, the beating was of an uneven rhythm; blood pumped in her ears as she thought of what had just transpired between her and the famous billionaire player.

‘Fuck him.’ she slammed her fists on the glass table.

She had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed; how on earth had he gotten wind of the things that were happening to Wilavega. Only Eva and Nonso knew about it, she had thought the company was safe that way; but now that Gabriel Smith knew about it, it meant that other business moguls were aware and that was not a good thing.

Wilavega was her pride, it was her name and if other people saw her as weak, then things would really escalate negatively. The workers would be nervous, that was certain when one’s job was discovered to be insecure. She would be the point of discussion in business circles, magazines and television channels.

“The downfall of Lila Welsh” she imagined what the headline would be like.

‘No.’ She shook her head, sweat broke out on her forehead as she thought about all these possibilities.

She needed to do something, she couldn’t just fold her arms and watch things crumble. She was ruthless when it came to business and she was ready to do anything to save Wilavega, even to beg. But there was this one thing she could never do; even if there was no one left to help her, she would never accept Gabriel Smith’s help.

She hated the confidence he exuded and the mischievous glint in his eyes. She was no damsel in distress and she sure as hell didn’t need his saving.

The door gently swung open and a glum faced Sade walked in looking exhausted.

You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: The Inheritance EP8

‘What happened?’ Lila licked her lips, wondering what had gone wrong.

‘Nothing, just traffic. I gave Eva all the files and I told her of our plans to.’ Sade pulled a chair and sank into it.

‘Good, time is a luxury we cannot afford now.’ Lila pulled the glass close to her, her hands were shaking as she raised the bottle of brandy.

Sade could see that her best friend was tensed about something, she had never seen Lila this way.

Her blue eyes were a flaming sea; her brows were bushy and taut and so were the muscles of her jaw.

‘Who got you upset?’ Sade guessed it was definitely her clumsy secretary. She had hurried back from Eva’s office so she could get some gist about the billionaire that had visited.

‘Never mind, I’ll be fine.’ Lila emptied the hot drink into her mouth, it burned her tender lips slightly but she loved the warmth that spread all over her body, she felt better.

‘Never mind? You’re my best friend and I need to know what’s up with you.’ Sade shook her head, she hated it whenever Lila  blocked her out.

‘Okay, okay.’ Lila raised her hands up, knowing how pushy Sade could be at times.

She took a deep breath and told her about Gabriel and how he’d humiliated her by offering to help Wilavega out of her current state.

‘I never asked him for help, I know it’s that Nonso that must have told everyone about what’s going on. Eva, my lawyer would never do something like that, I trust her in all things.’ Lila was still upset about Gabriel’s visit.

He had appeared so elegant, so sharp. No man had ever affected that way, even now, his dark and broody eyes still flashed in her mind, even his sexy lips. She couldn’t help but wonder what it will feel like to be kissed.

‘Caution Lila! He is a bastard.’ She fought with the thoughts that found roots in her mind.

Sade was flabbergasted that her friend would misinterpret such a generous offer.

‘I don’t want to believe a word of what you have just told me.’ Sade rose to her feet, she moved towards the window so she could have a taste of fresh air.

‘Have I said anything wrong?’ Lila had expected Sade to take her side on this matter.

                       The Inheritance Ep8

‘Gabriel Smith is the most powerful business man in Nigeria, and he came all the way to offer you help and you thought it humiliation? Let us not get bothered about the means he got the information, what’s important is that he offered to help Lila.’ Sade bit her lip and closed her eyes, it seemed Lila didn’t understand the situation of things.

‘I don’t need help from someone like that, we both know he is an unrepentant whoremonger, I am not willing to sleep with him because that’s what he would want in return.’ Lila snapped angrily at her.

Sade scoffed, ‘What makes you think that was on his mind? He is a business man like you Lila, he saw an opportunity to work with Wilavega! He saw an opportunity, even if he wants to help and get something in return, you are smarter than that. I know you Lila, you are smart.’ Sade moved to where she sat and rubbed her shoulders.

Lila pushed her hands away and stood up, ‘I don’t need his help. I can do this on my own, I don’t need anybody’s help.’

‘You have a proud heart my friend and proud people don’t go far. You must accept that you have a problem and you need help, Wilavega was not built by your father alone, he had people to help him. Why not follow his footsteps?’ Sade asked.

‘I am Lila Welsh, I will make my own footprints.’ She replied.

She had a plan, just as Eva suggested. She would pay her father’s friend, Chief Babalola a visit, she would make him a deal he wouldn’t refuse, she hoped it worked out.

‘I want us to see Chief Babalola, we’ll go in my private jet to Nigeria, first thing tomorrow morning.’ Lila announced.

To be continued………..

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