‘Gone’ he replied.

‘We have to chase after her, I don’t trust her driving when she is upset’ Saddiya said.


Vale of Angels S1 Final Episode


‘What are you going to do now boss’? One of his subordinates asked as Omale was dragged out of the office.

‘I don’t know Femi, I don’t know how to break this news to Chimobi’ Gibbs sank into a chair.

‘What news? Are you saying that the criminal is telling the truth’? The man asked.

Gibbs suddenly recollected himself, he realized he had misspoken; nobody could ever know the ugly secret about Chimobi’s marriage.

‘No, not at all, he isn’t telling the truth but still, my friend would feel somehow if his name should appear on that list since he is innocent’ Gibbs replied.

‘You can handle this sir, you have handled tougher cases’ Femi said to his boss.

‘And you need not worry about your friend if he is innocent’ he added and made for the door.

‘One more thing sir’ Femi paused.


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‘Yes’? Gibbs was impatient; he couldn’t wait to get rid of this pest who was close to finding the truth about his best friend.

‘Someone called me from Abuja’ Femi began…

‘Yes’? Gibbs was eager to hear the news, Femi had been the man he had given the responsibility of finding Diana’s and Chimobi’s child, though he didn’t know that.

‘It was a middle-aged woman that has lived in that area for a long time’.

‘So what did she say’? Gibbs drummed his fingers impatiently on the table.

‘That she knew someone by the name Obinna Okachi; it was actually a nickname for the bearer who was a Yoruba man but was born and bred in the East’ Femi replied.

‘So’? Gibbs raised a brow hoping that wasn’t all.

‘She said the man and his wife relocated to Lagos but he died years later from what she learned’.

‘Did she tell you anything about the man’s widow? Does she know where she lives now or anything about the child’? Gibbs couldn’t wait to hear it all.

‘No…’ Femi replied sharply.

‘No? So why did she call in the first place’? Gibbs felt disappointed by Femi’s reply.

‘I don’t know, but she seemed to be hiding something; should I call her back and put more pressure on her’? Femi asked.

‘Of course! Call her back, she must tell you everything’ Gibbs thundered.

He decided he would tell Chimobi the truth about Seyi, even if it meant losing his friendship; it was worth it. Chimobi had suffered enough.


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An hour had passed since she stood by the roadside, waiting for a bus to convey her to her place of work but none passed. From the little inquiry she made from other people who had been waiting for the buses too, she learned the bus drivers were on strike and this meant she needed to take a cab.

‘What a frustrating day’ she sighed as she trekked. She didn’t have enough money for a cab so she decided to trek a little distance away from the bus stop so her fare wouldn’t be so expensive.

All her thoughts were focused on her boss and how she would confess to him what she had planned with his wife; the more she thought about it, the more her stomach swirled; she hated the feeling that washed over her; it was pure dread.

Her mother had always taught her to be straightforward and honest but her greed for money had landed into a trap with Seyi which she didn’t know how to escape.

Seyi was Chimobi’s wife, and as his wife, she could manipulate him to any degree that she wanted; this was her greatest fear.

What if Seyi said something different to her boss? What if she lied about what really happened?

‘Then I would be so doomed’ Tola voiced out her fears.

Tears brightened her eyes as the disturbing thoughts continued to bug her mind; she dug her hand into her bag and fetched her phone and her earpiece.

She was in a dilemma; Seyi was Pharaoh and Sean was the red sea.

Only the coolness of music could release her from the guilt and pain that she felt; only music could soothe her nerves now; only music could heal her and cure her from the anxiousness that she felt.

And it worked!

A smile played on her lips as her lips moved slowly; she was listening to Davido’s “Fall” and it really did magic.

In that moment, everything else seemed lost: her pain; the honking of cars; the cries of child hawkers and the people that were staring at her and screaming for her to run, to move away.

‘Banana fall ….’ She trailed off as her voice disappeared.

‘Arh’! She screamed as the pain took hold of her. She fell down to the ground as her blood spilled freely.

 Unknown to her, a car had been dangling from behind but her music had blocked her out from what was coming. The car rammed itself into her lower body.



***********************THE END************************

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