‘Hmm, can I ask you a question’? Diana rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

She was curious about her relationship with Sean; what were they up to?


 Vale of Angels S2- Eps 6

‘What happened to Sean your boyfriend, why doesn’t he shelter you’? Diana asked.

The line went dead at the mention of Sean.

‘Hello, are you there’? Diana took the phone off her ear and stared at it, but there was no reply.

‘Who was that’? Saddiya asked.

‘That hair product seller’ Diana replied. She couldn’t believe she had felt something for the girl; she had almost started to believe that the girl was her daughter but the picture of her with Sean ruined everything.

‘Oh, your supposed daughter, why did she call’? Saddiya asked.

‘She needs a place to stay and all that; she claims she lied about herself so I could see her as a good person; does that even make sense’ Diana scoffed.

‘So why is she calling you, it’s not as if you are her guardian angel’ Saddiya added.

‘There was something about her voice though; she really did seem broken, but seeing her with Sean just put me off’ Diana rubbed her face, she found it difficult to trust her instincts.

She had experiences with con artists before and she quickly reminded herself that this was Lagos, Nigeria; a city that was filled with all sorts of people.


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‘I have a bad feeling about this, what if Sean wants her to come over here and do something mischievous because I refused to date him’? She wondered aloud.

‘I don’t know; just forget Lola and her crazy boyfriend. All you need now is rest and sleep and when you wake up, you figure out what you are going to do with Chimobi’ Saddiya advised.

‘I guess we’ll both have a lot to discuss at dinner’ Diana yawned and moved towards the house.

‘Goodnight’ she whispered to her friend.

‘Night dear’ Saddiya smiled and stared at her, feeling glad she had helped her friend to get over the pain that she had felt.

He had just taken the most relaxing shower in his entire life; the water seemed cooler; the air seemed friendlier; everything was perfect that he found himself whistling to the tune of Shania Twain’s “You’re still the one”.

He dressed quickly and gathered his few belongings, as he was going to return home now Seyi had proposed divorce.

‘Hey man, what’s up, you seem so happy’? Gibbs was perplexed; he had never seen Chimobi in such a good mood.

‘I have just been released from the bondage of unhappiness’ Chimobi replied coolly. He couldn’t believe it yet, how could Seyi just give up on him like that? It seemed too good to be true but he was willing to believe it anyway.

‘What are you talking about’? Gibbs lifted a brow.

‘Seyi came to my office today and embarrassed me; she said mean things to Diana and she took off and hit a girl that turned out to be my secretary’ Chimobi narrated the events that had taken place at the company.

‘That’s crazy’! Gibbs’heart raced. Sooner or later, Chimobi was going to find out or hear it from someone else that his wife was a drug addict. What better time to tell him than now?

‘Yes, she was drunk. I have never seen her appear in that manner before; she was wild and out of control. In that moment, I realized my marriage was over’ Chimobi sighed.

‘I see why you are excited’ Gibbs nodded.

‘No, that’s not the reason. She was the one that actually admitted that our marriage is over and we should file for divorce’ he explained.

‘Really? That’s great, but do you believe her? The Seyi I know is deeply in love with you and would not readily let you go; this is strange’ Gibbs chewed his lower lip. Something was off about her behaviour.

‘You know what? Let’s just focus on other matter apart from my ex wife’ Chimobi grinned, he felt free like a bird and he had all the license that he needed to chase after Diana, who was the love of his life.

He fetched the wine bottle on the table and poured himself a glass; it had been one heck of a day and that was all he needed to cool his nerves and have a perfect relaxation.

It was on his third glass of sipping the exotic and rich liquid that he noticed a forlorn look on his friend’s face.

‘Gibbs, are you alright’? Chimobi asked.

Gibbs knew it was the moment of truth; he feared losing Chimobi’s friendship, but this was something that he needed to do; he didn’t want Chimobi’s name to be dragged into Omale’s list.

‘There’ something I must tell you’ he was nervous.

‘Excuse me; I have to check this, it could be important’ Chimobi dug his phone out of his pocket as it buzzed against his hip bone.

A smile crossed his features as he saw her name, Diana had texted him. She was inviting him over to her house for dinner. His heart raced, was it a date? His countenance fell as he scrolled down; the invitation was actually to discuss about their child.

‘Are you okay’? It was Gibbs turn to question his friend.

‘Yes. Yes’ Chimobi dismissed the feeling of disappointment. He had thought Diana had meant to have a date with him; he yearned to be with her; he yearned to make love to her. He wanted so much to prove that he was a better man and the only man that could veer love her completely.

‘You’re not fine, tell me about it’ Gibbs insisted.

‘Okay, okay’ Chimobi chuckled, he knew Gibbs wouldn’t let this one go.

‘I told Diana about my feelings today while we were at the hospital; I love her so much Gibbs and I am not ready to let her go; she just texted me, inviting me over to dinner at her house’ he said.


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‘That is a good thing, isn’t it’? Gibbs wondered why his friend wasn’t thrilled; he had always wanted to be around Diana.

‘To discuss our child, can you imagine that’? Chimobi rolled his eyes. He had expected her to tell him that she had feelings too and she was ready to be with him.

‘Oh, I am sorry about that’ Gibbs replied and decided not to tell his friend about Seyi’s drug problem. He was already sad about Diana and he didn’t want to add to that.

‘No problem, I would keep fighting for her’ Chimobi was very determined to do so.

‘I just wished we could find our daughter maybe that would make her happy and cause her to yearn for a family with me’ he said.

‘About that…there’s something we found’ Gibbs quickly recalled what Femi had told him.

‘What did you find’? Chimobi’s heart raced.

‘A woman called saying she knew Mr. Obinna Okachi and his family but they moved from Abuja to Lagos’ Gibbs returned.

‘Is that all’? Chimobi asked.

‘Yes’ Gibbs nodded.

‘But that doesn’t help in finding our child; she is still out there, still far from us and we have to find her’ Chimobi wasn’t thrilled by the news.

‘I know and we are working on it; you know, we had a feeling that woman knew something and we would get it from her’ Gibbs replied.

‘Okay then, I appreciate what you’re doing for me Gibbs. Thank you’ Chimobi was grateful.

‘You’re welcome’ Gibbs replied still plagued by the truth that was deeply buried in him.

He prayed Chimobi never discovered the truth; it was going to ruin everything.



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