Davina Diaries Fiction: The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

Queens of Tomatoe Island

‘I don’t know, she doesn’t stay this long, let me try her number’ Bilkisu dialed her lover.

She didn’t know why, but a sick feeling spread over a body as Ifeoma wasn’t picking her calls.

‘It’s not going through, I don’t know what to do. I am scared’ Bilkisu voiced her fears.

‘Maybe we should go there’ Feyi suggested.

‘And do what? It’s not like you ever liked Barnie anyway’ Bilkisu scoffed.

‘I don’t and never liked her. there is something sinister about her; she reminds me of someone, I feel I’ve seen her before’ Feyi rubbed her chin thoughtfully. She hardly forgot a face, why will Barnie’s be different?

Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Episode 2

The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

Bilki fiddled her keypad for some moments.

‘I don’t know what to make out of this, do you remember Elizabeth’s younger sister? Feyi suddenly asked after some moments of silence.

‘Younger sister? Truthfully, when Elizabeth died, I buried all the memories I had of her’ Bilkisu said.

‘Maybe Ekaette could help, sorry I mentioned her Feyi; we still need her help’ she quickly added.

‘Maybe’ Feyi retorted.

‘She did it!’ Bilkisu screamed. Since her line wasn’t going through, she had checked her WHATSAPP messages; though it was just one, Ifeoma had succeeded in sending a picture.

‘Let me see’ Feyi hovered over her.

The picture portrayed four young girls in their teenage years. Feyi was first, Ekaette second, then followed Bilkisu who was the shortest in the picture and then Elizabeth.

‘What have we gotten ourselves into’? Feyi’ hands shook as she stared at Elizabeth’s face.

‘Feyi…this is scary, whoever Barnie is, I have this feeling that she knows what we did to Elizabeth.’ Bilkisu threw the picture on the ground.

The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

‘Then I guess my hunch was right, they share the same eyes’ Feyi pressed a shaky hand on her thigh.

‘It all makes sense now. The lies, trying to tear us apart, if Barnie is actually related to Elizabeth as it seems, I fear she has returned for revenge’

‘I am willing to move past whatever Ekaette did to me, we’ll handle that later. We have to solve this puzzle, else our lives and career we have suffered to build would end in jeopardy’ Feyi faced the truth.

‘What about Ifeoma? I have a feeling she is in trouble’ If anything happened to her, she wouldn’t live with herself, she had put her up to this.

‘You know what? Go to Barnie’s house and check for Ifeoma, while I go to Kat’s house. If she isn’t there, I’d call her shop’ Feyi suggested.

‘Yea, good idea. Let’s do it’ Bilkisu fetched her keys and trailed behind Feyi.

Timi was disturbed by the news of the obscene photo of himself and Ekaette kissing. If that Picture was leaked, bloggers would have a filled day.

‘Here is her place, she lives here’ Maggie tapped her husband who’d been at a high speed.

‘I know, I sold it to her remember’?

‘I can’t wait to see that psycho’ Timi cursed. What did she plan to do with the picture anywhere? Was she sent from hell to blackmail him?

‘Timi, come along’ Tom pulled open the car door and interrupted his thoughts.

‘That’s Ekaette’s car, what would she be doing here’? Maggie was the first to notice the black Honda Civic.

‘Me too’ this time Timi paled. What if Ekaette had been a trap for him by his opponents? But he quickly reminded himself that he initiated their affair.

The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

‘Her car isn’t here, maybe she isn’t here, Barnie I mean’ Maggie observed.

‘Well, what are the doors for, let’s go in and check’ Tom led the procession.

Maggie was surprised that Barnie had fed her lies and she had opened up herself in the process.

‘Nobody is home, this door is open’ Timi pulled it and stepped in easily.

‘Barnie? Are you home’? Maggie called sweetly.

‘You guys should handle this, the detective is calling’ Tom moved away from them.

‘I think we should leave Timi, breaking and entering someone’s house is illegal’ Maggie was uncomfortable with what they were doing.

