It was going to be hard to resist her; she wore a pencil skirt on a cashmere blouse; her make –up was light but still smashing; her lips were nude and her eyes were lightly lined. It was the curve of her eyebrows that attracted him that morning. Diana was a queen; he wanted to make that queen his’.


Vale of Angels S1- Eps 22


Her heart fluttered at those words; he still thought her beautiful? Did he like her? What of the things he had said to her back at the coffee shop?

‘Thank you sir’ she rose to her feet sluggishly as all eyes turned on her.

‘Can you pray for us’? He asked with smiling eyes.

‘Sure’ she shrugged, she couldn’t remember the last time she prayed, but she was willing to try.

She drew in a deep breath and opened her mouth to pray.

‘Help us to be wise in our decision making and taking, guide us not to argue too much in this meeting’ Diana trailed off as a horrible stench filled the air. What was that? She flipped her eyes open and realized everyone was as shocked as she was.


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Davina Diaries Fiction: Vale of Angels Episode 1

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‘What do you think you are doing’? Gibbs asked Omale who had been dragged into his office.

The news was everywhere; he had released some names of clergy men on the internet and Nigerians were having a fun day with it especially the On Air Personality, Baby Freeze, whose well known hobby was clergy men bashing.

‘Do you realize I can lose my job? I would make sure you pay for this’ Gibbs pounded his feast heavily on the table.

Omale was not moved by his threats; he knew deep down that he wasn’t coming out of this alive; and so had nothing to fear.

‘Chimobi’s name would be next on that list, and you know how Nigerians would react’ Omale replied coolly.

‘Why are you doing this? Back then, I thought Chimobi was your friend, why do you want to tarnish his image on the internet, do you know how many clients he would lose because of you’? Gibbs asked.

‘And that is the more reason you should let me speak to him, one on one’ Omale cut in impatiently, was it too much to ask?

‘You’re a guilty man and you have no right to make demands’ Gibbs snapped his fingers, the door flew wide open and his men rushed in.

‘If you don’t grant my request, Chimobi would be next. I must speak to him before the end of today; I give you four hours to fix up that meeting else I would ruin him and everything will be on you’ Omale scowled angrily.

‘Take this idiot away’ Gibbs yelled angrily.


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‘She looks bad’ Diana’s lips trembled as she recognized the woman that had stepped into the conference room.

‘The smell is worse’Saddiya murmured.

There was murmuring and whispering in the hall as the drunken woman surged forward unhindered. Most people knew her; they recognized her even in her dead drunk state.

‘Seyi? What are you doing here’? Chimobi’s heart sank as he saw his wife.

‘Sir, we tried not to let her in, but she overcame us’ the security guards rushed into the conference room.

Heat rose up at the base of his neck at this humiliation; this was the height of it all; how could Seyi do this to him? He was never going to be respected by his employees; she had made a mockery of him.

‘You fool! You’re sleeping with her’! Seyi groaned and staggered.

‘What are you talking about’? Chimobi asked.

‘Her’! Seyi raised a finger and scanned the faces of the people in the hall, her finger fell on Diana.

‘Oh my God’ Saddiya whispered.

‘You’re drunk, get her out of here’ Chimobi felt this embarrassment was too much for him to bear.

‘No, let me finish, you dick’ Seyi chuckled.

‘I remember you…’ her face lit as she moved closer to Diana.

‘Stay away from her’ Chimobi rushed to Diana’s rescue.

‘You whore, you slept with him back then and got pregnant; did you ever think he will love you?  Look at what loving him turned me into’ she sneered at Diana who was too weak, too shocked to say anything.

‘Get her out of here’ Chimobi called to the guards.

‘Whore! You are the one fucking my husband, I am so sure of it but like the past, you can never win him; he would reject you once again, just like he did before his parents’.

Those were Seyi’s last words before the men dragged her away amidst her loud screaming and cursing.

‘I am so sorry’ Chimobi said to Diana. He knew Seyi’s words had brought back painful memories; he could see the hurt in her eyes.

‘Diana? Did you hear him’? Saddiya held her friend closely.

She said nothing. She did nothing. She was too afraid, too shaken as the ghosts of her past paid her a visit. Tears poured down her eyes as she stared into his eyes; was Seyi right? Was he going to reject her a second time?

Without warning, Diana pushed her friend’s hands off her and ran out of the conference room; she hated herself; she hated Chimobi; she cried all the way out.

She felt trapped by a myriad of emotions. Love; hate; sadness; frustration.

‘Diana’! Chimobi called after her, he knew she wasn’t in a good state and could do something stupid.

‘This meeting is over’ he announced and rushed outside to meet her.

‘Diana, please, do not get into that car, you are not in the right frame of mind to drive, please listen to me’ he found her in the Parking lot.

‘Stay away from me, you dirty bastard’ she cried, before speeding off.

‘No’ Chimobi sobbed as he watched her leave.

‘Where is she’? Saddiya arrived minutes later.

‘Gone’ he replied.

‘We have to chase after her, I don’t trust her driving when she is upset’ Saddiya said.


To be continued…..

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