“Goodbye Ego, Yinka loves scrambled eggs.” She flashed a weak smile that almost melted my resolve to sue her. But I couldn’t let her smile affect me. Nora was a murderer. She deserved everything that was happening to her.
I said nothing in return. I crossed my hands against my chest and watched as the officer led her towards the van. Once I heard the tires screeching, I sank into the bed.
“Finally!” I yelled. I felt free. I felt safe. I was happy. I still couldn’t stay in Nora’s house. I needed to leave behind all the memories of pain and betrayal.
“The earlier, the better,” I rolled my eyes. Quickly, I jumped out of bed and continued the pack. Once I was finished, I grabbed my box and moved outside. This house held so many bitter memories with Nora; there was no way I could live inside of it.
A song welled up in me as I strolled towards the door, and I welcomed it. I began to hum, even as I stepped outside. The minute I inserted the key into the keyhole, I heard another car roar behind.
I pulled out the key and turned.

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In that moment, our eyes met. Our hearts jolted with the thunder of desire and passion. I held my breath as I looked into his dark eyes. What was he doing standing by the car? Why had he come?
My palms were sweaty and my breathing increased. I became painfully self conscious. I wasn’t wearing any make-up. I had just stepped out of the hospital and my hair wasn’t in good shape, the clothes I wore as well. I was tattered and unattractive.
When he was tired of running his eyes on me, Yinka smiled and parted his arms.
“Aren’t you happy to see me? I came back to see you. I just couldn’t stay one more day in Amsterdam without my queen.”
His queen? Why was he calling me that?
My legs felt like jelly. I just couldn’t move. I was fixed to the spot.
“Fine. Since you have refused to hug me, I am leaving. Aurora told me where to find you. I trust that she took good care of you.” He opened the car door and was about stepping in.
“No!” I dropped my box and rushed towards Yinka.
He seemed startled, “No to what?”
I swallowed, “Thank you for showering me with care…um, Aurora took good care of me. She is such a nice person.” I couldn’t betray Aurora now.
“And you are such a terrible liar,” Yinka scoffed.
Blood tweaked my cheeks in embarrassment. I peeled my eyes from his’.
“Don’t be shy, I am kidding. I miss you, Ego.” He moved closer.
I was still shy and not so comfortable around him.
“I miss you too….I thought…” I bit my lip.
“You thought what darling?” He asked in a gentle voice.
“I thought you’d dumped at the hospital until Aurora explained everything.”
He scoffed, “I guess you still don’t understand me.” He cupped my face gently in his palms.
I could feel his breath on my skin, warm and sweet. This was the closest I’d ever come to Yinka. I couldn’t pull away from the well of his dark eyes.
“I am not like other men. I don’t know the kind of men you’ve come across and what they told you or did to you. You need to get over that. You need to rewrite your expectations of people. I have always treated the people that I love with great care and attention. I loved you from the first day that I set my eyes on you. You may not believe it, but it is true.”
His eyes searched mine. I don’t know what he was looking for.
“Yinka…”I bit my lip. I felt the same way about him but I was still scared.
“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way about me. I am willing to wait.” He released my face.
My heart missed a beat. I cared about him. I desired him in a way that I had never desired any other man. He was simple. He understood me and he would always protect me.
“We are from different worlds,” I began. He was this super rich guy and I was just…I don’t know. What this worth it? Were we meant to be together? Was this blood rush I felt anytime I saw him, just a crush?
He swept my palms into his’.
“Is that the excuse you’re going to give me?”
I didn’t see it coming. But the kiss I was about to receive was long overdue.
“I am just scared.” I whispered.
“Don’t be. I will be the first man to show you the true meaning of faithfulness and love. It’s a promise. I am a man of honor. I will keep to my words.”
He pulled me into his arms and dropped his lips on mine. His wet and warm mouth covered my tender lips. I was lost in this passionate embrace. He was sealing his promise with this kiss. As our lips mated, as we embraced each other, I felt the truth in his promise.
I felt a sweet ache in my belly. I was overcome with desire. I couldn’t think clearly; my mind was cloudy. I wanted more…
I thought it would never end, but I was wrong. Yinka shocked me when he broke the kiss and I was left breathless and wanting.
“Did you like it?” He ran a tongue over his lips.
“No,” I grinned.
“Bad liar, let’s hang out.” He smiled.
Perfect timing, I would tell Yinka everything about Nora. I felt better now that she was gone. With the law on my side, she wouldn’t be an issue.
“So my darling, would you be my girlfriend?” Yinka pulled me back as I walked towards the car door.
I’d seen this coming, and I knew he would officially ask me out. I never knew it would take place coincidentally on the day that I almost got nabbed by my ex best friend.
“Nope, I don’t want to be your girlfriend.” I winked and rushed into the car.
Yinka moved to my side and began to tickle me.
“Say yes!” His fingers stroked my side violently and I began to laugh like one who was possessed.
How could I refuse this kind of man his request? How could I turn away his desires?
“Yes!” I screamed.
“Yes to what?” He tickled harder.
“Yes!” I guffawed.
“To what…?” He stopped the tickling and glared into my eyes.
“I love you and I want to be your girlfriend and your valentine.” I replied with tears in my eyes.
When I said this, Yinka’s face radiated joy. I could tell from his expression that he was truly in love with me. I was glad that I had finally met a man who was going to treasure me and treat me like his queen.
“I love you too and I want to be your boyfriend and your valentine.” His eyes glowed.
We said nothing to each other after this. Our eyes were fixed. It was the song of an Ice Cream truck that interrupted the sacred moment. Yinka dropped a kiss on my forehead and whispered.
“I will never break your heart.”
Time was going to tell, but I felt it within me. I felt that I had found my soul mate.

To be continued…

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