‘I don’t really understand you Beatrice…we need to go and beg her to make a sacrifice to appease the deity you swore an oath to…you don’t really know how powerful this woman is. She is behind this accident of yours because you wanted to run away’ Koko replied.

 Vale of Angels S2- Eps 27

Lola scoffed. She had felt so about the accident, but she didn’t care about her life anymore, what was life being a prostitute?

‘You can go if you want, I wouldn’t stop you from returning to the palace but keep me out of it, I am not interested in being a prostitute any longer; send my wishes to Madam Ezenunu. I am really sure of what I want this time and I am never coming back’ Lola replied, feeling determined.

Koko stared at her friend, regarding her silently. In Beatrice’s eyes, she could see a confidence that had no roots, where did she get this boldness from? What would her life be like if she didn’t return to the palace?

‘Where would you stay? I hope you are not planning to go to Sean’ Koko wondered.

‘That is my problem, You can go now Koko. I will be fine’ Lola replied, feeling a heavy weight lift off her chest. This was the beginning of her freedom.

‘Okay then, but if anything goes wrong, always remember to call me; I am your friend and I will never turn my back on you’ Koko shrugged, she was sad about leaving, but she had a lot of clients waiting for her.

Lola was tired of convincing her, she was tired of begging her to shun prostitution. To her, some people didn’t need saving.

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‘I know you are wondering why I have chosen to work at the Palace…’Koko licked her lips nervously.

‘Yes? That is what I was just thinking about’ Lola nodded.

‘Well…not everyone is strong and hopeful as you. I don’t know what gives you this strength and boldness and assurance that you have a life outside the palace, but I like it. I am sorry I cannot be like you’ Koko muttered in a broken voice.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at her friend, Koko was right, not everybody could be as strong as she was.

‘I have to go now…I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but take care of yourself, will you’? Koko’s face split into a smile as she moved towards the door.

‘I will, I promise’ Lola lifted her hands and waved.

This was it, she wasn’t going back to the palace. She was prepared for the worst in the open streets if she didn’t find anywhere to stay. She was determined not to go back to Madam Ezenunu for help.

Her eyes were still fixed on the door as she watched her friend pause, it seemed someone else was at the door. And then, the door parted wider and he walked in. He walked in wearing a flowing Jalabir, had he come to take her to his home? Her heart raced as she stared into Mr. Adams’ face.

‘Good morning sir’ she managed, trying to sit up. Koko had returned to the room, suspicious of the stranger that had come to see her friend. She had never seen this man before and her job was to protect her friend.

Chimobi had found it difficult to sleep at night; the doctor’s revelation had tormented him; had plagued his mind and he found it difficult to focus.

He would’ve called Diane and relayed this information but he couldn’t. He needed to be sure of what the doctor had told him and that was the reason he left his house first thing in the morning to come see his daughter.

It was really strange, almost magical. He had asked for a D.N.A test of Tola and another test came out, showing the girl who was a split of Diana was his daughter.

As she stared into her brown eyes, he felt it was the younger version of Diana staring back at him.

Her eyes were almond shaped; her nose was round and well shaped; her lips were full just like Diana’s and so was her caramel complexion.

He had felt it. Something had moved inside of him the very first day he set eyes on the girl, who had been selling hair products in his company. She had been so beautiful and instantly reminded him of Diana. And then she had showed up again, asking for financial help.

His heart was broken as he stared into her face, if she truly was his daughter, he would hate himself more if anything had happened to her.

Lola stared back at him, his dark eyes were boring into her brown and she wondered why he was looking at her that way. His stare wasn’t lustful, no, it carried a message that she found hard to read, to understand.

‘Do you know him’? Koko quickly rushed to her friend’s bed, equally confused by the man’s silent stare.

‘Yes’ Lola quickly nodded.

He remembered Mrs. Obinna Okachi had mentioned the child had a black spot on her left hand; that was what he needed to check.

‘Let me see your hands’ he moved closer to her.

‘Oga, why do you want to see her hand’? Koko barked, who was this man and what did he want? Even though her friend agreed to know him, she was still not comfortable around him.

‘Koko…’ Lola sounded a warning; this wasn’t the time for her rudeness as this man was all she was hoping on.

You are Reading: Vale of Angels S2- Eps 27

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Without her verbal permission, he lifted her left hand and raked it with his eyes. His heart stopped as he spotted the darkened pattern on her left hand, close to her wrist.

‘Where did…how did you get this’? Chimobi asked.

‘Um…It’s a birthmark, I was born with it’ Lola replied.

‘Your mother…is that what she told you’? Chimobi tried to get information out of her.

Koko quickly cut in again, not comfortable with this nosy stranger, who did he think he was anyway? How could he barge into her friend’s room and fire her with so many questions?

‘Koko’! Lola called her to order. But she knew her friend was concerned about her, Mr. Adams was being intrusive and it worried her. Was he aware that she was a prostitute?

Her heart skipped at the possibility. Would he not help her if he realized what she had been doing for a living?

‘Answer me…’ Chimobi pressed on, hoping her answer would dissolve the heap of questions in his mind.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared into his face.

‘Why are you asking me all these questions’?

He drew a deep breath; he had not expected her to react so emotionally to it.

‘I am sorry if I was too forward’ he shifted back from her bed. What had he been thinking?

‘I never knew my parents, I was raised in an orphanage’ she answered in a pained voice.

‘An orphanage’? His eyes lit up. There was no debating, this was his daughter.

The room stilled. Koko was silent as she watched the man’s face. Her heart raced as so many possibilities played their drums there. Was he…was he related to Beatrice in any kind of way?

She was about to ask him this, when the door flew wide open and two women stepped into the room.

One was Saddiya, the woman that hit her friend and the other…had a striking resemblance to Diana.

Chimobi turned swiftly and faced the two women, his eyes met with Diana, his heart danced as she stared at the woman that he loved.

‘Good morning, Chimobi’ Diana tore her eyes away from his piercing gaze that stole her breath away. What was he doing here? And why hadn’t he been taking his calls?

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