Davina Diaries Fiction: The Perfect Gentleman Ep 6


“Baby, I thought I’d lost you. I am happy that the angels brought you back to life. You and I are meant to be forever.” Charles ran his fingers over my sweaty forehead, and I felt like punching him. But my strength would fail me if I tried. I felt weak. I felt numb from my waist to my legs. What exactly had happened to me?
I licked my lips and blinked my eyelids twice, still, I couldn’t see clearly. I didn’t want to say a word to my ex. Though I had forgiven him, there was no way we’ll go back. I couldn’t give him the chance to hurt me again. I still remembered what he had told me about Nora in Yinka’s office. He claimed that Nora had deceived him, but I didn’t believe one word. Charles was a proud and arrogant douche bag and he didn’t deserve a woman like me.
“Say something to me, Ego…” he sounded sad.
I clipped my lips together as I sensed the presence of another. The incoming figure was a tall man, and from what I could make out, he wore glasses.
“Oh, you two are already getting along.” The intruder flashed a smile.
Immediately, Charles jumped to his feet and was all smiles. From where I lay, I could tell that the man was the doctor.
“Good morning Ms. Ego,” He moved closer to my bed. This was the time to lay my complaint, and I couldn’t miss it.
“Good morning sir,” I flashed a shaky smile. I still didn’t understand how my vision could be blurry for more than five minutes.
“From the sound of your voice, I can tell that you are fine, but something is bothering you.” I was about telling him about my blurry vision, when he continued.
“You had a serious accident, but how you survived that spinal injury remains a miracle. We had to rush you to the Accident and Emergency Special word for a quick surgery. I am sure that you are feeling numb from your waist downwards, do not panic. The effect of the anesthesia would wear off under twelve hours. All you need to do is eat, rest and sleep. Also have a positive mind, because you are now perfectly fine.” The doctor explained.
I sighed with relief, knowing that I could walk, talk, breathe and live a normal life. But my vision still bothered me.
I was about to bring the topic up, when I heard the hissing of the door. A woman walked in, well, I knew she was a woman from the click of her heels. She was a nurse.
“Doctor,” she called the man in a sharp breath, one that scared me. It seemed that she had seen a ghost. Or perhaps, another patient was in critical condition.
“How can I help you Ms. Annie?”
The woman paused, then blurted out, “I just noticed some discrepancies in the patient’s report.” She flipped through some pages of the file she carried.
I held my breath. I had a bad feeling about this.
“What discrepancies?” The doctor swirled round and faced her.
“Someone has been administering a wrong dose of Alzidor to the patient. And we know the consequences of too much Alzidor in the blood stream.”
The doctor snapped at her, “My God! Haven’t you learned anything from all your stay in the hospital? What you’re doing is very unprofessional and you’ll receive a query. See me later in my office!”
Just as the doctor was about to walk out, I heard Charles murmuring, but I couldn’t make out the words. There was something about losing your eyesight, it heightened your sense of hearing. I had heard this before. And it was coming to pass.
I panicked! No, I can’t be blind. The thought of it, sent shivers down my spine and I started to feel my legs, even before the twelve hours elapsed.
“Excuse me?” The doctor stopped, it seemed he heard Charles clearly.
Remember, that Charles was also a medical doctor, though he would be practicing outside the country.
“Blindness,” Charles repeated loudly.
“You should learn how to keep your mouth shut!” The doctor snapped at him and rushed out of the room.
I was desperate. I had to say something. I couldn’t be left alone in this room. The vision of Nora’s wicked face flashed in my mind. Had I been dreaming, or had Nora really paid me a visit? Did she have anything to do with this?
“Charles?” I decided to keep our differences aside and talk to him. I had to know what was going on.
Charles rose to his feet, “Oh, so you can talk now? I have been in this room taking care of you for three days. I was so happy to see you wake, but you ignored me. Look, I know that I am not the best man out there, but I am better than a man like my cousin, Yinka. Yinka is a fraud. He is not who you think he is. Do not let him get into your head.”
I was disgusted that Charles would choose to talk about my personal life right then. My vision was blurred dammit!
“Don’t you think that this is the wrong timing for such a discussion? The nurse just made a shocking revelation about my treatment and you’re talking nonsense. If I should ever trust anyone in this life, it wouldn’t be you. You are a devil Charles!”
At this point, I was tired of having him around. He was useless to me. A man that had no conscience was less a man.

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“Is that what you’re saying Ego?” Charles scowled.
Though my vision wasn’t clear, but I could trace the edges of the bed which I lay upon. Without his assistance, I straightened on the bed, and fixed my sharp eyes on him.
“Only a fool receives a dog back. If you think that spending three days with me at this hospital will gain you a green card back to my heart, you wasted your time. Take out your phone and call one of my relatives. I am sure that you remember my cousin, Nene. She lives in Lagos.” I barked the orders.
Charles didn’t move. He didn’t flinch. He was frozen.
It dawned on me that Charles hadn’t changed one bit. He was quick tempered, and he usually reacted with a dead and coldly silence.
“Charles? Did you hear me? I need you to call Nene!” I cried in a soft voice. But I was wasting my time.
I pulled in a deep breath, and decided to try my last lifeline. I had to play the victim part, I was sure this would work.
“I am not seeing very clearly. My vision is blurred.” I complained, hoping to win some sympathy.
What followed shocked and terrified me.
“It seems you’re already in love with my cousin, it’s pathetic. I wasted three days of my time, waiting for you to wake up. Did you even ask about him? He travelled to Malta. He doesn’t give a shit about you. But I did.
But darling, I don’t know…” he walked towards me and grabbed my hair gently.
“I don’t care about your eyes and what lies in wait for them. I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life with a blind woman. I am a doctor, and Alzidor blinds people swifter than cobra’s venom. You have a few hours, until your sight is completely gone.
There’s no point watching over someone like you.”
My lips jittered; I felt my hands go cold as I listened to his disdainful voice.
“Charles please help me,” I found myself doing what I hated most; begging an ass hole like him. But I had no choice. I had to beg.
Tears splashed on my cheeks. I don’t know what hurt me most. The fact that I was going to lose my sight or the fact that I had no one to take care of me right now; where was Yinka? Where was the love that he professed to me?
“Too late, you are already in love with him. I leave for London soon. I guess Yinka would no longer be interested in a blind woman.” Without hesitation, he breezed out of the room and shut the door quickly behind.
Slowly, pain engulfed me. Fear was in the air. I wasn’t alone. I was in a dark place.
“Somebody help me!” I screamed with everything in me, until the wave of blackness that I had experienced earlier covered me again.
My mind drifted far away. My body was weak. I had passed out again. It was going to be a long stay at the hospital.

To be continued…

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