‘I just have fifty million, that’s the cost of all the assets, Wilavega aside.’ She replied.

‘That’s low…we are paying this guy more than two hundred million, I hope you have not forgotten the fifty percent interest.’ Sade quickly reminded her.

‘Fuck!’ Lila cursed, she had totally ruled that out.

‘That’s a hundred million more…’ Lila’s limbs went numb, she felt weak.

‘Look, there’s still time Lila, today is just the first day and we could beg Gabriel, but if today ends and we do nothing, then it is settled that we would pay that loan on the seventh day else Wilavega goes down.’ Sade rushed up to her and held her hands.

‘No…I can’t let that happen.’ Lila’s voice was broken, this was a hopeless situation.

‘Then call Gabriel, tell him that you are sorry about what you said, he would listen.’ Sade wished her friend would just end this madness, as the power was in her hands.

Lila closed her eye, she shut her mind to her present condition; but how could she bow to Gabriel Smith?

‘No.’ Her voice was firmer this time.

‘No? To what exactly.’ Sade let go of her hands and pulled back.

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‘I would not let him have Wilavega…I will pay his money even if it means bowing to other people but not Gabriel Smith.’ Lila had taken a final decision, there was no turning back now.

Sade was speechless, she had nothing to say; she wondered if anything had transpired between Gabriel and her friend that would make her this hardened at the mention of his name.

‘I am afraid for you Lila, pride goes before a fall.’ Sade moved back to her seat.

‘That’s your problem, call me Eva, I need to talk to her about what I have planned.’ Lila pulled back her chair and sat on it.

She had decided to sell of a couple of things which would cost A hundred million, but she had left one house and a car for herself.

She knew what she was about to do next was tough, but she had to left go some workers from Wilavega, that would enable have more money and she had to sell off some equipments.

‘Ten million plus…’ she muttered after making all her calculations.

She forced her eyes shut and drummed her fingers on the table, Wilavega was had more worth than that, but she would never give up her father’s company, especially when she had worked so hard for it.

‘I’ve called her.’ Sade informed her friend after sending a call through to Eva.

There was only one man that could help top the money to two hundred billion, he was one of the wealthiest men in Africa; he had more than a thousand oil wells; but he had always wanted to have a taste of her body, “Golden goose”, that’s what he used to call her.

‘Mr. Malika Dongo…’ she called his name, that was the solution to her problem.

‘What did you say?’ Sade was sure she heard something.

‘The only way out of this is to ask Malika Dongo for money, he has all the money in the world; I could come up with a deal; he could take half of my company and run it for some years till I am able to pay him back.’ Lila shared her thoughts with her friend.

Sade’s eyes were wide, her mouth fell open but no words came out.

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yes.’ Lila smiled, she felt Sade was okay with her idea.

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‘How can you even consider asking that pervert for money? That man is a rapist, he is a lot of things; you know how much he desires you in his bed, why then offer yourself so freely? Are you….,’ Sade paused, then shook her head.

She hoped her line of thoughts were zigzagged, ‘Are you planning to sleep with him?’

‘Is there anything wrong with that? It’s business; I offer my body and he pays me some money. But that’s not what I plan to do, I just want to come up with a very lucrative offer, one he wouldn’t refuse.’ Lila lied, knowing her friend would not support her affair with Malika.

‘You lie Lila! You want to sleep with that man, but let me tell you something. It is better you sleep with Gabriel Smith and get rid of the loan than that stupid old man.’ Sade kissed her teeth.

‘Well, this is my business and you will not tell me what to do.’ Lila walked to the cellar and pulled out a bottle of wine, she had taken a decision and nothing would draw her back.

She had slept with men in the past and cast them aside, what will one night with Malika change?

‘Your dignity! Yes, you have been with other men, but that was purely for pleasure not money, and nobody will judge you for that.’ Sade jumped to her feet, she knew what her friend was thinking.

‘Okay! I have had enough of your hypocrisy, why don’t you get the hell out of my office and let me handle things my own way? I have been in this game longer than you; I know the road; I know the corner and the turns. I know when to stop driving Sade and most importantly, I know when to tip the Traffic Warden.’ She waved a finger at her friend’s face.

‘Good luck then, do whatever you feel it’s best.’ Sade marched out of the office flush faced.

‘Shit!’ Lila cursed, she needed to get a grip on herself as she was totally overreacting.

She poured herself a bourbon and gulped it immediately.

She decided she couldn’t trust Sade with her business decisions; Sade was a very emotional person and she always let that part get in the way of business.

There was a light tapping of the door.

‘Come in.’ Lila drawled tiredly.

Eva walked in, in her two piece suit, she was surprised to see Lila this exhausted.

‘What were you thinking?’ Eva had heard what had taken place at Nigeria, her client now had seven days to repay a loan.

‘Let’s not go there, don’t blame me. Gabriel Smith is a douche bag; he thinks he is the cutest bastard alive, but he isn’t.’ Lila waved the matter aside, this was not the time to cast blames on her, this was the time to act.

To be continued…………

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