“He is always like that.” Nora threw her hands in the air as she returned from walking him out.
The cold and bitter anger I felt had returned. I felt like grabbing her by the hair and hitting her face on the wall. But that wasn’t me. I am not a violent person. Even if I were, I’d never fight for a man who never treasured me.
“I don’t understand you Nora; I thought you and Ikem were engaged. Am I missing something?”
Nora chuckled, “Ikem? Of course we are engaged, but I don’t love him anymore. He lost his job as airport manager. What am I supposed to do with him?” She paused and searched my eyes, hoping to get a reaction, but I deliberately kept a bland face.
So she continued, “I have dreams and ambitions. Being with a broke guy won’t help me achieve them. Besides, his family never liked me. His mother said I am not Igbo.”
Excuses, Nora knew how to give excuses. I couldn’t believe she would talk about Ikem like this. This was a guy she dated since our University days, and he had helped her when her parents had financial issues.
“So Yinka is your new catch? You never told me about him.” I raised a brow. I didn’t know what I’d do about Charles yet. I would take it easy.
Nora guffawed, “it’s not like he has proposed. I am in love with two guys now. Yinka is one and the other is a medical doctor…” She rolled her eyes.
My heart skipped. She was definitely seeing Charles. I was deeply hurt that she had feelings for him.
I was tempted to ask after the doctor’s name, but that could blow my cover. So I asked after Yinka instead.
“Yinka seems nice.” I forced a smile.
“Of course he is. He is a big fish! His family owns the oil company I work for and they have branches in Doha and Dubai. He is a billionaire. He runs the Doha branch with his younger brother.

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I have always dreamt of being with Yinka. He played right into my hands.” She winked.
“The Adedirans?” My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The Adediran family was one of the long standing elite families in Nigeria. I had seen Yinka in a magazine once and I couldn’t stop looking at his picture. I now see why he was so familiar!
Nora had indeed caught a big fish.
“Yes babe, am I not lucky? I’m always getting the rich guys,” she laughed.
I said nothing. She seemed desperate to get Yinka hooked. I just couldn’t get past her betrayal.
“You have to hold him hard, many girls would want him and fishes are slippery.” I wanted to see her reaction with statement.
Nora’s eyes lighted with jealousy and anger.
“As long as I live, no woman alive would take any man from me. That can only happen after I dump the guy. But in this case, I may have to choose Yinka over the doctor.”
Already I knew why she had taken this decision but I had to hear it from her.
“Why? Do you think Yinka loves you as much as you do him?”
Nora scoffed, “Yinka is wealthier than the doctor na…
Besides, men don’t love.”
“Who told you that?” I asked.
“Enough with the questions Ego! You should get yourself a man o. Val is at the corner. Enough with the grieving, Charles has moved on with another woman.”
Of course Charles moved on, but with her.
I didn’t want to talk about Charles now. Maybe fighting Nora wasn’t worth it. I just had to tread carefully with her.
“Now that you have a solid connection, you could help me get a job in your company,” I suggested.
The smile on Nora’s face vanished immediately.
“Yinka would never help someone like you.”
She said this very boldly.
“Why?” I wondered.
Nora shrugged and ran her eyes over me. Even with no words spoken, I could tell my friend was looking down on me. How blind I had been all these years?!
Nora wasn’t my friend. She was an enemy.
” You should know why. Yinka is up there and you’re just a perfume seller.”
“Yinka is up there and you’re just a perfume seller.” Nora’s words reechoed in my brain. I found it difficult to push the hurtful words out of my mind. How could she say this to me?
I opened my mouth in readiness to fire back at her, but no words came out. First, she stabbed me in the back by sleeping with my ex and now she insults me? Slowly, the layers that shielded her toxic nature began to wear off. Little did I know that my friend was a female Judas? She would lead me to my death.
“It’s getting late; I have to get some sleep.” Nora stifled a yawn, before rising to her feet.
I flashed a smile, pretending to be happy with her, but I boiled inwardly.
“No problem, take your time.”
I cried softly when she was out of sight. The pain of betrayal is most felt when someone closest to you, stabbed you with a knife.
After crying for fifteen minutes, I felt weak. My head began to throb and my eyes ached. But I felt better. Sometimes you need to cry. I felt free. The burden of grudges was lifted and I was light again.
Perhaps my family members were right. I wasn’t a saint or anything, but my weakness was that I forgave too easily. The only difference this time was that, I could never let Nora in on my personal life.
I vowed not to confront her or hate her in any way. I was going to find myself a stable job and move out of the house as soon as possible.
I moved towards the kitchen to fix myself dinner. There was Jollof rice and fried turkey. I pulled a silver bowl out and dropped it in the microwave.
While waiting for the food to get warm, I decided to surf the web. Before now, I had advertises some oil perfumes and I was hoping to get some orders.
I smiled as I noticed that my posts had garnered over five hundred likes and reactions. I had twenty comments. Without wasting time, I clicked on the comment box. Someone named “Creamy Aurora,” had ordered for fifty bottles at a go!
Okay, her name was weird. And she wasn’t even friends with me on Facebook, yet she was interested in the oil perfumes. Each bottle of the perfume was ten thousand naira. I couldn’t breathe. I was excited!
If Aurora would buy fifty bottles, I will have money to rent my own house!
I tapped on her profile immediately, and sent her a request. Aurora was short and chubby. She had a smooth chocolate complexion. From all indications, she was a high class babe.
Me: Hi, thank you for showing interest in my products.
CreamyAurora: Hi, I don’t think I know you. And I never made any order. I use designers.
My heart sank when she said this. If she hadn’t, then who did? Or was she scared if the price?
Me: The price is negotiable. I can give you for 8k each.
CreamyAurora: Lady, I don’t know you and I am not interested in your perfumes! Get the fuck off my inbox.
I bit my lip in shock. I felt like screaming. Why was she so rude? I decided to send her another message, before blocking her.
Me: Hey Aurora or whatever you callyourself. Learn to be polite and respectful. Drop the bitchy act. It doesn’t suit your profile picture.
CreamyAurora: Oops, I am so sorry for my sister’s behavior. Aurora gets that way when she hadn’t taken her drugs. Good evening Ego…
I pressed my lips together and glared at the screen. What the hell was happening here? Clearly, from the way the person addressed me, he/she knew me from somewhere.
It was my turn to ask questions.
Me: Good evening, please who are you?
CreamyAurora: Guess?
Me: I don’t have time…
CreamyAurora: Yinka Adediran. I was at your place today, though you refused to tell me what made you cry. I figured you’d be on Facebook, so I decided to check Nora’s friend’s list. I found you easily.
Me: You’re kidding right? No…no
CreamyAurora: Nope. I want to get those perfumes. Can you come to my office tomorrow? I’d love to pay in cheque. I am still old school. I am not a fan of mobile banking.
Slowly, all the things Nora told me about Yinka and his family replayed in my mind. Yinka was a young man but successful. Why was he interested in buying my perfumes when he could easily order from Dolce and Gabbana?
I felt uneasy as I recalled he’d flirted with me while at the house.
Normally, I would’ve avoided anything that would create a void between myself and Nora, but I was wiser now.

To be continued…

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