“You were the one?” I couldn’t believe my ears. Nora had just confessed to adulterating my drip with large amounts of Alzidor; the drug that had almost blinded me!
I hated her in that moment. She was a devil incarnate. I felt hurt and tremendously shocked. I had suspected Charles all along, because of the swift way he dumped me at the hospital.
“Yes, I was the one who slipped the blinding venom into your drip. You are dead Ego. You should be in the underworld.” Nora replied with a confident smug.
I was now certain that she was drunk. She could pull that trigger anytime and I would be dead for good. I couldn’t let Nora win this one. I had to fight for myself. I had to stand up in defense.
My eyes danced all over the room, in search of a weapon to defend myself. The only thing that I could use was a stiletto, it lay next to me. But I would have to hit her hard with it.
“I guess you’re ready to die now. Once Yinka knows about your demise, he would crawl back into my arms like the slave that he is. You are forgotten Ego. I am about to erase you permanently from my mind…”
At this point, my fingers were tightly curled on the heel.
“It seems we are not alone,” I pretended like I had seen someone else in the room. And immediately, her attention was divided. She tilted her head backwards so she could see the person. This was my chance to salvation. I couldn’t miss it.
I straightened and harnessed all the energy left in me.
In a flash of light, I rammed the sharp heels against Nora’s skull and she screamed; I had scarred her face. Blood rushed out from the wounded place as a river. The gun fell from her hands.
“You…you…y,” she stuttered and fell to the ground. The impact of the metallic heel had been effective. Nora passed out at once.
Tears stung my eyes as I stared at her sleeping frame. I grabbed the gun. I was filled with a rush of power, sadness and the urge to revenge. There was no better time to end her life than now.
Scenes of her betrayal and all the humiliating things that Nora had done flashed through my mind. My fingers were shaking; my breathing was slowed. My mind was trapped in memories. I was momentarily cut away from reality. My eyes were fixed on the gun, fixed on her body…
“I hate you,” I sobbed. My fingers found the trigger. I was going to pull it.
“I can’t…no, no I am not a killer,” I whispered.
I tossed the gun on the floor and rushed towards my box. I had to get out of the house as soon as possible. If I killed Nora, I would end up in jail and I didn’t want to give her that satisfaction.
I was almost done with packing, when I heard a car roar. As I rushed towards the window, I found a police van. My heart skipped. I needed to hide the gun because my fingerprints were on it and that could get me into trouble.
I was about leaving for the gun when the doors of the vehicle were pushed open and two familiar people stepped out. I quickly recognized the doctor that had treated me and the security officer that I had seen before leaving the hospital.
“What now?”
I completely forgot about the gun as I rushed to get the door. I wasn’t comfortable about the sight of a police van in my driveway. I had to get rid of these men as soon as I could. But what would they want? Last I checked, I was a peace loving and obedient citizen. I don’t remember committing any crime or being part of a criminal alliance.
“Good afternoon,” I greeted the men as I pulled the door open.
“Afternoon, are you Ms. Nora?” The fierce looking officer presented his Identity Card.
The doctor chipped in, “No she isn’t. Ms. Nora is the offender and Ms. Ego is the victim.”
I was tempted to ask questions on hearing this, but I decided to hold my peace while waiting for the right time.
“Is she in?” The officer ignored the doctor’s statement.

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I ran my tongue over my lips. I had to explain to them what had happened. In a rush and with anxiety, I told the men how Nora had attacked me with a gun and I was left with no choice but to defend myself.
“Satisfactory,” the doctor nodded.
My brows furrowed in confusion. I didn’t understand why these men had come asking questions about Nora.
“Is everything alright?” I muttered under my breath, but my voice was sharp enough to be heard.
The officer shrugged, “It appears that you friend had sneaked into the hospital to carry out a little shady business but she was caught by the Monitoring team on camera as she stepped into your room. We have reason to believe that Ms. Nora was behind the traces of Alzidor that was found in your drip because her name wasn’t on the visitor’s list. We would take her for questioning. She needs to explain why she’d come to the hospital.”
I believed the man completely. Nora had openly confessed to me. I wanted to tell these men so badly about her confession, but I had no evidence. I decided to let it go. If they found anything on her at the station, she was never coming back home.
“I knocked her out; you’ll have to resuscitate her first before taking her to the station.”
The doctor chuckled, “That wouldn’t be a problem. I came with my first-aid box.”
We all walked towards the room together and I stood aside as I watched the doctor revive my friend. When Nora woke, her eyes were clear but still filled with hatred and bitterness as she looked towards my direction.
She scoffed when she noticed what I had done to her face.
“I couldn’t kill you at the hospital, but I will come back.”
A thrill ran down my spine as I exchanged glares with the officer. Just then, I knew that Nora had openly confessed to harboring malicious feelings about me. She had admitted her evil plans to all those present.
“You have every right to remain silent Miss.” The officer walked towards her and dragged her to her feet.
At first she wanted to struggle but she stopped.
“You did this? You called the police on me?” She faced me.
“Nope, she didn’t. You did that when you sneaked into her room, unaware that a camera was recording your illegal move.” The officer quickly corrected her.
Nora’s face paled. She swallowed and peeled her eyes away from me.
“You have no right to take me! I will call my lawyer.” She waved a finger over the officer’s face.
The man agreed, “Of course you will. But you must come with me now. It’s either you respect yourself and comply gently or I bundle you to the van. Take a decision.”
Nora released her hands to be handcuffed calmly. As she was being led out of the house, I felt relieved, knowing that she would never come back to my life. I would hire a lawyer as well. I would sue her for almost blinding and killing me. This case was in my favor.
“You won,” she dropped her accusing gaze on me.
I shook my head, “There was never a battle, only in your head. I loved and cherished you as a friend, but you only saw me as a competition.”
Nora affirmed my accusation with a nod.

To be continued…

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