‘You cannot do that…’Gibbs felt helpless.

‘Watch me’ Omale returned.


Vale of Angels S2- Eps 13


Her face was still flushed and angry after the episode with Lola; she felt really angry that the girl would plant a camera in her office and what angered her most was the ability for someone to fool her a second time, with the first being Chimobi.

She was taken completely by Lola’s angelic look and had almost paid the price for it. Chimobi had acted like an angel too, before he slept with her twenty years back, after then, he changed into a devil.

She felt relieved that the girl had taken the camera off; she had spent extra time checking her chairs and all the furniture in her office to be certain there weren’t more of the mini cameras.

Satisfied, she wiped her hands and carried the files that she needed to drop over at Chimobi’s office.

She suddenly felt nervous as she thought of seeing him again; her palms were sweaty; her heart beat increased slightly as she stared at her reflection on her glassy table.

After some minutes of checking herself, she decided she was fit to go and see him.

‘The door is open’ Chimobi called to the person knocking on his door. He wasn’t looking towards it as his eyes were firmly glued to his computer screen.

Diana’s heart stopped as she stared at the handsome man before her; she felt deeply excited as she saw him; this was confusing and beyond her control. One moment, she hated him, one moment she liked him.

He got accustomed to the flowery scent of her perfume since she arrived Nigeria from Johannesburg; he could smell her from afar and that was what happened when the door flew open and someone stepped in. He knew who that someone was, Diana.


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‘Good morning’ she greeted and moved towards the table with her files.

‘Dia…na’ he stammered as he looked up. She was always beautiful and anytime he saw her he felt his love increase. Why couldn’t she just give him a chance?

‘Mr. Adams’ she said curtly, trying to sound professional. This only evoked a laugh from him, one that reached his eyes; a throaty laugh that sounded really sexy.

‘I don’t remember cracking a joke’ she quickly placed the files on the table and moved towards the door.

‘Wait’! He rose on his feet and walked towards her.

‘Yes’? She still maintained that formal tone.

‘Are you okay’? He noticed she sounded worked up about something.

‘Yes, I just dropped the files containing the sales details of last month’ she replied and reached for the doorknob.

‘Hey…talk to me, what is eating you up’? He placed his hands on hers gently.

The feel of his skin warmed her hands; it was delightful and she didn’t want him to take his hands off.

‘I am fine’ she insisted but allowed his hands to remain on hers. He moved closer to her and searched her eyes with his’.

‘No you are not and you are a terrible liar. Talk to me, is this about our child’? Chimobi’s tone softened as that thought came to mind.

She realized he really cared about her and their child; she felt she could trust him with what was bothering her.

‘I don’t think it is appropriate, it is not work related either is it related to our child’ he licked her lips.

‘I am willing to hear it’ he released her hands and then took them in his’ as he led her towards a couch. She didn’t resist him; she let him gain full control of her hands.

‘Now talk to me, tell me everything’ he ordered.

She could see he was interested in what bothered her. She couldn’t tell him about Sean seeing them make love; that would cost the fool his job and she wasn’t such a monster as he was to send Lola to plant a camera in her office.

She felt hurt that she had considered the girl her daughter; she was hurt by that betrayal. She was angry with herself for trusting someone else.


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‘I am just angry that I let myself trust someone and I was hurt badly’ she deliberately left Lola’s name and what she did out of it because it would still affect Sean at the end of the day.

Chimobi was quiet for a while, still searching her brown eyes; they seemed to be communicating to him and he understood where she was coming from.

‘Diana…I know I hurt you in the past and that is why you’ll always feel hurt whenever someone makes you trust them and hurt you in that process’ Chimobi said to her.

‘I know deep down you still hate me, but I am sorry; I don’t know how many times I’d say this enough; I am changed. I love you, Diana. I thought about you when you disappeared; my feelings for you have nothing to do with your new look. You could go blind today and I’d decide to be with you…’

‘Stop’ she raised a hand. She didn’t come for this. Tears sprang up in her eyes as he apologized.

‘No, Diana, No. Whoever hurt you must have resurrected the memories of that day; I am sorry that I made you fall in love and abandoned you. But you need to let it go, if you don’t forgive me with the whole of your heart, you’ll never be happy with me, any man you fall in love with or yourself’ Chimobi poured out his heart.

He was in love with this woman and he knew she loved him too but was still; holding back.

Tears poured down her face as she stared at him and realized that his words carried weight. She had not forgiven him totally; part of her yearned to hurt him twice as much as he’d hurt her.

‘I am sorry Diana, I want you to be happy more than anything and that is the reason I am working so hard to find our child’ he fell on his knees.

‘I can’t’ her lips shook as she cried.

‘I can’t forget it Chimobi; you humiliated me; you made me a fool; I trusted in you’ she replied and she was being honest.

‘I know what I did was wrong but how long would I pay for my sins’? He asked.

‘I can’t answer that’ she wiped her face.

‘I have tried Diana; I have really tried but I am tired of saying “sorry”. I pray you find it in your heart to forgive me and I hope you find a man that treats you right’ he rose to his feet as he realized she was never going to get past what happened twenty years back.

‘You can leave now’ he walked to the door as he released her from his heart.

Fear embraced her as his words re-echoed in her brain; what if she never found a man like him?

She was about leaving when her phone rang, she decided to take it.

‘Diana Anyebe on the line’ she wiped her face another time and focused on the call.

Chimobi was watching her the whole time; he wondered who had called and with what news as her face contorted into a frown.

‘Are you okay Diana’? He moved towards her as she dropped the phone on the couch and placed her hands on her head.

‘What is it’? He rushed towards her.

‘Tola and her mother are nowhere to be found’ Diana replied. Her innermost fears came to life as she realized Mrs. Obinna Okachi had lied to her. If Tola wasn’t her biological daughter, what reason would the woman have to elope with the wounded girl?


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  1. Diana you better grab him now. He is sorry for crying out loud. There is no better man out there. He may be better than the rest.

  2. You should let the hurt go already Diana.
    I pray you find madam okachi the thief soon. That woman so deserves to be punished for playing with her emotions like that.


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