His words were slow, deliberate. I spilled wine on my dress. I couldn’t believe my ears.
“I am sorry, I shocked you.” Yinka produced a white handkerchief from his pocket and rubbed it over my lap. His strong and powerful hands had a burning effect on my skin. If I let him continue with the dabbing, I was going to do something stupid.
I pushed his hands away, “I am fine, thank you.” I forced a smile.
“Are you sure?” He asked in a concerned voice. I nodded.
Back to business, how could Yinka say something like this to me? Did he think I was stupid?
“I don’t understand why you will want to date two friends.” I scoffed. His brows contorted in a confused frown.
“Excuse me?” He adjusted his tie.
“Don’t even lie to me, Yinka. We are not supposed to have this discussion. I came here to advertise my goods, not to be in a relationship with you. Why would you want to cheat on my friend?”
Cheating with Yinka would have hurt Nora, the way she hurt me. But this was pointless. I had moved on from Charles. Sometimes, revenge was degrading.
The frown that ate his face vanished; it was replaced by a puckish smile.
“Is that what she told you? That we were dating?”
At this point, I decided that our conversation was over.
“Nora invited you to the house and introduced you as her boyfriend. And you expect me to believe otherwise? I see why you encouraged me to stand up for myself. You weren’t interested in buying my perfumes. You just found an opportunity to say crap to me. Have a nice day Yinka, but I am not interested in you.”
I felt hurt that he was only attracted to me, because he wanted me in his bed. What else did men want anyway?
Just in time, the door flew wide open and Nora walked into the room with Charles. She ignored me and stormed towards Yinka.
“Baby,” Charles flashed a smile and tried to talk to me.
“Charles, I just want to thank you for teaching me an important life lesson. Just so you know, I am aware that you were sleeping with Nora.” I could see the shock on his face. I enjoyed this.
I was about stepping out of the room when I heard Yinka’s voice. The sound of it always soothed me. It had a magical effect on my mind.
“Tell her Nora, tell her the truth!” I heard Yinka say.
“Baby please, it hasn’t come to this…” I heard Nora beg.
This was getting interesting. I couldn’t miss. I turned around and faced the trio. Nora was on her knees, begging for forgiveness. I wasn’t surprised. She was an unrepentant sinner. I wondered what she had done this time.
“I admit that I dated your friend. We have been dating for some months now. I’d begged severally to see where she lived, but she refused. She only invited me to the house, when I caught her cheating with my best friend, Ife.
I do not want her Ego; it is you that I want.”
So Nora cheated again? What was wrong with this girl? I froze. All eyes were fixed on me.
Charles moved next to me and grabbed my wrist.
“You cannot have this one cousin,” Charles bellowed.
“Why?” Yinka asked.
“I am still in love with her. Nora tricked me into leaving her, only to find out that she was just after my money. I am back in the country for a reason; I want to take Ego along with me.”
I don’t know if this idiot felt his empty words will impress me.
“Is that what you want?” Yinka fired a question at me.
I had never had this kind of experience. All my life, I had seen things like this in movies. But in this moment, I was at the middle of two handsome men. Who will be my prince charming?
“Answer him! Tell him about our relationship of many years. Baby, you cannot throw that away. I promise to change darling. I will do everything you want. I will never treat you badly or starve you of my attention.”
Gently, I pulled my hand away from Charles’. I ran out of the room, as fast as my legs could carry me.
I had never had this kind of experience before. I was in the middle of two handsome men. Who woud be my prince charming?
These thoughts consumed my thinking. My mind was a maze of diverse emotions. Hate, love, desire, peace, and jealousy…Tears stung my eyes as the memories of my relationship with Charles appeared in clusters. Well, Charles had been a good guy at a point, but he suddenly changed.
I don’t know what happened next. Maybe the tears that sprang up in my eyes had blocked my vision, or maybe the painful memories had destabilized me. But it happened like a flash of lightning.
I felt sharp pain hit my waist. The last I could hear were screams.

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Blood trickled on my lips; salty warm blood. My brain was foggy; dark and foggy. I was floating. I was drifting to paradise. I was heading for a world where there was no pain.
The last face that my mind could recognize was Nora’s. Her eyes burned like an inferno. Her lips were bitter with curses. And then, they parted in a macabre smile, one that would haunt me for many days.
“You thought you have won. I will make sure you don’t stand up from this bed.”
Maybe I was dreaming, or hallucinating, but I knew whose face I had seen. Nora’s grotesque face faded, and my mind was drowned in a sea of darkness. Unknown to me, I had been involved in a motor accident. And I had passed out. This would be my third day in the hospital.
A sharp and screeching sound resurrected my dying mind. Slowly, my lashes fluttered, and my eyes cracked open. At first, the sight of the bright light was blinding, but I adjusted immediately. I couldn’t see clearly. My vision was blurred. But I could tell that I wasn’t alone in the room.
The smell of the room was horrible. Okay, I hated drugs and the smell of it and this place reminded me of my “drugphobia.” I could also smell something else, antiseptic it was. My tummy rumbled. I felt nauseous. I was going to throw up any minute from now.
“She’s awake!” A heavy baritone drummed in my ears, and I was immediately aware of the male presence.
“No, it couldn’t be,” my lips shivered. I was confused. The voice was very familiar, and…
“You’re awake Ego, my baby is awake,” I felt a warm breath against my face. I still couldn’t see the face clearly. For some reason, my eyes found it difficult to take in the figure that loomed over me.
But I was certain of one thing; the man standing next to me in the room was Charles, my ex boyfriend. His presence made me very uncomfortable. What was he doing here? What was I doing here? The last thing that I could remember was running out of Yinka’s office. But why did I run? What happened before that?
So many questions flooded my mind. I needed answers right now! Where was Yinka? And where was my so called best friend?

To be continued…

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