Timi shrugged ‘And minding one’s business I crucial, why did she take photos of I and Ekaette kissing’

Maggie bit her lip to quench the anger that bubbled inside of her. Why would any man justify his cheating ways?

Timi felt irritated as he gazed at Maggie; he knew she was not supportive of his infidelity. He quickly moved away from her and deeper into the large apartment.

‘Little Bastard’ Maggie sneered.

Then her thoughts fell back on Barnie and she dwelled on them. Why had she wanted to hurt Ekaette so bad? There must have been a reason.

Her eyes took in every detail of Barnie’s house, she observed her drapes and wall paint even the light bulbs were all yellow.

The wind blew quietly and lifted the curtains up, she thought she was hallucinating, and then she heard the footsteps again.

A wave of coldness enveloped her and she suddenly felt afraid. It was as if Barnie’s house was haunted.

‘Who’s there’? she paused and swirled round, but there was nothing.

Then she heard a loud scream that almost crashed the building, it was Timi’s voice. She quickly rushed to his direction.

They had arrived Ekaette’s house; a duplex, well guarded with a tax rate, a high fence and barb wires.

They’d stood there knocking for eternity and there wasn’t any answer.

Bridget had suggested they return back to Uyo and check her another time, but he had quickly reminded her of the fact that time was a luxury they couldn’t afford.

So he did what he thought was best:

‘Good day Mr. Thomas, I need your help urgently’ he pressed the phone against his ear

‘Detective, how nice of you to call, sorry I couldn’t get back to you concerning the Ekaette Anderson case. I promise to check I was very busy’ Tom replied.

The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five


‘Did you just say Ekaette Anderson’?Emeka exchanged glances with him. This was another proof, that his client knew Ekaette personally why were they hiding her?

‘Well, that would not be necessary, we’re standing right in front of her house and she isn’t home. Can you help, do you know where she works’? Emeka asked.

‘You’re in Tomato Island? Why didn’t you call me’? Tom was surprised.

‘I had my reasons’ Emeka paused as he heard some noise in the background.

‘Hello? Mr. Tom are you there’?

There was dead silence, the kind that exaggerated the fall of a pin.

Then the piercing scream came again, accompanied with ‘She killed her’.

‘Mr. Tom’? Emeka called gently hoping for a response, but there was none.

‘What happened’? Bridget could spot a frown on his forehead.

‘I lost him, something’s up’ Tom was confused on what to do next.

‘Boss’|? Bridget drawled.

‘Yes,’ he replied curtly.

‘I think she is here’ Bridget pointed at the brown Toyota parked in front of them.

‘Feyi’? Is she here too’? Emeka’s eyes lit in surprise as he recognized her at once, he wondered if she’ll recognize him.

She had not expected to see anyone at Ekaette’s house; she rarely had visitors and this one called her name.

Feyi took in the rugged features of the man; a tall slender dark skinned man in his early forties. Something in the way his eyes sparkled and the perfect line of his jaw spoke to her.

‘Emeka? Emeka Peters’? her lips curled in a smile.

‘Feyi!’ he embraced her.

‘It’s been ages, you just disappeared, what happened to you’? she beamed in surprise.

‘I left for the States, majored in Forensics and Criminology’ he detailed her.

‘So you’re a detective eh’? she was happy for him.

‘Yes, I came here for your friend, I didn’t know she had made a name for herself in the fashion world’.

‘How could you forget? How could you forget? She was your girlfriend and the most fashionable one amongst us’ Feyi replied.

She scanned the duplex briefly, obviously, Ekaette wasn’t home.

‘She isn’t home and I really need to see her’ he said.

‘Same here and her lines aren’t going through’ Feyi sighed, this was a strict situation.

‘What do we do’?

End Of  The Queens Of Tomato Island S1-Eps Twenty Five

To be continued….

The Queens Of Tomato Island

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  1. I hope Barnie is found fast&kat survives this bcux that Barnie girl is a psycho. Emeka is in d picture now, he can help. But Barnie has gotten herself more twisted in her verge for revenging her sister.. Keeping my fingers crossed o


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