Maybe this was God’s way of connecting me to a job in an oil company. I couldn’t wait to see Yinka the next day.
All of a sudden, I smelt fumes from the kitchen.
The microwave was still on! I sighed and rose from the bed when the golden sun parted the clouds. Morning had come and I had to face what awaited me at Yinka’s office. One thing was certain, if Yinka made any advances towards me, I would push him away. I wasn’t like my friend Nora, who had betrayed me by dating my ex boyfriend. I loved to forgive and live in peace.
I pulled off my lacy nightwear and moved towards the mirror. My eyes were puffy and reddish; I hadn’t slept enough. Well what kind of person would sleep when a person like Yinka Adediran wanted their products? Okay, maybe you don’t understand, but imagine the son of Bezos coming to you like that.
My heart raced. I was excited. I was about moving towards the bathroom when Nora rapped on my door.
“I can do this; I will not hold anything against her.” I whispered to my reflection.
“When did you start locking your door?” Those were her words when I pulled the door open.
I felt like returning, “When I realized you are Lucifer’s wife.” But I knew better. I didn’t want to start what I couldn’t finish. When I was ready to straighten things out, I would confront Nora and move out of the house.
“Um, reflex…” I smiled.
She was already dressed for work. She wore a golden jumpsuit which revealed her camel toe and the surface of her silky boobs. This dress was everything scandalous.
“Are you going to work?” I laughed.
She ignored me and breezed into my room.
“You don’t seem to understand how lucky I am. Yinka has never visited any of his employees. He likes me Ego. He likes me a lot.” She seemed very confident.
I shrugged, “What makes you so sure? Most rich guys are players.”
She flashed me a cold stare, “Assumption is wrong. Yinka isn’t your typical rich spoilt brat. He works really hard for his money. That is the kind of man that I want. I want him to put a ring on my finger. I don’t just want money and gifts this time around. I want settlement.”
Maybe I was hallucinating, but as Nora was speaking to me, I could see dollar signs glowing in her eyes. The girl was damn ambitious!
“As a matter of fact…he is a boob’s guy.” She winked and pointed at her cleavage. I quickly looked away. I felt she wasn’t properly dressed for one who worked in such an organization.
Nora grabbed a red lipstick from my dressing table and smeared it over her lips. She brushed her Indian hair and waved me goodbye.
“Make sure you prepare me something delicious to eat, when I return.”
“Alright, bye,” I waved back.
As I watched Nora leave, a sick feeling crept into my belly. What was I doing? Was my eagerness to go to Yinka’s office all about the perfume? Was I attracted to him?
I rubbed my belly and sat at the edge of my bed. I had to weigh things carefully. Nora was obviously smitten by Yinka. And she was determined to have him at all cost. Nora suited Yinka perfectly. She was a materialistic girl and a fashionista. I wasn’t. Nora was red. I was grey.
Tears stung my eyes as I remembered her betrayal. She wasn’t even sorry. I grabbed my phone. I had to distract my mind with something. I would check my emails and Facebook.
Once the screen came alive, a message popped up. At first, I thought it was a message from my network service provider; most of those messages were irrelevant. After going through my mails, I didn’t find anything new. I clicked on the message.
My heart almost stopped.
It was a message from my ex boyfriend, Charles, who had dumped me for Nora.
Ego, I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please I’d love for us to meet. Charles.
“Fool,” I scoffed.
I don’t know if his message boosted my self esteem, but I felt really strong in that moment. I decided to take a chance with Yinka. I would deliver the perfumes to his office, but I would drop them with his secretary.
Men were unpredictable creatures. Maybe I needed a break from them all.
I didn’t dress up. I wore faded denim and paid the taxi driver off.
“Well, well…” I inhaled deeply as I beheld the largesse building. The light blue establishment glowed like a jewel at night. From what I observed, the building had more than twenty five floors. All sort of cars were sprawled by the entrance. I have to admit this, I felt intimidated.
I didn’t belong here. This was a different world and another class entirely. My hands trembled and I almost let go of the bag I carried. Perspiration travelled down the bridge of my nose.
I dragged my feet forward. I had already come this far. I couldn’t turn back now. I found some security officers by the entrance. I greeted them politely and proceeded to get the necessary information.
“Please I have an appointment with Mr. Yinka Adediran. Can you direct me to his office?”
“Go to the tenth floor. You’ll see a receptionist. She’ll direct you.” One of the men replied. He was middle aged, bald and dark. I flashed a smile in gratitude.
I found an elevator and quickly got in. As expected, I got strange stares from smartly dressed, men and women. I felt like an outcast.
“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes.

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The elevator stopped on the fifth floor and some people rushed out. Two men in black strolled in, the taller one with a majestic gait. The musky scent of a very male cologne wafted through my nostrils. It was the nicest fragrance I had ever perceived. Whoever that man was, he knew how to wear a perfume.
At first I thought I didn’t hear well. Nobody knew me here, so who would know my name?
But when I heard a deep baritone, drawling, “Ego…” I had to follow the direction of the voice. When I looked up, I noticed that the tall man had taken off his shades.
My knees grew weak. I lost my voice as I searched his eyes.
“Ego?” He seemed excited to see me, but I wasn’t.
“Charles, what are you doing here?” I managed in a weak voice.
My ex was in the same elevator with me and in the same company where the guy I was crushing on worked.
Charles moved closer to me, “I came to see my cousin.”
“Your cousin?” My brows furrowed.
“Do you happen to know Yinka Adediran? He is my cousin from my mother’s side.”
When Charles said this, I couldn’t argue. While we were dating, Charles had mentioned that his mother was an Ijebu woman. And I always teased him about it.
“I am sorry for everything Ego. I am sorry for the way I treated you. I was blinded…” He trailed off.
And without warning, he bruised my lips with a kiss. I felt nauseous as the memories of his betrayal came alive.
Unknown to me, the elevator had stopped at the tenth floor and the door was open. I could hear people murmuring and giggling. It dawned on me that more people had come into the elevator.
“Get away from me!” I struggled to break free from this unwanted kiss. Charles was huge, and pushing him away wasn’t easy. He staggered and almost fell. He wiped his lips and smiled in a puckish manner.
“You’re still as delicious as a black berry. I’ll never stop loving you.”

To be continued…

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