‘You have been watching too much fantasy movies’ Saddiya laughed. Her laughter did not go without a twin, Diana joined.


Vale of Angels S2- Eps 26


That emptiness he had felt before Diana had called him to pick her up had returned. This pain of being betrayed by his wife and best friend did not sit well with him. Even his love for Diana could not numb the pain.

Maybe it would’ve been easier for him to get over it if Seyi had been his girlfriend and not his wife. Or maybe if they had not spend the past twenty years together.

‘They both lied to my face, made me a fool’ Chimobi grumbled as he fetched a bottle of scotch from the cellar. This was all he could think of. This brown biting liquor was the only way he could kill this pain he was feeling.

He had been out there fighting, making money and a name for his children, the children he had believed he would have with Seyi.

‘God knows if that bitch even had a womb’ he pondered on that possibility.

If she could take drugs for twenty years without him noticing, then she had more deadly secrets buried in her belly.

Had he been too engrossed in work? Had Seyi ever felt abandoned? Had he been too busy to notice the signs of drug addiction in her?

He filled his glass with the drink and gulped it down. It burned his lips. It trickled down through his throat and warmed his belly.

He hurriedly fixed himself with another glass; he wanted to forget this pain completely. His hate for Gibbs blossomed. Even if Seyi had lied, why did his best friend join her?

He rubbed his hands together, ready to swallow the next glass when his phone vibrated against the table.

It was Dr. Obot ringing.

His heart stopped as he remembered what he had asked the doctor to do.

Had he confirmed it? Was Tola actually his daughter?

‘Hello good evening doctor’ Chimobi placed the phone against his ear. He felt glad the drink had not gotten to his head yet.

‘Good evening…Mr. Adams’ the man replied with a heavily tensed voice.

Chimobi could feel it, he could feel the consternation in the man’s voice. What were the results?

‘I am sorry Mr. Adams but Omotola is not your daughter, the test results just came to me’ the doctor replied.

‘Damn’ Chimobi swore under his breath but he didn’t feel too bad as he remembered her mother’s confession.


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Hell, what had he been thinking? The drink had really gotten to him as he had toally forgotten the woman’s confession.

‘But we did find something strange…’ the doctor continued.

‘Yes…’ Chimobi’s heart raced.

‘There was another girl in the ward, her blood samples that had been taken before her surgery matched yours. She…she seems to be your daughter’ the doctor replied, equally confused by the turnout of events.

‘What’? Chimobi was surprised. The mild intoxication that floated before his eyes quickly vanished.

‘I am absolutely sure, I had to do the test myself and that was the reason I ordered for the two girls to be merged in one room. It was really confusing’ the doctor replied.

‘Oh my God…what is her name? This other girl’? Tears welled up in Chimobi’s eyes.

‘Beatrice…’ the doctor read from the paper he held in his hand.


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Once the nurse parted the curtains and attended to the two patients in the room, she walked out of the room. Lola was on a bed opposite Tola and both girls were now fully awake, though Tola was still feeling a bit drowsy.

Koko’s eyes were fully on the next girl, she kept wondering why the girl was staring at her friend.

‘Have you met her before’? Koko whispered.

‘Who’? Lola’s eyes danced.

‘That girl…she has been looking at you’ Koko pointed to Tola who was now able to sit up straight on the bed.

‘Tola’? Lola immediately recognized her. She was the girl at Chimobi’s office.

‘Lola’? Tola’s eyes dimmed, they had been wide with wondering the whole time. The minute she had set eyes on Lola, she had a feeling that she had se4en that face before but she had not been too sure.

‘How are you…Oh my God…what are you doing here’? Lola’s mouth fell open as she stared at the bandages that were wrapped on her leg.

‘I should be asking you that…too’ Tola replied with a chuckle.

‘True…Um, I was hit by Saddiya…she works at your company’ Lola shrugged. She couldn’t blame the lady much, she had been careless on the road. But something deep down keep telling her that her accident had to do with the oath she had taken.

“Why is she calling you Lola, you should tell her your real name” Koko whispered, not too comfortable with “Lola”.

Lola smiled and ignored her friend, what was the point of revealing who she was really?

‘I know Saddiya…what a coincidence’ Tola was stunned that they had been hit by two friends.


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‘What is a coincidence’? Lola wondered.

‘It was Diana that hit me’ Tola answered.

At the mention of that name, her heart skipped, it raced. If this were true, then Diana would come to pay Tola a visit and would meet her in the room. She felt uncomfortable about seeing the face of the woman that she had wronged by taking sides with Sean who had dumped her after.

‘Don’t you like Diana’? Tola wondered as she spotted a frown on the other girl’s face. She almost said it, but she kept this to herself: Lola had a strong resemblance to Miss Anyebe.

‘Of course I do! I really do’ Lola forced a smile.

‘Yea…she is nice’ Tola replied and fell back on the bed. Thoughts about her mother returned. She didn’t know if she was prepared to meet the woman after she had sedated her and “kidnapped” her from the hospital with the most flimsy of excuses.

Minutes later, the flung wide open and two nurses came in.

‘Where are you taking me’? Tola noticed the wheel chair that had been brought in.

‘Back to your room’ one of the nurses replied.

‘Okay then, see you later’ Tola waved at Lola.

‘Recover fast’ Lola waved back.

‘You too’.

Once the nurses had successfully wheeled Tola out of the room, Koko rose to her feet and began to gather Lola’s things.

‘What are you doing’? Lola cocked a brow.

‘The right thing…I am taking you back to Madam Ezenunu’s palace’ Koko replied.

‘Are you okay? But I have not fully recovered and even if I was, I wouldn’t go back there for anything; are you too blind to see that there’s nothing but misery and disease there? What does she have over you’? Lola scoffed, she wasn’t terrified of Madam Ezenunu’s charms, she wanted freedom and she was ready to pay for it with her life.

‘I don’t really understand you Beatrice…we need to go and beg her to make a sacrifice to appease the deity you swore an oath to…you don’t really know how powerful this woman is. She is behind this accident of yours because you wanted to run away’ Koko replied.


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  1. Koko pls allow the girl to be, now that her her true identity has been discovered allow her to meet her parents”Chimobi and Dianna ” is up to them to decide ur suggestion of seeing that madam Ezenunu or not.


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